Friday, May 4, 2012

Just Curious...

I have done this a few times before and here I am again... I am watching the stats of my blog and the posts, I see the same countries hitting my posts everyday. Every once in a while, I ask for people's feedback. In the year that this blog/thread has been active, not once has anyone else ever commented. No one has ever left feed back. I am rounding the 1,000 views marker and I have been read in 28 countries. Again, not one person follows, not one person has said one word whether it be positive or negative. 

I know that a lot of my posts will hit some as narrow minded, one sided, maybe even paranoid and delusional. 

I write what I feel, I write what is cluttering up my brain. Not one person on this Earth can tell me that you are never afraid to voice your opinion! No one on this planet will be honest 100% of the time. When I am here, I have that freedom. I have to keep my mouth shut and my feelings and thoughts in lock-down for 85-90% of my day... I write to drain the excess baggage in my head. 

Until I started writing, I found that the baggage was piling up. That the weight of each new item, thought, stress, worry, were all adding up and forcing me further int o the abyss. I find it very difficult to talk to anyone about anything. I find it very frustrating to try to find the words in verbal communication. Here, I can type, I can read, proof read, delete at will... Here, I can actually sound some what intelligent. 

When you are talking, others listening to you do not have 20 to 30 minutes to hear your thought on one or two sentences. So far, this post has taken me a lot longer to write than what it has taken you to read. That is what i am saying. Here, I can take as long as I want and my time spent here is therapeutic, relaxing, and mentally taxing. Taxing in a good way though!

Far too many people these days are losing grips with things! Too many people these days are too quick to bottle up and shut down! They find it easier to run with the flow of things and not challenge anyone to step out of their sheltered mindset and just for 1 minute, maybe and I am stretching here maybe 90 seconds of their lives... just to think for themselves. 

That is what I do... I love to take something that I feel strongly about, I present my thinking to you the reader and I hope beyond any measure that you will disagree. Seriously! If you and I were to look at the same identical thing, you and I held this same identical item, I promise you that you and I would not have too many ideas, thoughts, and or reactions about that item. What I am getting at is simply this... I love to discuss! Discussion makes the gears grind in your mind! When your mind is working and solving for a problem, more gears start turning and then you guessed it, more start in reaction! 

It is said that we use about 10% of our brains actively... I can see that! What if I were to engage you in a discussion that you were so engrained in your belief of that topic that your beliefs, teachings, and observations of said belief were then put to the challenge? I can tell you from experience, that challenge is rarely met with anything other than hostility, frustration, anger, and regretfully sometimes violence any magnitude! 

I love to make people think! I LOVE to know that someone out there is actually reading my head cheeze... I need to know why people are reading my blog! I would love nothing more than to know what it is that keeps people coming back! Is it my charm and tenderness? Is it the fact that I flat out don't fucking care what people have to say and or think!? 

If I say something that you do not like? So what!? If I post something you do not agree with? CHALLENGE ME! If by some chance you agree with me? TELL ME WHY! Do not agree with me cause you are a lost and blind sheep! NO! If you want to read more about my thought process, trust me when I say I am happy to blabber it out! If you ask my OPINION and then you tell me I am wrong, be ready to back that shit up! You ask me for an opinion it is just that! my opinions vary as per day, weather, situation, and etc... 

In closing, if you like my blog and posts? Please tell me. 

If you do not? 

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