Monday, November 4, 2013

Jesus Ran in NYC for My Sins... Seriously!

Jesus spotted at the New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon usually falls just after Halloween, and as a result, there are always plenty of runners in costume.

On Sunday, one costume in particular delighted thousands of spectators along the 26.2-mile route: Jesus Christ, barefoot, with a large cross strapped to His back.

The sight of the Messiah among a parted sea of runners was reported by dozens of witnesses, many of whom snapped photos of the jogging Jesus and uploaded them to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

It appears that Jesus was among the record 50,000-plus runners officially registered for Sunday's marathon.

According to the New York City Marathon website, his bib number 55-970, affixed, naturally, to the cross belongs to Makoto Takeuchi, from Chiba, Japan. (It appears Takeuchi is a New York-based photographer; an email sent to the address listed on his website was not immediately returned.)

No word yet on the Son of God's finishing time, though he did reportedly have a little trouble running with the extra load.

Comments start here:

Have you accepted Jesus... as your personal trainer?

Yea, though I train through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no carbs...

Puzzled in NYC:
Ok, I admit it, ya made me smile.

Pastor Mike Melland:
Cute, cute.

@ Pastor: I am seriously curious... Are you truly ordained? If so, that just makes this joke all the more meaningful to me!

. . .  . . .  Same Article, different Line of Comments . . .   . . .

Funny how people are raging at this guy! It is within his rights to run as he saw fit to do. In this country people are so happy about the freedoms we have! Freedom of religion, speech, and expression to name a few! However, it seems that those freedoms are null and void if your speech, expressions, or religion differs from anyone else's...

That is the thing about freedom... We are free to think as we want, not be pigeon holed into what someone else feels is right for us. You want freedom for yourself? Then you need to embrace that others have it, and they may think differently than you!

I am with you on speech and religion. I have yet to read expression in the Constitution. That is something that was added, mistakenly, by the SCOTUS. Expression becomes a slippery slope.

I think one of the issues at hand here is this. People who have the right to complain, tend to complain about those who have their own rights. And they do not like it. But God forbid if anyone goes against them for their own rights. Then there is another issue all together.

Exactly! Those who preach tolerance and acceptance are tolerant of those who are like minded. It's an oxymoron.

@ Paul: I understand your point... I do and I can honestly say I appreciate it. Sadly we are so hindered by a word. There are a lot of things in the constitution that were applicable back during the times that they wrote it that are obsolete now. Same as in the bible!

Both documents regardless of your stance of them are both documents penned by man. That makes both documents fallible and self serving. There are things today that are happening that the authors of the constitution did not see happening! Abortions and Same Sex marriages to hit 2 of the hot topics...

As far as your point on expression, regardless of when it was added it is still in there. This man ran and I do not think it is morally allowed to impersonate Christ by religion. I think it is funny! I can do that since I am not religious.

The flip side of the same coin, you cannot go against the grain and expect no consequences! I can stand outside a church and protest against that faith promoting another, it is not illegal but it is going to come with consequences.

That is the problem I see with the people today! They want to force their views and thoughts on others and they are expecting NO recoil... YEAH! OK!

Too many want everything their way all the time. It takes more than one flavor to make a tasty dish is all I am saying with the idea that variety is the spice of life!

Personally, I did see anybody "Railing" in the least. Some funny comments, some preachy ones, but no railing. Where's the railing?
TML: Agreed. You wrote that real well.

No one is raging at this guy. It's just funny, is all, to see the #$%$ come out of the woodwork on parades like this.

@ Paul: Thank you! Truly appreciate the feedback!

Well said Lunatic!

To rephrase my comment since it has been pointed out that I am incorrect...
I saw a few earlier comments that were not very tasteful! Anytime someone does a stunt like this, the hardcore seem to materialize out of nowhere.

Again, I saw a few earlier comments that were not very complimentary. Then adding in the amount of comments that flooded after the first 30-50... There are currently over 2.4K comments. There is almost always a rager in there!

So, my assumption is quite possibly inflated by the normal trend of raging trolls! I never said rallying, I said raging. There is a difference but I see the error and I do apologize!

muslims will have a problem with this... they have a problem with everything in america as its not like the dump they came from

But Mindful, Jesus' cross was not cardboard duh

@ rita: WHAT?! Surely you joke! You mean that the blood thirsty, sadistic, torturing folks of yester year used REAL WOOD? Wow... I thought that deforestation was a new problem we have developed... that just ruined my day, thank you!

Dry humor is not easily conveyed online and in text format! ;D

The cross looked more like that light weight plastic. Just saying. I was also looking for a wheel at the bottom.

The cross tends to have that effect on people.

