Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Season = STUPIDITY Exposed!

What is it about the holidays that make people so abundantly ignorant?!

There was a guy that was driving in front of me, and on a green light he stopped his car, put it into park and the rear end sunk down. That tells me that he put on the E-Brake.

I honk. That is an acceptable reaction do something of that magnitude of stupidity!

Then he releases the brake and moves forward, then light turns red. Again, park, e-brake. I am sitting there wondering: WTF is this dumb ass doing!?

The guy then turns right on red. I am still thinking WTF is this dumb ass thinking!?

He heads down the road and turns into the same store I am heading to. He parks and gets out and starts waving at me and making very obvious challenging motions with his arms.

I admit that I should not have stopped, I should not have rolled my window down! I did. I he walked to me and I told him:

"You want to do stupid shit on the road, expect reactions from others!"

He starts motioning for me to get out. He wanted me to fight. A grown man, wants to fight in the parking lot of a store on December 8th. WOW! Talk about sophisticated!

He walks towards my car and tells me:

"You got somethin to say? Git yo cracka ass out the car! Lets talk! Get out! C'mon! Let's squash dis shit honky!"

I then replied: "Wow, impressive! Great to show off your typical ghetto nigger attitude!"

I pull off. I needed to get something at another place, so I left and as I pulled out, I see that son of a bitch following me. I pull into a chic-fil-a to get some sweet tea. He pulls up next to me and still trying to provoke me to fight.


I called 911 and told the dispatcher: "I have a dumb asshole following me after a traffic interaction. No one was hurt yet. You need to get me an officer before I defend myself to the point of committing a hate crime!"

He followed me further.

The police show up and I told him that I have my 3 year old daughter with me and I would not hesitate to use deadly force to protect my daughter.

The officer I spoke with was a very nice young man. I explained to him what happened. Now, maybe I have a different thought than others. But when you have 2 people have an interaction there is more than 2 sides to that story! In all honesty, there are at least 3!

     1. Person A's side

     2. Person B's side

     3. The Truth

I told the young police officer that I do not understand the human condition! I really do not! It is December and from Mid-October well into February people seem to be even nastier than ANY other time through the year!

It is no secret that I am very racist at times... By racist I hate all races equally! There are a lot of white people I hate even more than some people of colors. I guess I would be considered a Nationalist as well then... I am not too fond of too many people from too many places outside of America...

The rant I want to start on that one is another post for another day!

I would LOVE to know why people are so angry these days!

As my wife has pointed out, I was in the wrong. Yes, the dumb fucker did some stupid shit! I should have continued on with my day and never given that raging asshole a second thought!

Very easily things could have turned out totally different with outcomes that I could not rectify. This could have caused ripples in time that may not play out right away.

I will be sitting down with my daughter to apologize to her. I will tell her that the things I did and said were not right on any level and that the severity of the trespass was amplified by the fact that I KNEW my 3 year old was with me, and yet I did not waiver from my moment of rage causing not just poor judgment but total lack of judgment and or control.

I will not be letting this go on my account. I need to remember that I now have a family that depends on me. I cannot lash out at those who I feel are totally wrong and justifiably stupid. If that guy wants to go around acting like a barbaric gorilla, good for him. Not my issue after today. 

In closing... The holidays many years ago meant togetherness, and time to cherish one another! What happened? Why do I ask? I already know, people dropping values and grabbing every single dollar while slitting every throat possible!

I would like to ad an addendum  to this rant... I wrote this several hours ago and I would like to say something further... 

I say I am a racist and then go on to say I am considering myself a nationalist as well... I cannot really say that I hate all other nations. Not truly! Tracing my lineage back to my origin, my forefathers came from Norway. After generations here in the sates, I am now a mut from Native American, Dutch, English, and German. 

My hostility is fed by our government propaganda and other interactions I have had with various people in my time and travels. I do not care who someone is. I do not care where they are from. If you treat me good, I will walk into the pits of hell with you. If you treat me like this fucktarded assclown I talked about above, then I will happily see to it that you spend time in traction. 

I have no real concern or care where people descenfrom. I care about how I am treated. I care even more how my family is treated. If I feel threatened, I will retaliate. 

My hatred is  not always right. My hatred that grows is founded. I do not hate without cause. I did for a long time and I have realized the error of my ways. Too often, blind hatred will cause you to look passed a good person. 

I know that some may be confused by my words... However, I assure you that most have nothing to worry about. Those who have crossed my path, have learned to not do it again. No one will punk me, no one will threaten me, no one on the face of this Earth will ever make me worry about the safety of my wife and or children. 

When I use racial slurs, it is meant not as a slur but more of a pigeon-hole label. That dumb fuck wanted to act like a typical nigger... I called him out on it. Am I white? Yes. Am I a cracker? Nope. Not once. Never owned or used a whip. I know for a fact that my family was here for the Civil War and they fought and died supporting the North. My family did not have an servants or A.K.A. House Niggers. My family did offer their lives in the efforts to free the slaves and look where they have gotten! 

No where special. Failure is genetically encoded it would seem.   

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