Sunday, September 1, 2013

U.S. needs to strike Syria and Iran

From a born and raised 11th generation American...

I used to be PROUD to be American... used to be is the key words here.

Looking at how the world mocks and laughs at us, what the fuck is so great about being an American? I am absolutely serious!

Looking at the reports of how Iran is laughing their balls off at us RIGHT NOW is aggravating at the least!

Our economy is a fucking joke! The judicial system, it is so nonexistent that the fact cops are still patrolling is laughable!

I have some words for Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and every Muzlem still breathing...


Assad wants to kill you towel headed, cave dwelling, camel fuckers!? 


Seriously! What the fuck do I care about a bunch of dead fucking muzlemz? I understand that women and children were among the dead... shit happens! Last time I read reports, Al-Qaeda was getting their women and children involved in the fight.We let Assad kill his people or we do it for him, either way that is less we have to worry about later!

Looking at how they treat their women, what do I fucking care that they are dead? The men beat their wives since Allah allows and tells them to do so...

Personally, I feel that it is time we stop sending letters. Turn that place to glass. Kill every fucking Muzlem here and there.

Assad wants to kill the people in his country? PLEASE DO! That is a lot more dead muzlem, and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me! Watching a Muzlem burn has to be more entertaining then when I roast a quran!

I urge you to try that at the very least! I have to admit that when you burn a quran, it does smell like shit! That is what that book is, a bunch of pages written by a ass pounder that was rejected by a Jewish girl. After that rejection, he turned to pedophilia! 

NOT KIDDING! Look up Muhammad! He took a bride at the age of 9... I know that things were different back then but for the love of all that is holy... I can only say: Dude, WTF!? 

They are a maniacal, lying, manipulative race... Let anyone who wants that job of killing them to do just that! Please! 

I am the Mindful Lunatic and I approve this message! 

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