Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Illegal Kindergarten Show and Tell...

This rant comes to you with a couple of feeds and a lot of comments!

There was an article on Yahoo how a Kindergarten student brought a crack pipe, and a bag of meth to school for the show and tell... It is in a white and rural town in Missouri. The comments get out of control, and quick!

However, I will start off saying: I may be insane, but I am far from stupid! I was not committed for being stupid! I cannot see how the general public CHOOSES to be so blatantly ignorant! I understand the phrase: Ignorance is Bliss...

I get that, I really do! However, when you compare the amount of people on medication that are out in the real world and living "normal" lives... Then you look at how many people out there in society are so damn stupid, it begs the question WHY are drug companies making so much money!

I say this because the way I see things... There is a solid 75% - 80% of the general population is blatantly ignorant that medication should be considered OVER KILL!

The sate of ignorance today is so overwhelming that I am seriously scared for the future of my children and those after them. It would seem that the hopes for anything but a dim and dreary is so far beyond any hopes of obtaining.

I sit here and hope that one day my medication will wear off, they loosen the straps that bind me, I will wake from this nightmare, and only to see that what I have come to accept as reality was nothing but the side effects of a drug induced coma... Hope's spring is eternal...

** Houston, this is Lunatic... We have a problem! **

My first comment on this article: Currently, my rating is 5+ and 10-

Mindful Lunatic:
I know that Police, and many other people in authority positions need to go through extensive training in what these things are, look like and consistency. My question is: How does a Kindergarten Teacher know these things? How would a teacher in the back woods po-dunk towns know what that stuff was unless, they were users as well?

Really dumb comment..................and really unfair...............

Ever hear of the show "Breaking Bad"? Don't impugn the teacher - typical liberal reaction, don't blame the mother, or the kid's behavior, blame the alert teacher who acted to uphold the law and protect the student body! This is why black communities will NEVER GET BETTER.

UMMM Alec, sorry to inform you this was a white mother!

Mindful Lunatic:
I find my rating on this comment rather funny! Seriously! I grew up in a town that had more cows than people at any given time! I like the small towns! I do! Then I moved to the city and I found that no one knows me, no one recognizes me every time I go somewhere! I like that about the city! However, when I make an obvious statement that is in my opinion VERY true, I get slammed? How? Why?

Like that one user: Stephen... How is my comment dumb? Please enlighten me! If you disagree with me? I am happy to hear your argument! However TOO MANY people today are too damned ignorant to support a logical thought, too many people take the easy route and rather slam something that is either true, or they just don't grasp!

I give thumbs down all the time to people, I am entitled to my opinion! However, when I do, I am happy to tell them WHY I think differently or I simply explain how they make no valid points, or they are just downright stupid... Too many people today are in serious need of an education and even more so in need of a reality check!

First off, you don't need that much training to recognize a crack pipe. You know those "cool" glass pipes they sell at some shady booths at the county fair? That's a crack pipe. If a kid brings a crack pipe, and a small bag of some white substance to school, then I'd hope the teacher had enough common sense to put two and two together. The teacher probably didn't ID the drug as crystal meth, even though the poorly written article makes it look like they did.

But, perhaps, the teacher took a class in college that dealt with drug abuse. You know, to make them more educated on an issue that has been running rampant in classrooms for decades (the issue is drugs; you know, since you don't know what a crack pipe looks like, I figured I'd spell it out for you). I'd have to dig through my old textbook, but I'm pretty sure it dealt with identifying common drugs.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ PSUSteeler:

Thank you for your abrupt and condescending rant! I lived in a few very nasty areas in my life! I lived on a street in one city that had several crack houses, and a couple "Cat Houses" as well. I never visited either of those types of places.

I have seen a lot of things in my life, but seeing how drugs were never something that I wanted to do or learn about, I never took the time or effort to learn what things looked like nor did I ever learn that in school! I am 35 years old, OK! Things may have been different in your schools where they are teaching you these things, my schools never did!

I have to say that your comment about the glass pipes being sold at county fairs... That is interesting, while I have not been to a county or state fir in almost 20 years, this does nothing but confirm the fact that I am NOT missing anything!

