Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman / Black Panthers

This is a picture reported from the Zimmerman trial... This is OK for the black people to manipulate the media, and print a price on a man's head due to their manipulation and to further their cause... That is OK!

Must be good to be black I guess...

Funny how if a Klansman did that and put a picture of Jesse or Sharpton on there with a bounty, there would be riots and all kinds of demonstrations! Again, this is OK due to the fact that Zimmerman, even though found to be not guilty by a jury of his peers is a lighter complexion than Trayvon Martin...


The blacks and all others want equality? NO! They want all their way, all the time! Equality means that you are treated equally, and that is far from the situation! There is equality, being a white man I am discriminated against on a daily basis!

If I were to go to the city and scream out Nigger, I get shot... I deserved it. Blacks call each other nigger all day, no one cares. How is that equal? If I apply for a job and I am by far more qualified, but I am not of a minority race and thus do not get that job since the employer was filling a statistic... Is that equality?


You want equality? Then shut the fuck up and take the sour punches when the pendulum swings your way! Just because I am white, does not mean I take your share the bullshit! Personally, I am fucking tired of it! You want equality, it will never happen! You dumb fuckers are too ignorant to see how good you have it.


George Zimmerman: Acquitted!

I saw that Yahoo posted the verdict that Zimmerman was acquitted, and within an hour there were almost 28K comments. Within an hour... 

In a word I can only say: GREAT! 

I saw earlier today that the Florida police were bracing for the verdict, and anticipating the riots that were to in some people's minds sure ensue...

There is no word in the English language that can convey the amount of elation and overjoy I felt when I say that verdict! To see that the court system actually threw caution to the wind! The fact that O.J. cut off the head of his Ex and her Replacement, then was found innocent screams volumes!

Zimmerman will never have a normal life. He cannot go anywhere on this hemisphere where someone does not know him! He will never be able to get a job without being discriminated against, he can never find a home to rent without this travesty and media circus following him into whatever town he decides to rest in... 

Zimmerman was the victor in a no win situation, and for that he has to live with that hellish victory for the rest of his days. 

No matter what side of this debate you stand, you cannot tell me that there was any victor here... You cannot tell me that anyone came out on top on this.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Snowden is a TRUE American Hero!

Growing up when I did, I loved to watch G.I. Joe on Saturday mornings and some afternoons... Looking back and remembering pieces of the theme song, I remember hearing that G.I. Joe was the greatest American Hero!

Not anymore! I truly applaud Snowden! What he is doing is truly patriotic! He is exposing the U.S. douche bag ass clowned, two-faced meat puppets who have perched themselves upon their own version of a modern day Olympus!

The founding fathers severed the ties that bind from England over 200 years ago to end the tyranny, to end the corruption, the illegal taxation… Now, what do we have? We have all that and more! It isnot across the big blue, NO! It is here in our backyards and from those sworn to uphold our ways and rights.

All I see anymore is a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites telling me that if I hand over all the rights that they are sworn to uphold, then I will have NO worries in the world…

Hmmm, sounds great! How about I offer Washington, the NSA, the FBI, and all those other poo flinging feltch monkeys another deal? Grab your shriveled little worthless dick, pull as hard as you can and stretch it back to your asshole and go fuck yourselves!

I sadly admit that I was once a product of the system! I was told to never question my elders and or the system… I reached the age of reason and I kept asking why I was not allowed to question that which drove us… The more I was denied answers, the greater the thirst became!

As the years passed, and I grew more curious and yet in other ways more wise, I was not seen as being smart or as a visionary! No, I was a heretic, a freak, a retard, stupid, and many other colorful names. I was alienated for going against the grain with my fears of what I felt only to be punished and embarrassed further.

Today seeing all that has unfolded and watching as more things are coming unraveled and undone, I sit back and laugh at all those who chose to remain blissfully blind! Looking back at how they called me insane for thinking the very same things that Snowden has exposed! I am not insane, I am not stupid, I am however light years ahead of the curve!

The country I was born, raised, and will probably die in was once America… Looking at what the Constitution was intended to be, and seeing that hundreds of thousands if not into the millions of our men and women have died to defend that very same idea… I cannot say that I reside in the very same place.

A government FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE… Why is it that the people are not free, we are nothing to the government other than lab rats, a free paycheck, and bottomless bank account.

The men and women in the armed forces defending this oblivious nation are sworn to defend this land and her people from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic… Why is it then that NOT ONE of those serving currently is taking that oath seriously? I only ask due to the fact that if there were one or more within the ranks that were… The White House, and the other federal buildings across the country would be purged, pillaged, and raised… Preferably with all the attorneys, and government employees of ALL levels within their walls!

I wish no harm to another human being, I do not! Honest! The ill feelings I have towards the cockbag ass-clowns in the government is genuine! I hate, loath, despise, and all around detest the AM3R!KAN’T government! The fantasy I harbor, seeing the system crumble on those within it… it is not a wish, nor is it a threat! I would not threaten another human being with any form of harm!

Then again, I do not recall the government being composed of human beings. They are spineless, mindless drones who do nothing for anyone other than themselves! The government is compiled of nothing more than higher powered lemmings… The task for the American people is simple! We need to find the puppet master controlling the lemmings, cut the strings from his fingers and then we work our way up. Simple.

The people of this country are too stupid and far to engrained in the propaganda that those in power have placed in front of you that what Snowden has exposed to you seems to be nothing more than a bad dream! Wake up, he is nothing more than another alarm clock! Snowden’s ring was louder than others, but maybe his actions and sacrifice is what was needed to start the next revolution. Maybe his deeds are what was needed to start the movement of the people taking back what is rightfully theirs…

Who am I kidding? This is AM3R!KA… the people are too lazy, stupid, and would never do anything for the greater good if it did not immediately benefit themselves… Looks as if Snowden’s sacrifices were made in vein...

In closing, I would like to say... 

Mr. Snowden,
In the very unlikely event you are reading this, and if it is any consolation sir I do truly appreciate your efforts. I am truly saddened that there are so few others that understand what you did, what you risked, and that no one can change anything if no one tries! You did, and unfortunately not enough care to right the wrongs! Sorry that the country you served has failed you sir! Truly, I am!


~ The Mindful Lunatic