Friday, February 22, 2013

TSA is Hellbent on Torturing Travelers...


When has there ever been a report that the TSA stopped a terrorist? I have seen countless articles and news broadcasts how people have gone from one place to another with a loaded weapon. That is OK, but NOT ONE report of them thwarting a terrorist attack! NOT ONE!

I have traveled and my family has fallen victim to the TSA and I am an airline employee! Who the fuck bestows these dirt bag pieces of shit with the right and ability to terrorize children and the elderly? WHO the fuck granted these overzealous pieces of shit the freedom to impose immeasurable terrorist tactics on the disabled?


Anyone else happen to notice that the disabled girl was not only 3 years old but white? Anyone happen to see that the agent was black? Is that not a racial incident? A black TSA agent overstepping her bounds and rights to terrorize a white disabled child due to the likelihood that she was jealous that a disabled white girl gets to go to the Magic Kingdom and her little tribe cannot…

Anyone else see that? I forgot that it is OK for the blacks to terrorize the white kids, that’s OK! I keep forgetting how racism is a one way street…

Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook has NO Mathematical Account(ability)

To any and all Facebook users… Funny how a free service is so lucrative, isn’t it? Yes, Facebook is FREE to us users. They have other things you can do that cost money but to log in and there you can post everything you are doing or thinking.

One of my sisters made a Facebook post a while back and as even with as true as her statement was, I still argue the validity of it now due to these findings. Her post said something to the effect:

You have no room or right to complain about a service that you use for free. It is not a requirement in your life but a choice you make to use. If you do not like this free service, no one is forcing you to continue.

The comment/post I find to be funny in a way. What I do think is that while she is right that it is a free service, and we can choose not to use it. However, the basis of our society has bowed to this FREE service to the point of being crippled by it.

Last year, I saw an article how Facebook was in the Top 10 places to work! Their interns make $6,000 a month. Not kidding. So, being that I have 14 years of school, and 18 years experience in the field of IT, and make half of that of an intern. Funny, yet sad.

Funnier yet how that this very same FREE service has the ability to be used against us. I do not disagree with that, if you are seriously stupid enough to break the law, and then be so bold to publicly brag about it… You deserve every ounce of persecution that is bestowed upon you.

Today what I find even more unsettling about Facebook is that they did not pay $1 in to the IRS for taxes. Nope, not $1 of taxes paid in. Yet, they are to receive a $429million return. That my friends and those asking to friend me… That is OUR tax dollars hard at work. Facebook and the NFL are tax exempt and yet they make billions of dollars every year.

I was born and raised in America. I am 23rd Generation of my lineage here and so I feel that my irritation with this country is founded. Being born and raised in the states, I attended public school and even as crappy as it is, I did take the basics as others do. Not once was I ever privileged to learn how to turn 0 into 429 million… That is what happened here! Facebook has paid NOTHING in and yet they stand to receive $429 MILLION dollars.

How many of you use Facebook? The statistic I found was 1.2 billion people worldwide.

How those Facebook users, how many of you pay taxes in America? That is not a very easy number to determine! This is the easiest answer I found to understand!

“Well it is fair to say everyone pays takes of some type. Sales tax, property tax, excise taxes, etc. - if you mean income tax -surprisingly few. Basically, 95% of all income tax is paid by only the top 3% of income earners, and the lower 40% pay no tax, with a very large percent of them actually getting money back in the form of EIC credit and such.”

This answer opens up another can of worms! The rich and “super” rich don’t pay taxes either. So, that tells me that if the top 3% are the ones paying taxes and yet everything I see, read, and find says that the rich have loop holes and scapegoats to not pay taxes… Where the hell is the Government getting all of their money?
Amazingly I have found that China is the largest foreign body that has loaned our government money but the largest principal loans are actually to those from within our own borders.

As I grow older and I see how things work. I question even more HOW things work! Looking at the economy, and the fact that the government that is running this country into the bedrock is totally oblivious to any form of logic… I see more everyday why Americans are hated so much around the world. I see now why so many speak out against this country.

After all is said and done. This is a free service that I see over 1 billion people using, and yes I do have the RIGHT and ROOM to bitch about it!