You know it:
people are raging at this? I don't subscribe to any religion and am not a believer but I see absolutely no problem with what he did...if anything, I would think that some Christians would be offended and screaming blasphemy not anybody else really...weird...

That is so true, that is why we are a free country. I personally am for any symbol that would draw others to christ as mankinds salvation and the freedom that comes from knowing christ. But that is what and who i put my trust in, i know others have there own beleifs and according to our constitution we as a nation are free to express our beleifs without the fear of being imprisoned or killed. This is why i love this country and am glad to be a citizen of it. I also because of my beleifs know that god has given all of us free will to choose him or not because he wants us to choose him because we realize that he is our creator and that as such he loves us unconditionally and wants us to be with him forever. Not trying to preach per say, i just beleive that accepting christ is the only way to be truly happy and live forever in pure love and want to share that with the world. I know that through the acceptance of his son's death jesus christ for the fogiveness of all our sins we are forgiven and it is a free gift that on accepting seals us for eternal life with god and jesus his son. A true acceptance will lead a person to be what god has always wanted man to be because through the gift of gods holy spirit we are transformed in our minds to choose good over evil. This change will bring joy and peace in your life and assurance of a wonderful eternal life after death that will be filled with a love that is beyond comprehension. We as human beings are not an accident we were created by the creator of life because that is what a creator does. We were created in his image so he could comune with us and lavish his love on us, all he wants is for us to accept him and return to him so he can continue to give us his love , but it has to be our choice because who would want someone to accept something out of fear. No, it has to be a genuine acceptance in your heart . Scripture says that there will be those that hear the plan of salvation but turn away or dismiss it due to there hardned stubborness, these people choose there fate after death just as us who beleive choose life over eternal death and a much more fullfilled life while we are still liveing here on earth. I am wondering who will also choose a more fullfilled life here and after by truly repenting and accepting that christ died as a liveing sacrifice so that we might see how much he truly love's us to save us from eternal death. That person would ask for forgiveness and choose to live faithfully by following gods word and liveing by example the truth . Folks it is a much more fulfilled life then the one as an unbeleiver , god rewards us who beleive and live accordingly with a joy and peace that is unexplainable and loses it's meaning in mere mortal terms. Sorry, i guess i couldn't help it i just had to preach a little, it is the prompting of gods holy spirit that is in me and so i must tell others what i have experienced so that someone may be convicted as i was and turn from evil and become what it is god wanted us to always be, sons and daughters of him who is the source of life.

Mind Full -- The attitude can be summed up in one simple little sentence: "Eeeewwww -- I don't liiiiiiiike it; make it go awaaaaaay~!!

 Paul -- Funny; I don't recall the Supreme Court adding that to the Constitution... And how could they add something by mistake?

Butt Commander -- So only intollerant people are tolerant of others who are different, right?

K -- It's a type of fence, or a barrier [like you see on a porch or flight of stairs].

"We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of other" - Barack Obama (while covering up his Benghazi screw-up). The problem is the double standard. If this were mocking Islam or Gays it would be treated as a hate crime by the media and the ruling Democrat elite. Nobody is saying it should be illegal or unconstitutional - just pathetic how the few stand up for decency when the target is Christians - and shows what drivel Obama's words are.

Strokin' -- Actually, what's funny are the moronic comments made by people like you, who don't have anything to stand up for and somehow think that people who do stand for something are #$#!!s.

Stupid Boy -- Seems like the problem here is that you have a problem with Muslims. If they have problems with everything in America, why did they immigrate? You're just full of sht, that's all.


Please go to the White House lawn and scream that second paragraph to Obama.

@ richard, there was another case of I.M. WHining vs the state of who cares, where the SCOTS ruled under some mistaken thought the I.M. Whining had "Freedom of Expression". I forgot all the ins and outs, but bottom line the libs have been hiding by that B.S. Screen, when it is not part of the Constitution.

Some people cant take a hint from some and 'not give a friction' to faith or looks or gender, much less sexual preferences. "Love the SINNER, Hate the SIN." and "Don't ask, don't tell". I don't want know some peoples' stuff.

