Sunday, September 23, 2012


I know that most if not all of us have see that web site: ... That is where you can go and list your phone numbers so solicitors are forbidden to call you.

I have been registering my phone numbers every 8-9 months due to the fact that I am NOT wasting my time and or plan minutes due to some dumb ass wanting to bother me with some ind of offer I cannot refuse! I have phone solicitors! I hate them more than politicians! Anyone who has read my blog in the past, knows how much I loath Politicians, and for me to hate someone more than that? It is bad...

I have re-registered my  phone number yet again... actually 4 times in the past 3 months hoping to put an end to this BULLSHIT! 

I get at least 10 calls a week from that number or, a variation of it. It is a recording: 

"Hello, this call is intended to gather information and statistics for the up coming presidential election. Press one if you are male, two if you are a female..." and so on. 

One day last week, I got a call from a number that is totally different and it was a live person. I was very happy to express my feelings on her bothering me. 

I opened a  truck load of whoop ass on her! I told her:

"I hope this call is being monitored and or recorded! I FUCKING HATE YOU PEOPLE! I have my phone registered on the do NOT call list! I know you people that are sitting there punching the keys are by far mentally inferior to a fucking primate! Here is a thought, tell your statistics team to leave me the fuck alone! I HATE politics I FUCKING HATE all the candidates running! I HATE THE CURRENT President, and Romney can suck a fat black rubber dick! This once great nation is being torn apart brick by brick all the while those in office are profiting from it every step of the way! So, I am going to hang up now, you can tell your team and the presidential elects to GO FUCK YOURSELVES!"

I hung up after that! 

I hate politics and those who are pushing them! I hate that entire cesspool of scum! This country was once a great nation. I love my county and I appreciate every man and woman who serve to defend it! I cannot fucking stand one politician! NOT ONE of them is equal to the worth I hold for common toilet paper! Why the fuck does some asshole with 4 active braincells think I want to waste my time taking a survey? 

To those fucking assholes at the survey stations? GET REAL JOB! I know that the market here sucks, but prostitution is a step up from where you are currently sitting! 

To NObama and Shithead Romney: 
Go choke on a donkey dick! You are both a couple of feltch monkeys! 

I am the Mindful Lunatic, and I approve this message!

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