Now, in closing in my reply to you... Keep swinging at me verbally! I will not argue with an idiot! I refuse to be brought to your level where you will beat the hell out of me with experience!

Have a wonderful day!

Mindful Lunatic:
I have to admit that I keep checking back out of sheer morbid curiosity! The ratings I am getting are nothing shy of hilarious to me! The abundance of ignorance you you morons are showing is absolutely absurd! LOL!

** Same Article Different Catalyst **

This is a comment from another user, for the record, I did NOT change ANY of the spellings, I did nothing to help these morons look any more ignorant than they are. I really don't think that they need help looking stupid! 

I replied below! 

hillbillies use meth, hillbillies are racsist, hillbillies vote republican,so quit saying the mom votes obama, if she did it would have been pot, or cocaine.

Mindful Lunatic:
Not really sure where to begin to reply to your comment! You are QUITE judgmental and seems to be overly opinionated on "Hillbillies". Which makes me wonder if you are one or escaped a life as one and was able to find a fresh start!?

Not all people that you would classify as a hillbilly are stupid, ignorant, racist, backwoods, in-breeders...

Your rant lacks in just about every way shape and form! You are nothing more than a shining example of how the ignorance factor is growing among the American public and at an alarming rate!

Please, unplug your computer from the internet so you can help stop the spread of your ignorance! Thank you!

Have a great day!  =D

I am a hillbilly. I don't do meth or coke. Moved to the hills to get away from prejudiced, ignorant, #$%$ like you; city slickers who approve of gang banging and dis respecting their elders.

And this has what to do with politics?

You're an idiot that obviously doesn't have a clue about how meth crosses all demographics. For you to make one blanket accusation about one segment of our population to defend another one about your own only goes to show your ignorance.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black Crimes Taught in Public School!

 Funny how when you look at statistic of criminals, they are from all walks of life, nationality and gender... However, more and more minorities seem to fulfill the quota much quicker and with much more ease!

I am sick and tired of seeing how these people are taught from a young age that violence and hate are GOOD! Not only GOOD, but in this case, rewarded! Funny how kids look to adults for instruction. Then the kids do as they are taught, only to find out that what they were taught is wrong, illegal, and totally unethical...

I played football for almost 9 years. In that time, we were taught to seek and destroy! However, above ALL things we were taught respect! Yes, we wanted to beat the other teams! We wanted to demolish them! We would strive to be better! We did NOT EVER intentionally hurt another player for any reason! Anyone that is up here saying that this guy is awesome, that is their kind of coach...

WHAT IF... What if your kid was the star player going against that coach? Would you still be singing his praises?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Job Proposal Plan...

Nobama  has proposed a $450 Billion Economic Jump Start…

Wow, where do I even begin on this one!? Personally I think that this is all the proof that we need to "Randomly" select a Government Employee to a drug test! I am now, more than ever convinced that this man is on crack!

Let us take a stroll around the geography and look at other Countries that STAND ALONE! Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. Just to name a few that are doing just fine. Wonder why that is?

This Lunatic has some thoughts… I believe that if you watch the evening news and you see the people rising up against their regime and or dictator, you will NEVER SEE any of the named countries above standing up and shoving their fingers in to the mess like a deranged sex addict hopped up meth!

EVERY SINGLE time I see a skirmish break out, I look around and am asking: How long till we are sending people… It is usually a matter of days before there is a “Presidential Announcement” that America MUST step in, Must get involve, Must lay down the law!


We had a Civil War here, who got involved? We are NOT the World Police! We the People here in the United States are Sick, Tired, and Hungry! Yet, the idiots and crusty old farts up on Capitol Hill find it totally fine to send OUR tax money that we are gouged for to fund OTHER people’s wars. Then when the people cannot fight for themselves, they turn to OUR sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, Mothers and Fathers and send them to god awful conditions in countries across the world to die.


These people in Washington NEED a severe wakeup call! I do not understand WHY they can see what they are doing is kosher! Not in any realm is this acceptable! The people of the United States work, well, most of us anyhow. We have Local, State, and Federal Taxes raped out of our checks EVERY payday! Now, the taxes we pay are meant to fund the better of OUR lives! NOT THE WORLD!

