Tuesday, October 30, 2012



I got a call from this number. Having lived in the Cleveland area for most of my life, I thought it was a legitimate call. I answered and there was a guy that started to read from a script and announced that he is a volunteer calling to urge people to vote for Mitt Romney in efforts to get 23 million people back to work. I told him that I was going to say what was to follow as nicely as possible. Then I said:

"I am sick and tired of registering my phone number with the www.donotcall.gov when the meat puppets like yourself can still call me. I am 36 years old, and not once have I voted. I refuse to wake up earlier than needed to walk to a voting location for something as arbitrary and pointless as participating in the delusion that I have some form of saying in who is bought into the Oval Office."

He sat there and said nothing more than "OK, uh-huh, OK."

I continued on:

"Seeing how I was born and raised in Ohio, I would love nothing more than to see Romney stay the fuck out of Ohio! It is bad enough there as it is. People like Romney are not putting 23 million of my countrymen and women to work! No, he is selling off pieces of this once great nation to the highest bidder! As he and others like him do this, they laugh as they line their pockets and bank vaults with the blood soaked money that has come at the cost of American men and women. You want me to step one foot out of my way to do anything for him? I think not! I refuse to buy into any BS that he and others want to shove down my throat! Do yourself a favor! Get a REAL job, I will bet anything that McDonalds is hiring"

After I felt my blood pressure reaching dangerous levels, I hung up!

On a side note... 

My feelings for this years pachyderm and pony show... It has been the most over advertised, obscene collection of drama queens I have ever seen at any level politics! I will comfortably bet that the student council at a California Valley Girl type school has more organization and less drama than the parade of stupidity and bullshit we have had to endure this year! 

I do not like Obama. I do not like Romney! I would not waste my urine to piss on their gums if their teeth were on fire! 

I was born in America. I have traced my lineage to the origin of my forefathers. My family has fought and served in every major conflict this country has seen. For politicians today to spit on the memories of those before them, and for those in office to ignore the bloodshed of the American people is appalling! 

I refuse, and I stress this! I REFUSE to vote! It is pointless and a waste of my time. I refuse! To those who think your vote means one drop of piss in the ocean... Here is a fun fact for you! 

There are 2 major candidates this year: Obama and Romney. Now, lets say hypothetically that Obama won 97% of the votes. That would mean for every 100 votes, Obama received 97 of them for those out there that do not understand percentages...

I agree that there has never been that kind of a landslide in electoral history that I have found. Regardless, this is only an example! 

The funny thing about the U.S. government is that they have control and they will not relinquish one ounce of it. That is why we have the Electoral College. The Electoral College decides who gets into that Presidential Position! Not We the People! 

Going back to my offered statistic, we are using 97% as an example, and by democratic reasoning Obama would have won the election right? WRONG! 

Each state is given a number of Electoral Representatives in the Electoral College. The number of votes per state varies on certain key aspects. So, looking at the simple fact that those who represent whatever state you reside are NOT required to vote on what YOU the voter cast...

Again... YOUR VOTE IS ARBITRARY! Stay home, and let them do what they are planning and buying their way into. Your vote, and your voice is not counted and or cared for. 

I am the Mindful Lunatic... 
I approve this truth message!