Saturday, April 19, 2014

Latvia? Who the hell is there?

I have publicly asked for feedback. I welcome it. 

One constant in my blogging has been a viewer in Latvia. I have no idea where that is, furthermore I never would have imagined that the person in Latvia would ever care about the insane amounts of nothingness I tend to bitch about. 

Due to the chaos that is my life, I have been overly busy in the bast several months. I am not dead yet, but I am sure that there is a drone with my coordinates being plugged into it. 

The point of this post is to again ask anyone who is reading, please reply to my posts. If you have something to say to me? Please, I do encourage you to do so. 

Latvia has been tracked viewing my blog since I started it. I am truly curious who is there, and why they care to see my rambles. 

Thank you! 


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