Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No One Helping Those Who Need...

Today I was reading the headlines and I was intrigued at one in particular... It was a headline of how the cost of the national food stamp program increased 135 percent over last 4 years. I read the article and I was very disgusted with their claims and the facts that may or may not be true. 

I had this to say:

The Mindful Lunatic:

Our wages go up 1%-5% while the cost of living triples... People who NEED assistance cannot get it, and those getting it should not be. The majority of these recipients need to get up and get something done! The system as a whole is corrupt and flawed beyond measure! Looking at other news, some states have started mandatory drug testing to qualify. I am ALL FOR THAT! Why should I beat my face into the grindstone 10-12 hours a day only to see my family fall short on bills and food and then I see these people at the stores at the first of the month with 2 or 3 carts full of food, and I am talking about things I cannot begin to afford... Yeah, that is GREAT! Reward the manipulating liars and thieves, and then tax the hard working honest people who are providing for those very same crooks, liars, and thieves... If this is Democracy? I welcome Socialism! Oh wait... Isn't that where we are heading, if not worse?  

Yahoo User 'Sus': 

"Why should I beat my face into the grindstone 10-12 hours a day only to see my family fall short on bills and food and then I see these people at the stores at the first of the month with 2 or 3 carts full of food, and I am talking about things I cannot begin to afford..."

@The Mindful Lunatic, you do it because you are trying to be an adult!? The vindictive jealousy about someone else getting something you don't have is very childish. Get yourself an education and a better job and you won't have to worry about what others are getting. I dunno, people who buy groceries all at once usually do not have a vehicle of their own and are probably borrowing a car or riding with someone else. Are you angry at them because you made poor choices?

Yahoo User 'Nick':

Sus - I have an education (2 bachelors and an associates) and two jobs, but still eat worse than most on food stamps. I make all my food from scratch to save money, if i want tortillas, I make them, if I want bread - I make it. I work about 70 hours a week between my jobs and that covers my living expenses and student loans. I also pay about $7k a year in federal taxes and about $1500 in State taxes, and have only about $75 a month to spend on food. Meanwhile I see people with their EBT cards spending hundreds of dollars and buying prepackaged expensive foods - once saw a person buying Lobster with EBT, then a separate transaction with cash to buy booze and cigarettes. If these people don't have jobs they should have plenty of time to make food from scratch. Our food assistance program should be reduced and should not be a free-for-all. The govt should work with retailers and have the retailers provide prepackaged "food baskets" for food stamp users. Containing, generic loaf of bread, generic canned goods, generic canned fruits, generic pasta noodles and pasta sauce, flour, eggs, fresh produce, and fresh fruits. If they want to eat meat, or junk food - they need to start working more.

Yahoo User 'La':

Do you have a link that backs up your claim that most recipients need to get up and get something done? How do you know they aren't already up and doing something? You folks don't even understand how it works. You think a person who works 50 hours a week won't get fired all of a sudden. And need help making ends meet.

 I felt compelled to reply to Sus especially. I had the following to say to this user...

The Mindful Lunatic: 

@ Sus... I have been in and out of school since 1997! That is 15 years of education! OK, now looking at MY demographic, I get minimal if any help with school! I have a job in my field of study. I support over 200 end users, and I am able to say I have held my position for going on 3 years. I have NO insurance at my job. I have no way of getting insurance due to the public assistance saying I make too much. Then when the pay check hits my account and I see that the bills are met with bare minimum payments and then I am left juggling for the remainder. OH! I forgot, I still have to make sure that my 2 children who have very special needs are fed... Yeah, fun times! Now, as far as poor choices in my life? Yes, I have made some and I have done all I can to rectify them! I have 15 years of education, I have almost 20 years in my field.. I have NO degrees, and I have NO certifications... WHY!? I CANNOT AFFORD TO COMPLETE ANY OF THEM! I cannot afford and I refuse to watch my family starve! I will NEVER rely on section 8 or hud, whatever that is... I made my family and it is MY job to take care of them! What makes me sick as A*S Clowns like you saying that I am lazy, incompetent, or just stupid... I KNOW what I see! When I have to weight out paying the the past due balance on the electric bill or eating for a number of days... It puts a new perspective on what is important! It pisses me off to see these ghetto types driving pimp-mobiles and buying steaks when I have to make a box of cereal stretch for 2 weeks! So, in short KISS MY A*S! You think what you want! You can sit there on your stool of blind judgment and say what ever you want. Just because you are delusional, does NOT make your clouded vision a reality! OPEN YOUR EYES!

The really sad thing is that my reply was attempted and rejected and rejected again... So, after a few frustrating tries and repeated failures at seeing my post staying up on that thread, I gave up and issued the following posts on Yahoo...

The Mindful Lunatic:

@ Sus... Do me a favor? Look my blog up in Google, OK? Yahoo is doing their typical crap and not letting me reply to you. So, I will post my reply on my blog. Be warned. I am allowed to speak my mind there. Where here in Yahoo-land with all the whiny, bleeding heart, moronic, kool-aid drinkers are too scared to see reason and or truth.

The Mindful Lunatic: 

@ Sus, again... IF you have the gumption to act upon my request, it is simple to do! Look up the blogger posting matching my moniker. Endless Rants of the Mindful Lunatic... Easy to find! Nothing there is hidden, nothing there is censored, nothing there is sacred. I am happy to take on anything you want to throw at me! So, please... challenge me. I doubt you can!

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