What do I care about some cave dwelling soon to be car bomber? NOTHING! What makes these morons think it is OK to send my fellow countrymen and women that swore to defend OUR County overseas to die for someone else?

I do not see ANY Libyan Rebels coming to America to fight and die in efforts to clean up the streets in very rough urban areas! I do not see any Afghani’s coming here to the States in hopes of ending OUR Border issues! Why? THEY DON’T CARE!

Why is it that American Politicians find that we should govern the world? What in their DNA is there that mandates US paying and dying for their causes? Here is as thought! I would love to see our troops ripped out of these god forsaken shitholes and at break neck speeds! I want to see OUR tax money stop being wasted on third world countries that will NEVER be able to do anything in return to cover or equal the costs that WE endure!

I am sick and tired of the REGIME that has set up roost on OUR Capitol Hill. Who can I call to come here and intervene? NO ONE! NO ONE CARES! NOT ONE Person cares about We the People! Not even those who WE PUT into Power!

$ God Bless the Almighty Dollar $

The NFL needs an Elepahnt Sized ENEMA!

There are some players in the NFL that will be playing this weekend and this upcoming weekend is the 10th anniversary of "The Day the World Stood Still!"

Roger Goodell the NFL Commissioner has said that the fines for wearing the 9-11 apparel will be:

$5K per player for Gloves 
$8 - $10K per player for Shoes

The pictures that you have seen are the pictures that Players have taken of the gear that they fully intend on wearing this coming Sunday's Game Day! I saw this and was utterly disgusted and I felt compelled to comment! 

I have a lot more to say on this, but I do not have several hours to rip Goodell and the NFL any new ones! Not that they would ever care, but still! Keep reading if you want to see what i posted on Yahoo News:

The Actual Article is here: Players to Be FINED for 9-11 Tribute Gear

**Now the Current Lunatic and Former Fan Speaks Up ** 

Here is just a thought form someone who USED to watch the NFL!

To my understanding the NFL stood for: National Football League. Am I wrong? I I don’t think that I am… Now, to my knowledge, the NFL is based in, functions IN, and exists ONLY IN AMERICA! I know that they have affiliates and other ownerships in other places and what not but the NFL is HERE, in America!

September 9, 2001, A.K.A. “The Day the World Stood Still”, that happened HERE, In America where the NFL is running. The people in America whether they lost someone personally or not, they see this as a tragic day and memorable at that! These men that want to SUPPORT the troops, and give others that DID lose someone that day a “Thank You” kind of message and letting these people know that they and their sacrifice is NOT a total loss. THEY should be allowed!

These men are NOT wearing a anything OUT of uniform! They are wearing gear and apparel that is colored differently! It is a message, a symbolism, it is an expression! Last time I looked I thought that Americans has the freedoms to express themselves! I thought that we were allowed to tell someone else that we care about them! We were allowed to show others that they are not suffering alone!

However I do understand that they NFL has a dress code! Most employers do! That being said, how are these men deviating? They are wearing gloves that have a logo on them… They are wearing shoes that have logos on them… Show me 2 items for sportswear that are not smeared with logos and endorsements! YOU CAN’T! These men are not running out there in sandals and Speedos! They are in full dress, gloves and cleats! DEAL WITH IT!

These men want to send a message! They are saying that they are proud Americans ad that they are also showing their support!

One thing that I will be showing the NFL, and I know for a fact that they will not care but I will never show them support, not ever again! I will never attend another football game, I will never watch another football game, and I refuse to purchase ANY apparel ever again! I am only 1 person! I understand that they will never see the reflection of my personal boycotting! However, I am one person! These men are one person! Look at the attention one person can cause!

I applaud the players that will spit in the faces of the NFL! I applaud them! I graciously applaud the men and women fighting and defending my rights and freedoms as well as their dedication to allow the NFL to pay players. Not too sure why or how the NFL can actually stand against people saying thank you!

Money is all they care about! The NFL can choke, I personally hope they do! I cannot stand to see how greedy these people are! They are doing nothing but stealing from those in their organization to generate a bigger bottom line! Another reason, I will no longer support the NFL and or those against Americans showing thanks to one another!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Comfort + Bliss = Oblivious Ignorance

I find that comfort in one’s ways to be arrogant to an extent! We are all comfortable with what we are taught as children and not too often do we venture off that path. Far too many will often continue on that path.

