Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paula Deen is not Racist! People are Stupuid!

I am seriously irritated with this horse shit going on with Paula Deen these days! Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Fact, she was born in 1947, that makes her 66 years old currently by my math.

Fact, she was born, raised and still to this day lives in the southern part of the Divided States of America…

I have been overhearing all these different points of view and I am going to ask serious questions that NO ONE has answers to!

Why is it OK for blacks to call each other nigger all day long and not OK for a white?

I have actually asked black people that very same question! Sadly all of them have told me only a few answers and NONE of them make sense!It was as if the blacks are part of a collective, feeding off of the same ignorant page of incoherent bullshit!

Answer 1: You are white, don’t do it!
Answer 2: We take off the “er” and add the “a”!
Answer 3: It is not a derogatory term to us, when we refer to one another as a nigga, it is putting  positive spin on a bad word!

To all of those answers I have something to say: BULLSHIT!

The dropping or removal of the “er” to add and “a” is utter stupidity! It is NOTHING to do with the subtraction and or addition! NOTHING! It has everything to do with ignorant morons talking ebonics! SIMPLE!

I have seen with my own eyes and heard a threat from a black man to another black man:
“Yo nigga, you move and I will pull this trigga!”

Now… Let’s look at that threat that I was within feet of so the recollection is quite vivid!

The armed man wielding the gun is NOT using the term: Nigga in a good method and thus telling me that it is NOT meant as a term of endearment! Secondly, Nigger and Trigger are pretty damn close in spelling, right? YES! So, if it were as simple as saying nigger with an A then… he should have pronounced the “ER” at the closing of the word TRIGGER!

I was sitting within earshot of the TV earlier and I heard an interview with Gabrielle Union come on to the channel my wife was watching. This black actress said: “If you are out and you do not want to get beat on, do not say the “N” word! If you are not black, do not say it!”

I will say that I did not KNOW she was black! At first I only heard the announcers talking to her and her speech was very articulate and very professional sounding. The hosts mentioned how offensive this was and that is when I heard her open up about how terrible it is that Paula Deen said this…

OMFG! She is a WHITE WOMAN who lived through the segregation times! She was alive and well when the blacks had their own bathrooms, drinking fountains, and were forbidden to be in the same schools as the whites!

This woman was raised in a different time!

I dare ANY one reading this post, ANYONE to show me ONE other country in the world that is THIS fucking uptight about offending another person! SHOW ME!

I will save you the time and effort, you cannot! Nowhere else in the world are people this fucking stupid! There is not one other place in this world where people are wound this fucking tight that they put ANYTHING that they can under a microscope!

During that very same interview with Gabrielle Union, there was some dorky looking analyst who was white studying the tear soaked interview with Paula Deen. He was talking how terrible the 13 minute interview was! He was going on and on about how much her body language revealed…

What about all the bullshit that the blacks do to themselves!? Look at the work that they do to get out of actually helping society along! They pop out kids like it is an assembly line only to collect a bigger check! Now they are screaming how drug testing to remain on the government tit is an invasion of privacy!?
I have to piss in a cup to get a job to pay taxes to cover their grocery bills… the least those ingrates can do it show me the same respect!

People want to scream about inequality!? FINE! Let’s do that!

I could not get any help with my schooling costs due to the fact that when I went to college, I was a born and raised American, right-handed,  heterosexual, single white male with NO dependents, no freckles, only spoke English, not red-headed with no impending physical handicaps. I was not eligible for anything! In my searching for grants and funds I saw that if you were: Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Left-Handed (considered a handicap), freckled, red headed, foreign, woman, had a family, and the list ran on… How is that equal?

In school and universities there are a lot of student clubs and organizations… Asian Club, Afro-American Club, Alternative Lifestyles Organization, Chess Club, Hispanic Club… Any time that whites make a club that is racist… Really? Why?


You self-indulgent fucktards will never allow it!

The media feeds on these things, the simple minded sheeple feast upon the twists and propaganda that the media spoon feeds you! Then the old wounds remain open, festering, and boiling over!

The fact is… Yes I am a raging hate monger! I hate the human race as an entirety! I HATE…

I see all people to be equally worthless! I do not care if you are White, Brown, Black, Hispanic… I hate all religions! I hate all those who are so immerged in politics that they too have lost sight of the real issues… In other words… If you are alive today and screaming about any side of a cause whether it affects you or not… I probably hate you or at least an aspect of you!

I have no problem coexisting with the other 7 billion face breathers alive today… Why is that? I hate 98% of you and yet still I drudge forward… The easiest way I can possibly explain it in the simplest of truths is:

Whether you like me or not, you need me. Same goes for me and my ill will towards you! I may not like you but chances are you do something that does affect me even if it is only within the realms of the butterfly effect.

I hate niggers, I have the border jumping spics, I hate the beat-neck trailer park trash… yet I still manage to coexist. If any or all of them do something that I do not like, I have the ability to walk away. I have the ability to turn the channel. Believe me when I say I do, and I will continue to do so!

There is nothing more dangerous in this world than an idea…

When an idea is created and you convince another person of the validity of that idea, that idea to you is now a belief to them. Look at politics and religion! Both are nothing more than a means of control! Both religion and politics were created as an idea then forged into a belief structure.

Now we have people with the idea that ANYTHING you say can and will be used against you in the public opinion stage that will use the laws against you to further their blind rage and jealousy!

What I hate about the niggers alive today is that the struggles that hose before them suffered. The lives lost in hopes and efforts to gain equality… what do you lazy niggers do to the legacy of great men and women in your heritage?

Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and so on… These men and women are the forerunners of your race…  These people who you morons know little to nothing about suffered heinous treatment and abuse in efforts to provide YOU with the rights you abuse, break, and all together wipe your smelly ass with… 

To clarify... I do say that I hate niggers today! I do, and I will not hide that fact! Those whom I have referenced above were not niggers! They are legends! They are trendsetters, they were martyrs for you ingrates! 

No matter what we do, no matter what laws we make, whatever legislations are thrown at another person… AS LONG AS WE ARE DIFFERENT in one way or another… there will always be hate. There will ALWAYS be discrimination! As long as there are at least 2 people there will ALWAYS be double standards…

The funny thing is… All those who think I am wrong, are blind, stupid or just fucking retarded! 

You want equality? People in hell want snow cones! Hell, another myth that does not really exist.... 

In closing of this rant, I will say one last thing... If you do not like what someone says, does, or thinks... stay away from them. If you feel it required to get your fragile panties in a bind over something this fucking trivial? Take on a REAL cause! Such as educating yourself in what actually is important in this bat-shit crazy world! 


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