@The Mindful Lunatic.....I agree, it absolutely does not matter what your stance is, both are penned by men but one is penned by the inspiration of God. Interesting that you know enough about the Bible to intentionally proclaim that both were penned by men in an attempt disregard what the Bible states. To say that abortion and same sex marriage were overlooked by God as He used man to pen the Bible shows that although you knew enough to attempt to discredit it with your 'both are penned by men' statement, it also shows that you don't know as much as you think. The Bible speaks about both to different churches that were dealing with those issues. Baal worshippers were killing babies long before planned parenthood and homosexuality was rampant many times throughout history. The latest of such would be the Greeks. What is right doesn't change, what people say is right changes. Interesting that you would talk about someone carrying a cross in an attempt to draw attention to Jesus not moral and in the same statement say that items written in the Bible and Constitution are inapplicable and are currently morally justifiable. There is nothing penned by the inspiration of God in the Bible that states that you cannot carry a cross in a race on your back to bring attention to Jesus. I agree with you that if you are going to step out and be bold concerning your beliefs that you should expect people to come against you and have some blow back and I think the man carrying the cross agrees with that. I didn't read anywhere in this story that the runner that was running as Jesus had a problem with people speaking negatively about what he did. I'm sure he knew that there would be people that hated what he did. What is really comical is that so many people that aren't Christian are offended by a man that is dressing up as the Savior and running a race. Everyone has a right to their opinion but it doesn't change what is right and wrong. I live life and do the wrong thing and make mistakes all of the time. I'm not suggesting that anyone is better than another person. I am just stating that just because you think that the constitution and the Bible are old and have no credibility doesn't mean that right and wrong have changed. Right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong. Whether or not we structure our society and government with morals or not determines what happens to our country and world.

@ Robert: Due to the fun I am anticipating in replying to you, I ask that you be patient! The fact of the matter is, that Yahoo will not post or keep any comments I make that are pasted into the comment/reply box. I will be replying to you! It is going to be broke up in to segments but replied to all the same! OK? OK! Cool!

Part 1.

First of of you pointed out the choice in words I used for the 2 documents I compared. Those being the Constitution and the Bible. Both penned by man. Seeing how I do not subscribe or believe in your god, I will stay to my stance that it was penned by man, in a language that has been dead for over a thousand years... In that time, there were FEW men who were taught to read and write. Of those fortunate enough to be a scholar and in that time, those who were taught to read and write were either lawyers of that time, to become politicians or they were religious scribes. Looking at the tendencies of the churches at that time, they had methods that ensured their messages were self serving. The Church was in the top 3 for death toll in that time. Chances are that the scribes wrote whatever they were told!

People wanting to live kind of has that effect!

As far as your assumption I dont know much? I would like to disagree highly! I was raised Christian, then went to a Baptist Church, only to marry my first wife who is Jewish. One of my closest friends growing up was Roman Catholic. I say was due to the fact he reached the age of reason and left the church. After my divorce from my 1st wife, I ended with a Pentecostal woman. Those people are seriously damaged goods! That is all I care to say on that!

I have spent years of my life, and i mean that, years studying, questioning, and researching religion vs tradition. Your bible that you cling to so tight was not written till almost 600 years after your alleged savior was dead. In 600 years of storytelling from generation to generation, you want me to believe that it is still the viable word of an invisible and forgotten deity? Also, you need to remember that your bible was not only written by man, but it has at least 2 testaments, and quite a bit of difference between the two!

@ Robert pt.2:

Now, I mentioned how the Bible has the two testaments... Right? yeah. OK, that said, there is the Old Testament and the New. Huge amounts of difference between them. The bible has been translated over 6,000 that we know of. Of the 6K translations there have been cultural and language changes in that long line editorial possibility!

Being that you are making assumptions of me that are not only wrong but not founded, I would like to make one of you. I will assume that you have at one point made the attempt to watch: Monty Python: The Quest for the Holy Grail.

The famous scene where King Aurthur was arguing with the Frenchman the first time at the castle where the French throw the livestock... The Frenchman yelled at King Arthur telling him:

"Your Mother was a hamster and your father wreaked of elderberries! Now, go away or I shall taunt you a second time! "

That is the English version of that part of the movie! On the special edition of that movie, there is a bonus disc where they have the same part in Japanese but... English subtitles! In that rendition the part plays out as such:

"Your mother never loved you, your father has disowned you! You have in turn brought great travesty and dishonor on your family name!"

This is 2 cultures with 2 different languages in my life time! I am only 37 years old and that much of a language/culture gap caused that amount of change in a dumb and poorly budgeted movie? I say poorly budgeted due to the Cocoanut halves being used instead of horses due to the budget being blown on the last scene where Arthur calls out an army to storm the castle. They shot that last scene first, thus blowing the budget for the movie and having to improvise the horses... which only added to the movie in my opinion!

However, translated 6K times over 1400 years or so... Yet they botch a classic movie line in today's world that bad from one culture to another... Yeah, I dont buy it!

Part 3 coming soon!

@ Robert pt.3:

Now, looking at my original comment that you felt complied to take apart... I would like for you to reexamine the fact that I DID NOT MENTION the bible in my statement of abortion and same sex marriage. Nope.

I mentioned those 2 hot topics when referring to the Constitution. Back when Washington and the other founding fathers were scheming up our original mandates of law and disorder here in the new world, they were Christian, Catholic, and a few practicing Pagans... however all of them agreed that religion was a blinding pigeon hole for man... Read up on it, you will see I am very much correct.

