Friday, May 10, 2013

Rodman Rips Obama?

First of all, Rodman bitching about President Obama? Isn't that the Pot calling the Kettle Black!? Just saying...

Anyhow... here is the article in which I am about to open up on:

"Dennis Rodman tells TMZ ... he's going back to North Korea on August 1 to reopen the political dialogue with Kim Jong-un ... because Barack Obama "can't do shit."

Rodman was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked about his plan to head back to DPRK to visit his tiny, little, missile-obsessed "friend" with the weird haircut.


The Worm told us he'll do everything in his power to sway Jong-un into releasing American Kenneth Bae -- who was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government.

"I'm gonna try and get the guy out," Rodman said ... "It's gonna be difficult."

Then came the Obama attack -- "We got a black president [who] can't even go talk to [Jong-un] ... Obama can't do s**t, I don't know why he won't go talk to him."

A short time later, Rodman continued the anti-Obama talk -- saying, "Obama? F**k him!"

Despite all the political talk, Rodman insists, "I'm not a diplomat."
Sure pal ... just get the guy out and we'll talk."

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Let the Lunatic Speak:

I have many questions about this… First and foremost! WHO THE FUCK IN THEIR RIGHT MIND appointed that useless sack of shit any kind of diplomatic power or pull?!? Seriously!

If Rodman is getting into the political pool, I have a great fucking shot at getting to the ranks of some local office if not higher up! That guy is as useful as a burlap sack of dried up foreskins!

WHAT THE FUCK is happening to this country?!?

You know what… All the times I have posted about being PROUD to be American… I am tearing those posts down! Fuck this! My family and I, like most here in the Divided States get fucked in the ass as we are raked over the coals!

Then I see this fucking moron getting his happy ending from the Short Round stunt double from Indiana Jones!? I swear, that the little egg roll eating douche running the show in NK looks like a fucking Twinkie!

Rodman, yes! Please go back to NK! Please! While you are there, I hope the Divided States revokes your passport and then you can stay there and Short Round can resume his side kick role. Thank you! 

Second thoughts...

I have already posted this and reread it a couple times... I have a slight change of heart! Not kidding! 

I applaud Rodman for so brazenly speaking his mind and holding true to his conviction! I truly respect that! 

The other thing however is still standing firm... WHO THE FUCK thought that Rodman is any kind of representative this country? 

He is a dumb ass, tattooed, pierced, show boating ass clown that wants more than he is entitled to for doing a little as humanly possible! 


HOLY SHIT! He is a shining example of this country! OK, if voting were real and had any influence whatsoever... I would vote Rodman 2016!

2013 Tax Time...

Dear IRS:

I am a born and raised taxpaying American. I am the 14th generation of my family in this country. I have had blood relatives serve in every American conflict, some did not make it back to their homes after their services to this country’s leadership and their agendas.  

I am writing today to tell you that I will no longer be paying taxes to you and or your causes! Seeing how my taxes are raped from my paychecks every 2 weeks and I have NO say in where my taxes go or what they do, I find it to be illegal for you to take them from me.

Prior to the Revolutionary War the primary grievance of the Original Colonists was the fact that they were subjected to Taxation without Representation! That is still alive and well today in these Divided States of Amerikan't! 

I understand that every state has congress and senators, I get that. From all the statistics, all the number crunching, and the outright mathematical impossibilities that these men and women are appointed to a public seat… There is no way that 80% or more were voted in. Not even remotely possible! Those ini the public office and seats are not able or willing to represent me.

I am part of the 99%. Therefore, I am worthless to you people. I have no money to buy your political office or title. I have no legal pull or persuasion that helps you further your quest to office while slitting the very throats of those your officials are swearing to protect.

If I have no say in who gets in where, I have no say in where my taxes go to benefit, then YOU have NO SAY in what gets taken from my paychecks! You have no right to take money that I work for and is intended to feed, clothe, and house MY FAMILY that you public meat puppets have no intention of representing.

