Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Muzheds Go Back to Your Caves and Camels!

I cannot stress this enough, and I am going to make this as clear as I can possibly can to any and ALL who care to read on...


I hate those cave dwelling, camel fucking, ass pounding, detonating mother fuckers!

Against my will, I agreed to go to the mall with my wife and kids today. It was going well. Then my son needed his diaper changed as most 1 year olds with severe disabilities tend to...

My wife took our daughter to the playground area, and I  took my son to the family restroom. I had changed his diaper and noticed that he was over due for a feed. I found a chair out fo the way, and set up shop to feed him. As we are sitting there, I was attempting to feed him through this G-Tube, then a Muzhed family walked in.

They were talking in their sandbag jibber, and I was minding my own business, making sure that I showed no concern for their presence. The mother took the little suicide bomber into the stall at the order of the guy. He sat there texting on his phone.

After the woman came out and the little Molotov Mezhed was bouncing around and saying whatever it was, the mother washed her hands. Then she used this new kind of air-blowing hand dryers that I have never seen.

The sound triggered my son, and he was screaming! I am not talking, as in distress, I am talking about absolute sheer pain, horror, and as if to say: OMFG! He went several intervals of not breathing, and turning colors due to this. They kept it running.

Then I looked over to the family of bombers and I saw that the guy was laughing while looking at me and my son!

I said: Hey, WTF!? You mind letting that turn off!? You see it is bothering him and you want to fucking laugh at me!? Knock it the fuck off!

He started spraying jibber at me.

I replied: Hey, you go right ahead and put a jihad on me. I give a fuck! You don't like us infidels, GET THE FUCK out of America! You're not wanted here!

He was saying some stupid shit as I walked away!

I FUCKING HATE muzlemz and reading their holy shit book of religious practices, they HATE us and they are instructed by their prophet who I may add is a warmongering, homo, pedophile!

I can back that up with facts! The fact that I say Mu (phlegm) Ha Mud was a warmonger, he tells his followers to murder without prejudice or mercy! He tells the muzheds to lie and manipulate to win over the enemy, this way when they decide to strike they are already in place and able to strike with strategic placement!

As far as the pedophile statement. It states in Muslim History that Mohammad took a bride when she was at the age of 6 years old and then consummated the marriage on her 9th birthday.

Everything I have against those cave dwelling mother fuckers are valid.

My wife tells me that I am to turn the other cheek and let them go on. I will not stand idly by and let some ass pirate, that has his brain so diluted by another Muzhead's sperm that his thoughts are completely skewed.

Oh, to back up the Gay comments... Muzlem men turn to other men for pleasure. Not kidding. They put their women into a position where they are NOTHING more than a vessel for reproduction and a servant.

So, at a very early age, the females undergo a gentile mutilation, where her clitoris is removed. They call it a Female Circumcision. Women are NOT allowed please during sex. They are to take a load and make more muzheds!

So, men turn to other men for pleasure and companionship...

I feel that the reason for this is simply due to their Prophet was turned down by EVERY Jewish Girl that he laid eyes on. So, he has his followers paying for his lack of a game and or primitive skill.

Again, I stress this point:


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