Again, you think I dont know things. I know lot more than you would ever assume! I know these things due to extensive research! That factored in with the fact that in yahoo comments, I rarely ever go too far in depth until challenged since people today rage at things that are against the grain! Then account for the fact that most today will skip over any comment that is in their mind too long to waste their time on.

Your reply, while lengthy was pretty decent but uninformed, and your assumptions by far way off target. I felt the need to reply and I will continue to do so until I feel I have addressed all your points.

Now, again I knew that there is 1 passage that plainly speaks against same sex relations. Leviticus18:22 "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind." It states that same sex relations are forbade, but does NOT say anything against same sex marriage. Funny.

Looking at the fact that Leviticus was in the Old Testament, that means that the new testament is a revised and much more friendly version...

Personally, I am in violation of Leviticus 19:28! A passage i have memorized actually! "Thou shall not make any markings upon your skin or cuttings in your flesh, for I am the Lord"

I have over 200 hours of tattoo work on my body.... Oops. Jesus is gonna be slightly miffed I guess....

@ Robert pt.4:

As you can see, nothing you will say to me will convince me of anything. My wife, and the mother of my children who was born and raised a southern conservative, hardcore Church of Christ believer will tell you that arguing with me about religion or politics is absolutely pointless!

I have stumped Doctors, Priests, Cardinals, Pastors, at least 3 different Rabis, Preachers, Elders, and a slew of others in a higher ranking people of a religious followings.

What it all boils down to is that you self righteous, bible thumping, Lemming Sheeple who remain so blissfully blinded by the fear of thinking for yourselves that you will let another mortal take your money and your freedoms in exchange for a place at a fictional character's side after you die...

I want to write a religion! I do! If I can rake in 10-15% of someone's income, tax free! Then I can go and get a tax waiver for what I am buying only to tell people that they are investing in their afterlife... There is no need for a return policy or escape clause!

You said how I do not know as much as I think I do... Yeah, I do.

At the end of the day, and when you have run out of your recycled garbage to throw at me... I eventually get the same answer from EVERYONE!

"You just have to have faith..."

No... No faith needed. I want answers that no one can provide. My questions and my education makes other uncomfortable. My enlightenment is more important to me, than your comfort.

You used words in reference to Christ that you were sure of... you thought that... Really? If you were there, why did the scriptures not get wrote until much later!

Your bible, and every religion known to man is fallible due to the fact that it was written BY MAN, repeated to others by OTHER men, and then twisted, and interpreted for the use of MAN...

Nothing you say Robert will ever change my mind...

If there is a god... he left us on a shelf and forgot about us a long time ago. Your god abandoned you and the other 7+ billion people alive today.

I guess we are all celestial bastards...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Why care?

I took my son to a Doctor's appointment today and I reamed the Doctor today due to his own stupidity and ignorance. When I told my wife what happened, I was scorned for not being in the right. I did NOTHING wrong!

These foriegners come here to the U.S. and are given a free ride through school, they are in the best colleges on my tax dollar. When they are full fledged Doctors with that shiny paper, I go to them to see my child.... they tell me that the system is flawed, and they are bound by the restrictions...

I told the Doctor nothing out of the realm of reality, and I was scolded for not tending to the task at hand! I was told how I was wrong for unleashing my anger at the medical profession at the Doctor today.

The mother fucker could barely speak English. That in itself bothers me. When I pointed out all the facts of the matter, he was struck silent and in utter shock. 

I again told my wife why I did what I did, and said what I did and she in turn told me that I needed to not do that and to save my ranting for my blog... 

So, I guess that settles it... I am not allowed to voice my opinion. I am not allowed to say what needs to be said to those that need to hear it the most.

I fucking hate this shit hole corrupt fucking warped country! If I felt it were safe for my family somewhere else, I would go in heartbeat! Sadly, being a fat American does not gain popularity points anywhere! Even in America... 


that profit from the suffering of the rest of us...

I am not allowed to voice my opinion, to those who need to hear it. I am not allowed to voice my opinion in my own home... I am told to voice my thoughts on my blog where no one knows who I am or even gives a flying fuck... 

The sheeple have won this round... 

You will not silence me! 

You only intensify the manifesting anger within me...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I wrote to the West Boro Baptist Church...

I wish the title were a joke! It is not... I actually wrote them.

Their website has a lot of useless information on it about self perpetuating bullshit that no one with more than 3 brain cells would buy into...

My letter to them wrote:

I find it so funny how you god loving bible thumpers are so righteous. I am nothing in the way of religion. I am nothing in the way of politics.
On the flip side of that coin however, I can honestly say that your political religion is an abomination to any form of organizational orders...

