Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman: Acquitted!

I saw that Yahoo posted the verdict that Zimmerman was acquitted, and within an hour there were almost 28K comments. Within an hour... 

In a word I can only say: GREAT! 

I saw earlier today that the Florida police were bracing for the verdict, and anticipating the riots that were to in some people's minds sure ensue...

There is no word in the English language that can convey the amount of elation and overjoy I felt when I say that verdict! To see that the court system actually threw caution to the wind! The fact that O.J. cut off the head of his Ex and her Replacement, then was found innocent screams volumes!

Zimmerman will never have a normal life. He cannot go anywhere on this hemisphere where someone does not know him! He will never be able to get a job without being discriminated against, he can never find a home to rent without this travesty and media circus following him into whatever town he decides to rest in... 

Zimmerman was the victor in a no win situation, and for that he has to live with that hellish victory for the rest of his days. 

No matter what side of this debate you stand, you cannot tell me that there was any victor here... You cannot tell me that anyone came out on top on this.

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