We have homeless and disabled veterans who have offered their lives to this country. What are they given in return for their services? Less than nothing. At this very moment as I rant I am looking at the national debt clock and it shows that we are over $16trillion in debt. How is that?

I have a $300 overdraft on my bank account, and if I go over that $300 by a single cent, I got people calling me and beating on my door. Please explain to me by what measures does a government allow an entire country to go almost $20trillion in debt? I cannot understand that math!

Again looking at my taxes… what they are allegedly paying for. Public roadways and highways… Those are maintained by my local municipalities. The states take care of the interstates, and I understand that they get grants for the interstates from the federal government but still the amount from the federal still pales in comparison to that of the state and local taxes.

Looking at my taxes as paying for a service… If I am not getting my services that I pay for, or those who I am paying to do a service, I discontinue that service and lodge a complaint against them. Funny how the government that is allegedly a democracy still holds on to the monarchy way of thinking when applicable: The King Does No Wrong…


I find it so funny how every year you ass clowned fucktards will strike the fear of god in to those who truly are law abiding citizens. I just talked to a foreigner working at the IRS… Not kidding, I could barely understand that cave dweller and his extremely broken English.

I told him that I did as instructed, I filed all the necessary paperwork to get my taxes back in a timely fashion! Then they said that the original 21 days was not the case due to the form I had to file. I filed the innocent spouse form since my wife has not been able to work for a little over 3 years now due to our 2 children having very demanding requirements with their special needs…

The submission was accepted in a couple of hours. The 21 days came and went, we were told to calm down that the review of our form would not exceed 11 weeks. Now we are without our tax return for OVER 14 weeks… Why? Because we did as told! The dumb camel fucker from the IRS I spoke with today told me that since my wife has not had gainful employment in a time frame exceeding 3 years that she did not need to file, and that I should have filed head of house hold.

I replied to the Slurpee King saying that we were instructed by the IRS that she had to regardless of her income situation. I continued with the irritating fact and humorous thought that even the IRS has no fucking clue what their own stipulations are! That is pretty damn funny!

Continuing on… I would LOVE to leave this sinking ship that was once a great Nation… I cannot! Why? Due to the simple fact that your bought and paid for politicians trying to fuck every other nation in the ass has left a salty and bitter taste in the mouths of ALL OTHER countries… I cannot go ANYWHERE!

Which brings me back to square one… You meat puppet assholes in the capitals that are forcing your bullshit oppressionistic standards on ALL those who you swear to represent get nothing of your title… These people contribute to your cause in hopes of a brighter future… what are they getting? Nothing shy of an even more so bleak horizon. That is not false advertising, that is not even a broken promise! That is simple conditioning by those in power forcing their continued indoctrination of the systematic conditioning of the sheeple.

I HATE this fucking country and all the fuck-heads running it! You ass holes sit there and swear how you are upholding the American Way! HOW?!? You crusty fuckers sit there and require us to be your bottomless bank account! You sit there and break every single rule that you enforce us to live by! You tighten the bolts to hold us down while you so happily dance on our bruised and broken backs! 

This country as I said previously was once great… allegedly. I see now that it was not great! It was believed to be great due to the fact that free thought was so taboo and forbidden that the mere mention got you labeled as a communistic heretic! This country is not now nor ever was great! This country is just losing its death grip of the masses and the sheeple are starting to lift the wool that has been stapled over their eyes for far too long. 

This country is heading towards an oblivion, there was once a revolution and I fear yet remain hopeful for another to come soon. We the People outnumber the authorities of all ranks by 382.6 to 1. You may have ammunition, may have the weaponry… You do not possess the numbers. The days of those in office sitting so high and mighty is coming to an end… I will revel in the delightful sight of seeing your system crumble upon your privileged heads.

Soon enough those in power will be forced to live as we do. They will see the conditions that they have made and forced us to be happy with are not that of happiness or contentment but of survival, nothing more