How do you closed minded in-breeders recruit? How is it that you people are able to get more into your ranks?
You hate America? The get out! Plenty of people would rejoice at your departure! How no one has attempted to rid the Earth of you is amazing to me.
You claim to be so righteous and yet, you hate more than the Nazi's. Your hatred for ALL who do not share your DNA strand is actually rather self serving.
According to that book you people allegedly follow, you are not to preach as you do. You are NOT allowed or have the right to judge another person.
I do not believe in a god, not do I believe in a hell. Thinking of low lifes like yourselves, I would like to pretend I did! I would like to think that when you self promoting ignorant feltch monkeys make that final transition, that Christ himself would be there at the gates laughing his robe covered ass off in your faces!
Then I would like to see Satan himself dress Fred Phelps up like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction.
You people claim to be a church? No. Nazi's were not even that degrading! You morons really need to leave America! You do not like it here? We would be happy to boot you the hell out! You honestly think there is ANY OTHER country that would even remotely tolerate your stupidity? Answer is: No, not one.
Either shut up, and deal with the fact that no one else outside your walls is as stupid as you... or go elsewhere!

Not too difficult to figure out...

If there is a god, he may hate fags, lesbians, and all the rest like you too... If there was a god who was as selective as you... there would be no heaven, there would be nothing.


No deity can honestly be as self serving and ignorant as you.




The Mindful Lunatic...

 Now... I have to say that I cannot stand these fucktarded ass clowned feltch monkeys!

The more I see them, the more I think that they should be considered a domestic terror group, then I think about the oath our service men and women are to uphold...

To protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Why is it that the Pink Mafia and the Military cannot team up and storm their pinnacle of hatred?

Their website alone is proof of their blatant ignorance! Look at the glory hounding that they do in the media!

In this sick fucking country, how is it that these fucking morons are still on this side of the dirt? Seriously!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

U.S. needs to strike Syria and Iran

From a born and raised 11th generation American...

I used to be PROUD to be American... used to be is the key words here.

Looking at how the world mocks and laughs at us, what the fuck is so great about being an American? I am absolutely serious!

Looking at the reports of how Iran is laughing their balls off at us RIGHT NOW is aggravating at the least!

Our economy is a fucking joke! The judicial system, it is so nonexistent that the fact cops are still patrolling is laughable!

I have some words for Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and every Muzlem still breathing...


Assad wants to kill you towel headed, cave dwelling, camel fuckers!? 


Seriously! What the fuck do I care about a bunch of dead fucking muzlemz? I understand that women and children were among the dead... shit happens! Last time I read reports, Al-Qaeda was getting their women and children involved in the fight.We let Assad kill his people or we do it for him, either way that is less we have to worry about later!

Looking at how they treat their women, what do I fucking care that they are dead? The men beat their wives since Allah allows and tells them to do so...

Personally, I feel that it is time we stop sending letters. Turn that place to glass. Kill every fucking Muzlem here and there.

Assad wants to kill the people in his country? PLEASE DO! That is a lot more dead muzlem, and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me! Watching a Muzlem burn has to be more entertaining then when I roast a quran!

I urge you to try that at the very least! I have to admit that when you burn a quran, it does smell like shit! That is what that book is, a bunch of pages written by a ass pounder that was rejected by a Jewish girl. After that rejection, he turned to pedophilia! 

NOT KIDDING! Look up Muhammad! He took a bride at the age of 9... I know that things were different back then but for the love of all that is holy... I can only say: Dude, WTF!? 

They are a maniacal, lying, manipulative race... Let anyone who wants that job of killing them to do just that! Please! 

I am the Mindful Lunatic and I approve this message! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Snowden Did NO Wrong!

I have to say I am baffled at the hypocrisy of the AM3R!KAN government! I truly am! There are so many reasons I am stifled but today the mental jam is concerning Snowden...

Everyone knows of him! The guy that the NObama administration is saying committed espionage. The NObama administration is trying to force Russia to turn him over to face justice for his crimes. That my friends is what is confusing me! 

Snowden was an NSA Contractor. That means that he was paid to do things for the NSA. As a citizen of this country, he was required to do things for the NSA that he felt were not allowed or permitted by the constitution.

Correct me if I am wrong here... The Constitution of the United States of America is the single most important document in our failing country, is it not? The constitution is the foundation that was to govern a FREE nation. 

When the GOVERNMENT is doing things to their own people that is against what they are sworn to uphold, I am again asking the question: 


Let's be hypothetical for a moment, shall we? Say Snowden is for whatever reason tried on U.S. soil for what the NObama administration considers to be espionage. He would be tried in the American Court system.

When You go to court, whether you are the accused, the accuser, or a witness to the alleged crimes, you are required to take an oath. You are required to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god... 


