Tuesday, December 18, 2012

@: Westboro Baptist Church

God hates fags? What definition of fag are you referring to? 

The original use and meaning of the word was: "To droop". Originally coined and used in the year of  1772.

Using the word Fag as an intransitive verb it actually means: "to work hard."

As a transitive verb: "To tire by strenuous activity."

As a noun it is: "Drudge" 

Not just American English, but the European English: "An English public-school boy who acts as servant to an older schoolmate."

Another use of the word from a European person speaking English, faggot is also a cigarette. 

So, you want to preach how your thoughts on the bible are right and your ass cracked  views are how things are and should be? It is people like you who make me proud to say I claim no faith to any one religion! 

I find it so amazingly hysterical how you feel what you say and do is right! Are you people serious in these beliefs? You protest the funerals of the sons and daughters of those who protect your freedoms to do what you do. If you think of one minute that other countries would allow your stupidity? Think again! People like you would be shot, drawn and quartered, mutilated, and then whatever was left would be burned and buried.

In closing, I happily bring you this message:

To the Westboro Baptists... You hate-breeding, fuck-tarded, ass-clowned, feltch monkeys... I have a very real and sincere message for you! 

I cannot make any more clear! 
That is as nice as I can muster for you stupid fucks!

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