Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time Cover: Breastfeeding Controversy

Yahoo published a story about the TIME cover of a woman breastfeeding her 3 year old. So? Lucky kid! I felt obligated to comment due to my personal standings on this topic! I truly endorse breastfeeding! There are so many different levels of health breastfeeding promotes! It is not to be seen as perverted, and or abusive! Not in the least! Too many people are too quick to judge and force their fears and or anxieties on others. These idiots that are screaming foul need to seriously pull their heads out of their asses! The picture of the current cover below is the on in question. 

Yahoo Article is available to be read here: Time Cover " Are You Mom Enough?"

Then I had seen that there was a reprint of the same article... I love how the media regurgitates their stupidity! 

My comment was simple! The replies I got just goes to show that people are wound so fucking tight these days that it is no wonder people snap so easy!

The Mindful Lunatic:
If it was another woman nursing, no one would scream foul... Funny how censorship is so selective! If you do not like something, do not look! If you are offended at something, walk away! There is no need or reason to push your hang ups on everyone else! 

You are indeed a lunatic.

yep. your screen name says it all.

Has decency and good sense become a hang up? Time has never gotten over being involved in the deaths of our soldiers (nor should they be) with Flush the Koran story. A once required reading magazine is going broke. Time has become the new Enquirer. Good luck competing with them. Good luck to this young man. You're going to need it.

I don't have any "hangups" on breastfeeding. It is a natural occurrence and rightly so. Methinks that urination is a natural occurrence, but if you do that in public, you get arrested. Selective censorship?

The Mindful Lunatic:
You people that sit there on your high and mighty thrones passing judgment... Please by all means... You want to strip a woman of her NATURAL ability and rights? Please, let me strip you of something that you hold just as near and dear! Here a thought! I am going to assume that you idiots know how to read... It is NOT up to you to decide when a child should make a transition! Not up to you to decide where a child can and or should eat. Secondly, the U.S. is the laziest, fattest, and most anal retentive nation on Earth! I have seen many women in public breastfeeding. I do not gawk, I do not do anything but keep moving. It is SIMPLE! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT MOVE ON! You do not like my thinking SO WHAT!? You actually think that your ignorance and prude lifestyles will bother me? No. Not one iota. You people are seriously FUKKINGREPRESSED!

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