Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012 was Bought Months Ago...

I am sitting here and forcing myself to not change the channel. I cannot stand the politics in the Undecided States of AM3RlKA today!

I do not think that any of the Presidents in the past several decades were worth a bucket of piss!

I am sick and tired of seeing how we the people are literally nothing to the government! Nothing more than free money for them! We pay taxes to be test subjects for the FDA! We are being systematically conditioned and processed.

Today is supposed to be the decision day...

You want to know who is going to win today? I will tell you what you should already know! Nothing we the people say or do changes ANYTHING! Nothing the government does is in reflection of our voices.

Who is going to win tonight?

The victor will be the one with the deeper pockets and wealthier backers... Can you guess who that will be?

So, in closing I am VERY happy to say: Romney can suck on a fat, black rubber chode!