Telling the truth is what got him in to a world of shit! Telling the truth is what got the panties of the NObama Administration twisted to so tight that they lost all the rest of the blood flow to their brains that are securely stored up their own asses... 

  I am again questioning:


He told the truth. That is what this country wants you to believe is right! The truth however is ever changing! The truth to one is a vicious and bitter lying attack to another.

Take a single die, or any other cube for that instance... You look at that cube, and you will see 6 sides of it right? That is the same with a truth.

Where Snowden sees the side of the die with the 1 dot... the government is twisting and manipulating that die to show you ever other side of that truth. The government a much longer standing institution will prevail unfortunately... They have a lot more practice at manipulation and accidental deaths than any one of us alive today could ever know about.

Personally, I applaud Snowden! I do, I truly appreciate his sacrifice. Sadly, in my lifetime I doubt I will see the full momentum of the wrecking ball of change he has started. I would love to see that one selfless act topple the self perpetuated Olympus that NObama has made for himself.

I do recognize that I have to not only pick on and exclude NObama! It has been ever president in modern years. There has NOT been ONE, not ONE president in office that was cut from the same cloth as the average American. There has not been one President that was from the people for the people.

I wish Snowden the best, and I can only stress that MORE need to follow in his footsteps! He started the ball swinging! It is up to us to give his actions meaning and momentum!

I am the Mindful Lunatic, and I approve this message!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman / Black Panthers

This is a picture reported from the Zimmerman trial... This is OK for the black people to manipulate the media, and print a price on a man's head due to their manipulation and to further their cause... That is OK!

Must be good to be black I guess...

Funny how if a Klansman did that and put a picture of Jesse or Sharpton on there with a bounty, there would be riots and all kinds of demonstrations! Again, this is OK due to the fact that Zimmerman, even though found to be not guilty by a jury of his peers is a lighter complexion than Trayvon Martin...


The blacks and all others want equality? NO! They want all their way, all the time! Equality means that you are treated equally, and that is far from the situation! There is equality, being a white man I am discriminated against on a daily basis!

If I were to go to the city and scream out Nigger, I get shot... I deserved it. Blacks call each other nigger all day, no one cares. How is that equal? If I apply for a job and I am by far more qualified, but I am not of a minority race and thus do not get that job since the employer was filling a statistic... Is that equality?


You want equality? Then shut the fuck up and take the sour punches when the pendulum swings your way! Just because I am white, does not mean I take your share the bullshit! Personally, I am fucking tired of it! You want equality, it will never happen! You dumb fuckers are too ignorant to see how good you have it.


George Zimmerman: Acquitted!

I saw that Yahoo posted the verdict that Zimmerman was acquitted, and within an hour there were almost 28K comments. Within an hour... 

In a word I can only say: GREAT! 

I saw earlier today that the Florida police were bracing for the verdict, and anticipating the riots that were to in some people's minds sure ensue...

There is no word in the English language that can convey the amount of elation and overjoy I felt when I say that verdict! To see that the court system actually threw caution to the wind! The fact that O.J. cut off the head of his Ex and her Replacement, then was found innocent screams volumes!

Zimmerman will never have a normal life. He cannot go anywhere on this hemisphere where someone does not know him! He will never be able to get a job without being discriminated against, he can never find a home to rent without this travesty and media circus following him into whatever town he decides to rest in... 

Zimmerman was the victor in a no win situation, and for that he has to live with that hellish victory for the rest of his days. 

No matter what side of this debate you stand, you cannot tell me that there was any victor here... You cannot tell me that anyone came out on top on this.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Snowden is a TRUE American Hero!

Growing up when I did, I loved to watch G.I. Joe on Saturday mornings and some afternoons... Looking back and remembering pieces of the theme song, I remember hearing that G.I. Joe was the greatest American Hero!

Not anymore! I truly applaud Snowden! What he is doing is truly patriotic! He is exposing the U.S. douche bag ass clowned, two-faced meat puppets who have perched themselves upon their own version of a modern day Olympus!

The founding fathers severed the ties that bind from England over 200 years ago to end the tyranny, to end the corruption, the illegal taxation… Now, what do we have? We have all that and more! It isnot across the big blue, NO! It is here in our backyards and from those sworn to uphold our ways and rights.

All I see anymore is a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites telling me that if I hand over all the rights that they are sworn to uphold, then I will have NO worries in the world…

Hmmm, sounds great! How about I offer Washington, the NSA, the FBI, and all those other poo flinging feltch monkeys another deal? Grab your shriveled little worthless dick, pull as hard as you can and stretch it back to your asshole and go fuck yourselves!

I sadly admit that I was once a product of the system! I was told to never question my elders and or the system… I reached the age of reason and I kept asking why I was not allowed to question that which drove us… The more I was denied answers, the greater the thirst became!

