Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman / Black Panthers

This is a picture reported from the Zimmerman trial... This is OK for the black people to manipulate the media, and print a price on a man's head due to their manipulation and to further their cause... That is OK!

Must be good to be black I guess...

Funny how if a Klansman did that and put a picture of Jesse or Sharpton on there with a bounty, there would be riots and all kinds of demonstrations! Again, this is OK due to the fact that Zimmerman, even though found to be not guilty by a jury of his peers is a lighter complexion than Trayvon Martin...


The blacks and all others want equality? NO! They want all their way, all the time! Equality means that you are treated equally, and that is far from the situation! There is equality, being a white man I am discriminated against on a daily basis!

If I were to go to the city and scream out Nigger, I get shot... I deserved it. Blacks call each other nigger all day, no one cares. How is that equal? If I apply for a job and I am by far more qualified, but I am not of a minority race and thus do not get that job since the employer was filling a statistic... Is that equality?


You want equality? Then shut the fuck up and take the sour punches when the pendulum swings your way! Just because I am white, does not mean I take your share the bullshit! Personally, I am fucking tired of it! You want equality, it will never happen! You dumb fuckers are too ignorant to see how good you have it.


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