Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Optics + Suggestion = Anything...

This Yahoo article is a funny one in my honest opinion! Here, you can read the article about how a couple saw a silhouette of Jesus Christ in the grime and soap scum in their shower... If anyone reading this has ever read anything I have posted regarding the followers of any faith, you know my deep contentment I hold for their blind beliefs... This, I just found too easy to laugh at, and far too difficult to pass up!

I just find this too funny! People see Jesus, and Elvis in anything imaginable! I remember some dry cleaner's worker saw an image of Elvis in a customer's armpit stain... Not joking! Another news story also many years ago, someone saw the likeness of Christ in the flavoring of a piece of breakfast cereal.

Recently, during all the madness and blatant stupidity in the media coverage of the royal wedding, someone say the likeness of Kate on the coating of a Jelly Belly candy... Those are so damn small, I do not care what they look like, I eat the damn things! That is what they are for!

If you look at something that has any form to it, and you tell someone: Hey, I saw this shape and it looks just like an angled penis! Guess what... That person now has an image of a penis in their head and they will look to see that image! Their mind is looking for and trying to match up that image. This is NOT any kind of voodoo magic! This is basic and I mean BASIC use of optics and the most raw form of tip toeing the line to dabble into the realm of suggestion and psychology.

The power of suggestion is only as strong as those involved! That goes with anything! The more persuasive the presenter is to the recipient, the easier it is to convince. Now, if the recipient is easily persuaded, that suggestion process is instilled with even less resistance.

The more people that believe this suggestion, the harder it is to dispute the idea that was presented... Funny to see how something like optics and suggestion can be related to many other and more delicate subjects... Huh?

Anyhow, the comments that I made are here. I am still laughing at them! I hope you find humor in them as I have!

Why is Jesus watching me wash my under carriage? Does he look away when it is time to give attention to my balloon knot?

Tammy C:
you are so well i don't want to call you names but don't you know that jesus see
s everything at all times his father the creater of this world and us gave you life don't you think that he knows everything about you gave you breathe i don't think that after creating you that he really cares if you are dressed or naked he see's all !!!

You can tie it into a knot?


Tammy then WHY do we have to wear clothes and cover it from each other?

Can you tie it in a bow?

Tammy...If Jesus is so all knowing, why didn't he give you the ability to write and convey ideas properly? You even used one sentence to say everything. It doesnt amaze me for you to have to believe that some all knowing God thinks you're so special. If we are made in God's image, then wouldn't it be an odd shape to use to create the stars in the universe? Is that why he needs thumbs, to better grip the hydrogen atoms and mold them into a sphere shape? Then poor God has to make other dimensions, black matter and black energy! Wow, and he (NOT she) does all this looking just like us!!! Does he have a wife? How did he make a son? Doesn't he get lonely, or does listening to everyone's prayers keep him busy? I haven't seen the answer in the bible, but still believe it's all true.

Folks... Balloon Knot or Brown Eye. That is a more funny name for my bung holio!

We know. Can you tie it into a knot?

Elliot I ask those types of questions all the time (I got a WHOLE bunch more of 'em too)

2nd Comment left:

Why does that mold make it look like Jesus has some hungry bedroom eyes, and eating popcorn!?

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