Talk to a randomly selected Catholic… Ask them how often they attend church, then ask them if they enjoy or get anything out of their times at mass… Most will say that they do not get anything out of it. A lot of them will tell you that they get time for a weekly nap. Then after those are answered you have a foundation to ask the most important question that holds the funniest yet surprising answers:

Q: If you get nothing of a spiritual feeling or contentment from attending, why do you continue?
A: I just always have, kind of like tradition, started when I was a kid and kept going.

These are things I have asked everyday real people and the above is true! I am using this as a building block for what I am to discuss in this entry.

What is harder to change, a belief or an idea? Think about that for a second. Beliefs are ideas at one time. Then as time passes and others buy in to this idea more do not see this idea as such, they take it for belief. We have thousands of years of examples. I will not bore you with all of them of course! I just find how ignorance being so blissful and also accepting that is why people find it so easy to believe!

I have a grandmother as most do or did in their lives. My Grandmother up until the last number of years I saw her to be a beacon of knowledge, I saw her to be a walking, breathing, old set of encyclopedias… If I had a question I could ask her. With the time she has lived and the things she has seen over the years, I felt confident in her ability to know volumes more than I could. As time has passed and the things she holds true are being proven wrong, yet she stands firm in her position and refuses to reconsider and or accept any other facts that show her that there is more to the picture and or grand architecture than she ever knew! Still, she stands firmly secure cemented in her “beliefs”…

I then opened up a conversation with her one day and I told her that it is easier to change an idea due to that idea having not become a belief. She told me that I was wrong. I asked her how so? I told her that religion is a belief. It is believed to be true by millions and millions of people worldwide. I then told her that I know her habits that she and my Grandfather go to Sunday services every week. This is how it has been for many years. I told her that in services they refer to the bible, in the bible and the news we see every day there are people all over killing one another over a BELIEF! Not an idea, an idea can be altered, changed, disproven, and just left to the wayside.

However, a belief on the other hand is so difficult to change, alter or otherwise… People have and will die for a belief! People the world over have killed for a belief! Then the even more frightening thing is that these people that come up with the ideas that then fester into a belief gather people in masses and then they accept an idea as much, much more! To the followers of the idea, the idea is not to be questioned, bent, or manipulated. This is not an idea, this is now a belief.

All through history, every single thing we know was at one time an idea. Everything we know fundamentally was an idea. Then as time went on and ideas were researched, turned to belief. Ideas created science, we are now able to test an idea, or theory and say Yes or No! Example: I believe I can jump off the roof of a high rise, and walk away unscathed. Oh wait, NO I cannot! We have proven with science and many suicides and murders that you take a live being, human or other and you toss them to the ground from any significant height they will not be too happy with the results! This is now not an idea, this is fact.

If you told someone in early 1800’s that someday we will fly higher than the birds, and further than any ship could sail, good luck at not being locked up! You would have been committed! If you would have told that same IDEA to someone say in the 1600’s, you would not be committed, you would be beaten, tried, beaten, and then tortured beyond any measurable amount of pain. All over an idea that went against others beliefs… That same statement made in the early 1400’s before Columbus set sail, people did not question that the Earth was flat! He did! He had an idea and he revolutionized what was not only thought but their reality! Astronomers in history had ideas that the Earth was NOT the center of the Universe. To them, it was! In man’s arrogance and self-serving nature, we are the top of the food chain! Nothing is more superior to US! I do believe that! With a side note, there is nothing on Earth that is more sophisticated then the creations of man. Again, I repeat on Earth!

Now, continuing on with the example of flight… The Wright Brothers were the first men to have flown a manned machine. Leonardo Da Vinci, a man who lived hundreds of years prior designed a helicopter. He designed an idea. Then others saw his idea and then ran with it! Then as their additions to his idea were put to the test, an idea became a belief that you and I today accept without question. Can we fly? Yes, there is not one person alive today that does not accept the fact that flight is possible.

