Friday, February 22, 2013

TSA is Hellbent on Torturing Travelers...


When has there ever been a report that the TSA stopped a terrorist? I have seen countless articles and news broadcasts how people have gone from one place to another with a loaded weapon. That is OK, but NOT ONE report of them thwarting a terrorist attack! NOT ONE!

I have traveled and my family has fallen victim to the TSA and I am an airline employee! Who the fuck bestows these dirt bag pieces of shit with the right and ability to terrorize children and the elderly? WHO the fuck granted these overzealous pieces of shit the freedom to impose immeasurable terrorist tactics on the disabled?


Anyone else happen to notice that the disabled girl was not only 3 years old but white? Anyone happen to see that the agent was black? Is that not a racial incident? A black TSA agent overstepping her bounds and rights to terrorize a white disabled child due to the likelihood that she was jealous that a disabled white girl gets to go to the Magic Kingdom and her little tribe cannot…

Anyone else see that? I forgot that it is OK for the blacks to terrorize the white kids, that’s OK! I keep forgetting how racism is a one way street…

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