Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Spike Lee Needs Chains!

I find it to be totally contradictory to see that when Quinton Tarantino puts out a new movie Spike Lee makes headlines! Spike Lee is just as guilty if not worse than QT for portraying blacks in a negative way! 

This is a broken record! QT puts out another movie and Spike Lee pops up to bitch about it! I remember the stink he made about Pulp Fiction due to the fact that the movie has a scene where Sam Jackson and QT are arguing and the over use of the word nigger. 

OK, you show me any combination of movies that says nigger as many time as any 3 Rap CD's! 

Being a white guy, I have asked several blacks WHY it is OK for them to call one another by a term that is absolutely taboo and forbidden for me, a white guy to say. 

The most common answers given were to be totally frank... stupid, ignorant, and totally absent of merit! 

I was told by several people that they are using a derogatory term and using it as a term of endearment to kind of readdress the meaning of that term. In addition to that, I was told that they never call one another niggeR! No! They call each other nigga... That is different how? One is a proper spelling, and the other is an ebonic bunch of shit.

I told all of them that I find that to be bullshit! I have never called another white guy: cracka, honka, The Mana, etc.

People of the so called minority races today scream about the injustices of their people... When was the last slave auction held here in America? It was not within the lifetime of ANYONE alive today! 

Who is originally responsible for the slave trade? Other African tribes. The White explorers landed and then they bought more and more slaves and then brought them to the new world, I do not deny that happening. The point I am making is that they enslaved and sold their own people to the white guys and yet WE are the White Devils and the root of all evil. Funny! 

Spike Lee needs to shut the fuck up! Read your history books! Not just the parts that fit your cause! 

Spike Lee = Attention Whore Asshole Nigger! 

How's that for clarification?

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