I just find it so funny how people will get angry, frustrated, and even turn violent against another person all in the efforts to defend something that they hold true as a belief. The human mind is a remarkable and to every extent capable of unimaginable feats. However before you can do anything, you must first have the idea that it is possible! Then when YOU believe, if you truly believe it is possible no one on Earth can prevent you from achieving this idea and making it a belief that is someday to be accepted as a reality! 

So, like the title says: Comfort + Bliss = Oblivious Ignorance

Am I wrong? 

If so, tell me how you believe differently and I will continue to hear you out, and then we can discuss ideas versus beliefs...

To Those Viewing...

I would again like to thank all that are looking in on my words and thoughts! I find the growing numbers to be rather intriguing and very encouraging to say the least!

While I am not trying to send up any red flags or spike paranoia! I do have the ability to see what countries are viewing my blog, as well as other trivial statistics. I find it absolutely fascinating to see what countries are popping up! I did not think when I started this that it would be beneficial to any extent!

This blog serves as a medium to me that lets me stand in the middle of a filled room and scream as loud as I want and no one is forced to react. Not one person reading my "endless rants" is being held there at the PC at gunpoint! At least, I hope not!

I find the growing numbers of views therapeutic! I hope that if there are others out there like me, that they too see that they are NOT alone on this miserable mud ball!

I am far from alone! I have a very patient, enduring, and loving wife, and I am also the very proud father of a decent number of children. (I am not too much for sharing actual details!) Regardless of how much I ramble on, I am actually a very private person. I know, irony at it's best!

However, back to the "Being Alone" idea... There are a lot of people out there searching for others who do not buy into the political and or religious propaganda that is force fed, and injected from the point of birth! I question EVERYTHING! I have lost a lot of people who would have been or could have been a great ally in my life. However, my inability to accept drove them away! All due to my unwillingness to just fall in line.

To all those out there, if you do not understand something? For the love of anything or one you hold near and dear! QUESTION IT!

That said. If anyone is at all willing to share some feed back, I would graciously appreciate it! I want to know HOW you are finding me? Why you come back? I am very curious to know this!

I have seen over 15 different counties look at MY blog... WHY!? I don't get it! I talk about things here that I do not want to trouble others with! I find it easier to communicate here, rather than bore someone to death with my views and what 80% of the population is convinced to be madness... Funny how when I make a prediction on things, maybe a month, or a year later things start heading the way I saw... Then I am not the crazy one.

I am happy to admit that I find it comforting to know that I am labeled to be clinically insane! By all medical reasoning and psychiatric measures, I am mentally ill. However, it is even more mind blowing that more and more people see that my point of view is not only profound but on occasion dead on!

It has been said many times over the past 12 - 15 years that I have the guts to say what most want to but are too scared! I don't want to say I have nerves of steel and ice! I have the lack of fear for repercussion! I am very happy and privileged to live in a country where I am allowed to say what ever is going through the jello mold in my head.

I LIKE IT! I will continue to do so! With out thought we are nothing! With out expression, we have no point! With out a purpose, what is there to be? Nothing...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Punishment vs. Abuse

I was raised in a time not too far off… I am in my mid 30’s and it is rather sad how things have become even in my lifetime. Sadly the digression in society is in the name of “Progress”… Yeah, right!

When I was growing up, I got in trouble in school I remember that the punishments were in line with the offense. I remember the teacher drawing a circle on the chalk board and I was to stand with my nose in the dead center of the circle. If I moved out of the circle, I was awarded an additional 10 minutes of standing. Yay me!

I remember another time I got 5 day in-school suspension only after getting 3 swats with a wooden paddle that I had to choose from. There was a small collection hanging on the wall in the principal’s office. Then the fun part was yet to come… I had to sit there while the Principal called my parents and told them of the issue I had been involved. Then he told them the punishment that I had endured. When I got home, I was then treated to more swats and loss of luxuries. Not like the kids today, when I was restricted to my room, I did not have an Xbox, Wii, and a DVD player in there.

I was not paid to do yard work, I was not monetarily compensated for the manual labor bestowed upon me. I was given enough paper over the course of my punishments over the years that could only be measured in reams, and I was required to write hundreds upon hundreds of sentences that was in relation to the trespass I committed.

