Wednesday, May 30, 2012

and so it begins...

I am not sure where this one will take me... If you are above ground and actually alive while reading this, then I am sure that you have heard of this cannibal attack in Miami, Florida. There are more stories about this attack than I can possibly shake a sawed-off shotgun at... I find it funny that the authorities are blaming this attack on a new form of LSD. 

Everyone is so desensitized to this kind of thing due to Hollywood. There are zombie movies dating back long before I was born. Hell, I will say that there are movies depicting walking dead before anyone reading this was born. I say that with the up most confidence due to the first actual portrayal of zombies opened in 1932. The movie was called, and I am serious as a heart attack! White Zombie.

nzambi which means the spirit of a dead person.The word entered the English language in 1871.the origin of zombi's comes from the voo-doo culture (Ironically in the land of its origin, the term "voo-doo" is actually translated to: Holy.) The voo-doo priest created a "zombie powder" that was composed of Tetrodotoxin a poison found in the puffer fish and dissociatives such as datura when combined these powders induce death like symptoms and would make the victims totally subject to the bokor are sorcerer that administered the powder. The origin of the zombie is Africa and Haiti.

Getting back to the movie I had previously mentioned, white zombie. The most important zombie film simply because it was the first and essentially started to pave the way for better, bigger, and of course the more gory reenactments that were sure to follow. Made in 1932 directed and produced by the Halperin brothers, White Zombie starred Bela Lugosi. The story takes place in Haiti, where the plantation owner uses his supernatural powers over the natives to force them to do his bidding as zombies. Beaumont (a character in the film) is turned down by Madeline Short, upset that Short would reject his marriage proposal, Beaumont makes a deal with Lugosi. In this deal he has asked Lugosi to use his powers on Short to turn her into a Zombie so she could be Beaumont's love slave. Lugosi turns short into a zombie and refuses to release Short. Using Short as a means to control Beaumont, this causes Beaumont and Short’s fiancĂ© to attack Lugosi and destroy his sugar mill in order to free Short. The film was based on a 1928 pay called Zombie.

Revolt of the Zombies a sequel to White Zombie followed in 1936 also produced by the Halperin brothers. This was the second Zombie film. The 1936 film "Things to Come" based on a novel by H.G. Wells, is the first to bring the apocalyptic zombie, this lead to the introduction of Zombies were contagious as if the illness were a viral plague.

This is of course just a VERY small snippet of what is out there on the topic. When you ask the average person about Zombie movies, the first one that comes to mind is of course the most famous! The Night of the Living Dead. That movie in that time, back in the 50's? I guess by their standards it was scary as hell! Having grown up watching things like that. Watching movies by Alfred Hitchcock, and reading Edgar Allen Poe. I don't scare easy! That fact is, when the black guy made it all the way to the next day and then he walks out and gets shot? I am not trying to sound like a heartless ass wipe,  but OMG that is funny as hell! 

I love reading about the origins of things. In short, this news article of a cannibalistic meth-head running around and gnawing on people... I find it seriously funny yet moving to outright disturbing that we are so quick to dismiss this issue. The attacker who has been identified as Rudy Eugene being a 31 yr old man in Miami. I find it sad all around that this man was driven this far out of his mind. 

What NO ONE is taking into consideration... What the hell did that homeless guy ever do to that man to deserve such a horrific death! I am terrified at the thought of suffocating, drowning, or being burned alive. I cannot think of one time in my life where I have EVER given enough thought to being eaten alive. 

Yeah... After today, I do not think I can or will ever eat another open face sammich...

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