Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have posted hundred of comments on Yahoo! news... Hundreds... In all of them I feel now that I had valid points and to this day looking back I still harbor the feeling that I was rather tame on a lot of my points! 

Today I saw an article about how 2 AMERICAN dating sites used a photo of a fallen soldier who fell in the line of duty serving our country... They were using his photo with captions of a young and single veteran looking for a special someone... 

Sorry, but that is beyond fucking sick! I replied tot he article 22 times... 5 of the 22 attempts were just to prove a point... However, if you want to read the article, I will link it below. My original comment read:

"This country is done... This man is gone, his family will never fill that void. This man gave his life in the name of defending the very freedoms these snakes are manipulating! I hope that his parents win enough to bankrupt those sites! This is disgusting! I cannot thank Lt. Burks enough for his sacrifice! I am truly grateful to and yet sorry to his parents for their loss. Leave it to Americans to capitalize on the death of our own. Leave it to corporate greed of those who he died serving to make a quick buck... Whatever sick and twisted bastard thought of this ad, should be shipped to where this young man was stationed. Maybe then they will appreciate his service and memory a little more!"

17 attempts and NOT ONE stayed up! Then out of sheer spite and anger I posted this:









That stuck... That one stayed visible to the public and the world for 4 times... Then I did add some more details and that again was posted, but immediately removed by the brain dead, social propaganda Nazis!

Freedom of speech! It is protected for myself and other Americans by the first amendment of the constitution. Today, in this country and world wide, that infamous document is as useful as toilet paper... No one gives a damn what it says! NO ONE CARES! This country, along with the rest of the world is going to shit. When the G-Men come knocking, and my writes are not only ignored but stripped from me... I hope that people see what this country is doing. The ignorant tyrants that We the People put in the seats of power, are no better than the governments our men and women are dying to topple... 

Please, tell me again how great the land of the once were free is...  


Just for shits and giggles... I wrote this blog entry and I thought I would be funny and post just a link and that did not work either. Funny how the propaganda pushers are allergic to the truth! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Hatred Grows...

I live day to day and every day I grow more hateful for MUZLEMZ! I cannot believe that people CHOOSE to live like that! I am too pissed off right now to process an ACTUAL and intellectual entry... Keep watching, I will add to this one over time! 

I gotta take a leak! I need to bust ass to the book store and see if they have any QOORANZ left! I have matches, I have lighter fluid, and a full bladder! Only thing missing is their crappy book! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

War = Money + Whining Sympathetics

I was struck at how there is a full on investigation on these young men that were already dealt with. These young men were at the time active Marines stationed in Afghanistan and were posing for a picture by a flag that "RESEMBLED" the markings of the Nazi SS symbols... Yes, I said resembles. The picture popped up shortly after taken, and that was back in September of 2010. These men have been reported and investigated and yet, this is news today...

OK fine. I get it... The pot stirring and propaganda pushers have to keep their jobs! Good to see some Americans with job security! However, I read some of the comments and I had this to say in reply...

Children of America!

We the People need you to spill the blood of our enemy! 

We the People are asking you to risk your very lives! 

We need you to kill fast, kill hard, and kill as many as you can! While you are out there doing the deeds of those who care not, make no jokes, crack not one smile! You are taking enemy lives and risking your own for the defense of our very own people to stand idly by waiting with baited breath to turn on any and every action that may offend! When you do slip, they will see it. When they find any prints you left behind, you will feel their wrath, you will lose all due to the fact you defended their rights to complain about their own freedoms. You are watching your brothers at arms die for them to get their names in that shining light for nothing more than that inevitable few moments of mention.

Children of America, go now… Die for those who refuse to offer that very same sacrifice. Go and kill the enemy before they can do any harm to us. Someday near or far into the future and that very same enemy comes here to distribute their own justices… These people will weep and wished that they had cried out for the other side…

Too little, too late…