As the years passed, and I grew more curious and yet in other ways more wise, I was not seen as being smart or as a visionary! No, I was a heretic, a freak, a retard, stupid, and many other colorful names. I was alienated for going against the grain with my fears of what I felt only to be punished and embarrassed further.

Today seeing all that has unfolded and watching as more things are coming unraveled and undone, I sit back and laugh at all those who chose to remain blissfully blind! Looking back at how they called me insane for thinking the very same things that Snowden has exposed! I am not insane, I am not stupid, I am however light years ahead of the curve!

The country I was born, raised, and will probably die in was once America… Looking at what the Constitution was intended to be, and seeing that hundreds of thousands if not into the millions of our men and women have died to defend that very same idea… I cannot say that I reside in the very same place.

A government FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE… Why is it that the people are not free, we are nothing to the government other than lab rats, a free paycheck, and bottomless bank account.

The men and women in the armed forces defending this oblivious nation are sworn to defend this land and her people from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic… Why is it then that NOT ONE of those serving currently is taking that oath seriously? I only ask due to the fact that if there were one or more within the ranks that were… The White House, and the other federal buildings across the country would be purged, pillaged, and raised… Preferably with all the attorneys, and government employees of ALL levels within their walls!

I wish no harm to another human being, I do not! Honest! The ill feelings I have towards the cockbag ass-clowns in the government is genuine! I hate, loath, despise, and all around detest the AM3R!KAN’T government! The fantasy I harbor, seeing the system crumble on those within it… it is not a wish, nor is it a threat! I would not threaten another human being with any form of harm!

Then again, I do not recall the government being composed of human beings. They are spineless, mindless drones who do nothing for anyone other than themselves! The government is compiled of nothing more than higher powered lemmings… The task for the American people is simple! We need to find the puppet master controlling the lemmings, cut the strings from his fingers and then we work our way up. Simple.

The people of this country are too stupid and far to engrained in the propaganda that those in power have placed in front of you that what Snowden has exposed to you seems to be nothing more than a bad dream! Wake up, he is nothing more than another alarm clock! Snowden’s ring was louder than others, but maybe his actions and sacrifice is what was needed to start the next revolution. Maybe his deeds are what was needed to start the movement of the people taking back what is rightfully theirs…

Who am I kidding? This is AM3R!KA… the people are too lazy, stupid, and would never do anything for the greater good if it did not immediately benefit themselves… Looks as if Snowden’s sacrifices were made in vein...

In closing, I would like to say... 

Mr. Snowden,
In the very unlikely event you are reading this, and if it is any consolation sir I do truly appreciate your efforts. I am truly saddened that there are so few others that understand what you did, what you risked, and that no one can change anything if no one tries! You did, and unfortunately not enough care to right the wrongs! Sorry that the country you served has failed you sir! Truly, I am!


~ The Mindful Lunatic



Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paula Deen is not Racist! People are Stupuid!

I am seriously irritated with this horse shit going on with Paula Deen these days! Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Fact, she was born in 1947, that makes her 66 years old currently by my math.

Fact, she was born, raised and still to this day lives in the southern part of the Divided States of America…

I have been overhearing all these different points of view and I am going to ask serious questions that NO ONE has answers to!

Why is it OK for blacks to call each other nigger all day long and not OK for a white?

I have actually asked black people that very same question! Sadly all of them have told me only a few answers and NONE of them make sense!It was as if the blacks are part of a collective, feeding off of the same ignorant page of incoherent bullshit!

Answer 1: You are white, don’t do it!
Answer 2: We take off the “er” and add the “a”!
Answer 3: It is not a derogatory term to us, when we refer to one another as a nigga, it is putting  positive spin on a bad word!

To all of those answers I have something to say: BULLSHIT!

The dropping or removal of the “er” to add and “a” is utter stupidity! It is NOTHING to do with the subtraction and or addition! NOTHING! It has everything to do with ignorant morons talking ebonics! SIMPLE!

I have seen with my own eyes and heard a threat from a black man to another black man:
“Yo nigga, you move and I will pull this trigga!”

Now… Let’s look at that threat that I was within feet of so the recollection is quite vivid!

The armed man wielding the gun is NOT using the term: Nigga in a good method and thus telling me that it is NOT meant as a term of endearment! Secondly, Nigger and Trigger are pretty damn close in spelling, right? YES! So, if it were as simple as saying nigger with an A then… he should have pronounced the “ER” at the closing of the word TRIGGER!

I was sitting within earshot of the TV earlier and I heard an interview with Gabrielle Union come on to the channel my wife was watching. This black actress said: “If you are out and you do not want to get beat on, do not say the “N” word! If you are not black, do not say it!”

