Monday, April 29, 2013


My child was born in a federally funded hospital...

The fucking douche bag ass hats killed him in the birthing process... Forced my wife to have a separated pelvis and a broken tailbone. She was in labor for 3 days...

Now, he is fucked up beyond all hope of having a normal life. We went after the hospital and were slapped in the face even tho they ADMITTED that they FUCKED UP, the LAW says that the king does NO wrong... 





I was born and raised here. My family came here in the early 1700's and I have had family serve in EVERY conflict this shit hole nation has been in and or caused... Even with that in consideration... I say 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Anne Frank was Many Things but...

I read an article tonight and it has me infuriated! Justin "the douche bag" Bieber went to the Amsterdam museum and he signed the guest book at the Anne Frank House:

"Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

That is what the museum has posted on their facebook page. This self serving little fucktarded ass clown is the most self absorbed piece of shit to crawl on the face of this Earth in my life time! That is even counting Charles Manson, last time I checked Charlie was still kicking... 

As the title says: Anne Frank was many things but... I would pray to any and all gods that if she were alive that she would never even think of being a groupie of this butt puppet!

This fuckhead Bieber is the most self centered feltch-monkey I have ever seen! Every time I see him in the news or on an article, I hate that little fucker even more! I did not know it was possible to house this much hatred for one person! 

Anne Frank is by far the most well known and celebrated holocaust victim. She hid in that house for over 2 years till her capture in 1944 and at that time she and her family were sent to the camps, where she ultimately died. 

Going back to this little fucktard... I remember when I saw the news about him visiting Israel and he was so upset that the paparazzi would not let him tour the holy sites...I cannot help but to wonder why he is so upset about that! He is not a faithful and practicing Jew. He is NOT! I can tell you by many of his sociopathic behaviors! 

The one that screams the loudest to me is the fact that he is so happy to get and show off his tattoos. Looking at the simple fact that in the Jewish faith that tattoos are HIGHLY forbidden and if you are pierced or tattooed, you cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

The torah is nothing more than the Old Testament. That said, look at Leviticus 19:28 and I am pretty sure that lays it out there REALLY clear! 

"LEV 19:28 You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks on you: I am the LORD."

This fuckheaded moronic little asstweaker needs to live in what most of us call reality! His car is a mobilized mirror. I saw a news report about how he was bitching at how the paparazzi seems to know where he is all the time... NO SHIT you fucking moron! Your car is a miniaturized reflection of the sun! How can you miss it!?

He wants to bitch and moan how he is mobbed and attacked?  Here is a thought you brain dead Canuck! First remove your firmly implanted feeble mind from your ass! Then ask yourself if all these stunts to get noticed is not just that... I know that it is. Secondly, if you are going to bitch about people knowing where you are? TAKE MEASURES to look more inconspicuous! Driving a sports car that is a 4 wheeled mirror? Not too incognito! 

I cannot stress enough how much this fucking brat annoys me! I am truly pleased to see that not one of my kids falls for this vanilla Milly Vanilly ass clowned meat puppet! If I ever see any of his CD's in my house, I will burn the fucking discs! 

I hate this little sociopath! I cannot stand these fucking brats that make more money for looking like shrink wrapped bone bags and have the ability to lip sync! OMFG, how much talent does that take!? 

I hope that this dumb ass has a truly Earth shattering reality check! The sooner, the better!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking Back...

I often write about things that are going on that bother me. Things I see in the news and life that I cannot understand, so looking at those events I poor my brain out here in hopes of somehow finding a sense of peace...

Looking back to my younger years and the trials I faced as I grew. I cannot think of too many things that held more true than when I was told not to wish I were older... I always heard that I would get there before I knew it and then I will wish I were young again.

I wanted out of my life when I was younger... I wanted out so much that suicide felt to be the only way I could escape! Tried that, and failed... more than once. 

Looking back at my wishes to be out and on my own, I see now how stupid that want was. Sure wanting out of a bad situation is natural! How many think that the people on the Titanic wanted to stay on board? They wanted to see the aquatic wildlife up close and personal... Point being is that no one wants to stay on a ship that is sinking. 

As I have grown, I have taken on different understandings of life and priorities. All I can say on that is that there is no amount of issues in my childhood that would equal the pain, stress, and sheer exhaustion of what my wife and I face everyday.

Hind sight is 20/20... I understand that but disagree. Sure you see what you did and can see what you would rather have chosen after the call, but how do you know? 

Lets say you come to a pivotal decision in your life. You have 3 options to choose from. You chose #2, and after having lived with it, you cannot rewind your time and make that call for #1 or #3. IF and I stress IF you could rewind your life, you would also erase your mind to that time and in doing such you have forfeited what would then become knowledge of the future. Who is to say that you would not make the same choice again? 

There is no certainty in life other than you will never be great at it... I am very well versed in that!

All I know is that life is not now, nor will it ever be at all predictable. 

Not one bit. 

Too many things in adult life that make no sense regardless how you analyze the wreckage... There will always be that situation where you scratch your head and say: If only....

Well, guess what? You did not and now the IF ONLY is off the table! Clean up the shit that just hit the fan and figure out how to clean up the collateral damage form the grenade you pulled the pin on...

This posting was inspired by my undying love and admiration for my children... With that said too many times in my life and theirs where I failed to make the "right" call, and yet somehow they still find it possible to love me. While being a parent is filled with decisions, not one person alive or dead will ever make the right call every time... 

Nothing in our adult lives is perfect... not too many things in life are either... 

The most priceless rewards, the most beautiful of treasures for me however is to see my daughter smile, hear my son laugh, and then to feel my wife's warm and loving embrace... While there is nothing in creation that is perfect... those 3 things are as close as I will ever have.