Back in my days while living at home, I was not a “guest” I was a family member and to that end I had to live up to the things that were provided. Today’s parents spoil their kids with whatever they ask for in hopes of keeping them out of their hair. As children do, these kids get older and grow further out of control they are lavished with space, more money, and absolutely no rules or fear of consequence.

People never question these actions. Not at all… Not until it is TOO LATE! Kids today have NO IDEA what things are in real life… Not a clue!

With the way things are heading today, thanks to our law making monkeys being hell bent and leaving the hope for a stable future spiraling out of control as we crash into the bedrock of hell.

We the people have elected these liberal ass clowns to sit high and mighty in control of guess who… WE THE PEOPLE! We no longer have control on how we raise our own children, A.K.A.: OUR FUTURE… There is literally no hope is there!?

The law says that I am in charge of how my children act in public and interact with other kids and society in general. When a child acts out and is still a minor, we the parents are held responsible. So, why the hell is this acceptable!? We are required to teach them right from wrong. We are supposed to make sure that they are ready to merge into the mainstream that is REALITY…

Today people do not have the authority to correct their kids, and then the kids grow up, without rules, without laws, without fear of consequence.  

I understand that there is a difference between abuse and correction. I get that, I am in no way promoting the abuse of any child! I have extensive knowledge on the subject and I can talk quite well and verse on the subject.

I have to say that with the way things are and how they are looking… My hopes for the future are getting more and more dim by the minute… Thanks to all the abused and overly sensitive old crusty farts sitting on the elected seats that they warm with their calloused backsides.

I will be raising my children in the ways I see fit. They will know what respect and rules are. They will be corrected, and if need be I will use force when needed. My children will NEVER under any circumstance be abused! They have the rest of their lives to be beaten into a submission by the over bearing and hypocritical law makers in Washington and various other municipalities…

Friday, September 2, 2011

Monkey Pile! KILL WHITEY!

View the video here, then read the comment I left:

Whitey is DOWN! Jump on HIM like he gots a RIB!

Pathetic, no other words can come close to describing this… These people were upset with a call… WOW! A white man makes a judgment call on a football game! That is what he is paid to do! Then these Mob Mentality, low-life sacs of monkey dung do what they do best! Resort to nothing but primitive behavior! You saw how they all piled on AFTER the white guy was down and totally defenseless! Did you see how he kept walking away to AVOID the issue!?

THIS IS OK!? He was walking away, trying to be the bigger person! He got taken down like he was carrying off their ribs and welfare checks! This is totally stupid!

I admit that I am white! I shave my head! WOW! Automatically I am a skinhead? NO! I am going bald, but I refuse to sport that comb-over or rock the Cul-de-sac. Taking that in to count, IF I look at a black person weird, I am racist! I am beaten, I am probably getting shot! These ignorant self serving, jungle drum beating, nincompoops think that this behavior is OK and acceptable!

The WHITE REF was TACKLED! Then MORE of them surrounded him and jumped on board and started kicking and beating him! This is NOT a racial debate, this is ACTUAL FOOTAGE! You want to see racist? I suggest WATCHING the tape again! Just like cockroaches! They will NEVER do anything on their own! They need to outnumber their victims at least 5 to 1!

I see stuff like this and I just cringe at how a dumb, chest beating ape can take a group and beat a WHITE MAN in to a pulp, but OMG if a white guy does ANYTHING that someone deems unnecessary or excessive to ANY BLACK, there is a parade, followed by all the annoying self centered and self promoting idiots screaming how they deserve to be monetarily compensated! Rev. Al Sharpton can sit this one out! What I mean is simple! These people are spending MORE time TRYING to find racial issues, they waste time looking for reasons and causes to BLAME ALL the other people in society for their discontentment for their own lives!

These people really need to look at how ignorant they are! However that will not happen! Due to the white man holding them back and keeping the down from what I hear them screaming all too often! The sad part of that is, NO ONE is holding black people ANYWHERE! No one… Yes, I am serious that Old Honkey McGee is not keeping the black man out of anything! The BLACKS have more advantages and more helping programs available to them then I will ever see as a White man, regardless of how many people are in my family!

If you cannot BE civilized in society, GO BACK to Africa and there you can chuck spears at monkeys and each other ALL DAY! I would not miss too many of you!