I will say that I did not KNOW she was black! At first I only heard the announcers talking to her and her speech was very articulate and very professional sounding. The hosts mentioned how offensive this was and that is when I heard her open up about how terrible it is that Paula Deen said this…

OMFG! She is a WHITE WOMAN who lived through the segregation times! She was alive and well when the blacks had their own bathrooms, drinking fountains, and were forbidden to be in the same schools as the whites!

This woman was raised in a different time!

I dare ANY one reading this post, ANYONE to show me ONE other country in the world that is THIS fucking uptight about offending another person! SHOW ME!

I will save you the time and effort, you cannot! Nowhere else in the world are people this fucking stupid! There is not one other place in this world where people are wound this fucking tight that they put ANYTHING that they can under a microscope!

During that very same interview with Gabrielle Union, there was some dorky looking analyst who was white studying the tear soaked interview with Paula Deen. He was talking how terrible the 13 minute interview was! He was going on and on about how much her body language revealed…

What about all the bullshit that the blacks do to themselves!? Look at the work that they do to get out of actually helping society along! They pop out kids like it is an assembly line only to collect a bigger check! Now they are screaming how drug testing to remain on the government tit is an invasion of privacy!?
I have to piss in a cup to get a job to pay taxes to cover their grocery bills… the least those ingrates can do it show me the same respect!

People want to scream about inequality!? FINE! Let’s do that!

I could not get any help with my schooling costs due to the fact that when I went to college, I was a born and raised American, right-handed,  heterosexual, single white male with NO dependents, no freckles, only spoke English, not red-headed with no impending physical handicaps. I was not eligible for anything! In my searching for grants and funds I saw that if you were: Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Left-Handed (considered a handicap), freckled, red headed, foreign, woman, had a family, and the list ran on… How is that equal?

In school and universities there are a lot of student clubs and organizations… Asian Club, Afro-American Club, Alternative Lifestyles Organization, Chess Club, Hispanic Club… Any time that whites make a club that is racist… Really? Why?


You self-indulgent fucktards will never allow it!

The media feeds on these things, the simple minded sheeple feast upon the twists and propaganda that the media spoon feeds you! Then the old wounds remain open, festering, and boiling over!

The fact is… Yes I am a raging hate monger! I hate the human race as an entirety! I HATE…

I see all people to be equally worthless! I do not care if you are White, Brown, Black, Hispanic… I hate all religions! I hate all those who are so immerged in politics that they too have lost sight of the real issues… In other words… If you are alive today and screaming about any side of a cause whether it affects you or not… I probably hate you or at least an aspect of you!

I have no problem coexisting with the other 7 billion face breathers alive today… Why is that? I hate 98% of you and yet still I drudge forward… The easiest way I can possibly explain it in the simplest of truths is:

Whether you like me or not, you need me. Same goes for me and my ill will towards you! I may not like you but chances are you do something that does affect me even if it is only within the realms of the butterfly effect.

I hate niggers, I have the border jumping spics, I hate the beat-neck trailer park trash… yet I still manage to coexist. If any or all of them do something that I do not like, I have the ability to walk away. I have the ability to turn the channel. Believe me when I say I do, and I will continue to do so!

There is nothing more dangerous in this world than an idea…

When an idea is created and you convince another person of the validity of that idea, that idea to you is now a belief to them. Look at politics and religion! Both are nothing more than a means of control! Both religion and politics were created as an idea then forged into a belief structure.

Now we have people with the idea that ANYTHING you say can and will be used against you in the public opinion stage that will use the laws against you to further their blind rage and jealousy!

What I hate about the niggers alive today is that the struggles that hose before them suffered. The lives lost in hopes and efforts to gain equality… what do you lazy niggers do to the legacy of great men and women in your heritage?

Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and so on… These men and women are the forerunners of your race…  These people who you morons know little to nothing about suffered heinous treatment and abuse in efforts to provide YOU with the rights you abuse, break, and all together wipe your smelly ass with… 

To clarify... I do say that I hate niggers today! I do, and I will not hide that fact! Those whom I have referenced above were not niggers! They are legends! They are trendsetters, they were martyrs for you ingrates! 

No matter what we do, no matter what laws we make, whatever legislations are thrown at another person… AS LONG AS WE ARE DIFFERENT in one way or another… there will always be hate. There will ALWAYS be discrimination! As long as there are at least 2 people there will ALWAYS be double standards…

The funny thing is… All those who think I am wrong, are blind, stupid or just fucking retarded! 

You want equality? People in hell want snow cones! Hell, another myth that does not really exist.... 

In closing of this rant, I will say one last thing... If you do not like what someone says, does, or thinks... stay away from them. If you feel it required to get your fragile panties in a bind over something this fucking trivial? Take on a REAL cause! Such as educating yourself in what actually is important in this bat-shit crazy world!