Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm like FEMA, Slow Results are Disappointing!

There is an article out right now on how the help that FEMA pledged to rebuild has been put on hold due to lack of funds!

I am sorry but a Government that is so spend happy as ours and they are running out of funding!? REALLY! Wow, I never thought that OUR government would ever go broke! Please excuse me while I stand here and gasp in surprise and sheer amazement...

** I may be mental, but I can still see through the wiring of the electric fence! **

You mean to tell me that the Government is running out of Funds? WHAT!? Oh wait, this is not a surprise!

Almost $400billion for defense but God forbid we save a little bit back to take care of our own people! Too busy waging war on other people's account and OUR money... This country is in a serious need of a political enema!

Not trying to be graphic, just saying that things are beyond the point of repair and hope! As much as I hate Nobama... He is not the only one to blame! He took bad to totally F*'d up, yes... But he had a good running start to work with!

I have had that comment up for about 2 hours. I have gotten 6+ and 1-
Now, the replies are starting... Are you ready to NERD RAGE!?

The Republicans keep cutting and cutting funding, holding the country hostage with the debt limit, but you want to blame Obama when the money runs out. Talk about a total lack of critical thinking.

You people are right about one thing, this country is doomed.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ MiguelM... Dude, I do not think you read or took in all that I said... OK? I said that he took bad to worse! He forced that health care bill thru congress with the speed of a raped date! It was not even remotely cool, understood anything!

Nobama is a tool! he is worried about his OWN agenda! I did NOT vote for him! I do NOT like him or his policies!

I simply said that this country is and has been going downhill for a long time! Now, we are so far passed broke and or repair that there is nothing left to do! He will be the fall guy for the state of this country!

Rightfully so, but at the same time, he had a LOT of help prior to his painting the White house another shade...

More Findings, Decades too Late...

Yet another panel for the purpose of disclosure. This panel was formed to find the inhumane treatment on inmates, mental patients, and other people such as prostitutes. 
While the study shows little to no benefit and that the treatments were just as I said inhumane, I do not disagree with the practices of using the people who are not helping our society. 

I do not think that people understand this! There are a lot of things that were horrific in history that got us the advancements we have today! Some of our most helpful and greatest achievements were discovered by accident and even in some cases in the fog of tragedy! 
Now, these days people are far too worried about the treatment of animals, other people regardless of their convictions and or status. I am NOT trying to be a socialite, or snob in any fashion! I am merely saying that if you hurt society, and you rape, kill, and or do other horrific tings to other human beings? Well, you owe a debt to society! 

I cannot see how locking someone up, and making them an even worse hardened criminal, wasting my tax dollars and resources actually rehabilitates someone! Not one bit! However, if they are in jail for life? I want to know that MY fellow man who choose to follow the straight and narrow path, that does work and to what they can to provide for themselves and their family... I want to KNOW that we are taken care of! I want to know that these people who commit heinous crimes not only are taken out of society, but again I scream this: I want to know that they are actually HELPING the human race! 

** The Lunatic is Back at it... Again **
I think it is absurd at best that theses so called Findings and Disclosures happen several decades after the fact! When the statutes of limitations have long been expired. Now, looking back at this type of thing that happened... Yes even by todays overbearing standards these things are inhumane.

Personally, I could not care less about testing drugs and medical procedures on inmates! They would not be inmates if they did not deserve it! I know, I know that there are some wrongfully imprisoned. I am talking about the crap sacks that are chewing through my tax dollar sitting on death row using appeal, after appeal. Those people that DID do it, why should they be given room and board, health care, all on my dime? If they are able and willing to take my tax money? Then I feel that we should be able to benefit from them!

If performing medical experimentation or even hooking inmates up to a car battery is going to better the livelihood of my family or fellow man? I will say that Black is Negative and Red is Positive!

Look up the innocence project. Lots of dath row inmates have been proven innocent and set free.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Zippo, you are picking and choosing or just missing my point! I am not talking about ALL! OK!? I am talking about these people that are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt! I am referring to people that are there and have confessed to their crime and still think that they should not be contained!

For instance... I was watching 20/20 a long time ago. There is a Prison in the South, I want to say Alabama? The Warden instituted the use of the chain gangs again. The prisoners were all screaming how it was inhumane... OK? The reporter that was doing that story asked one of the inmates that they were following why he felt that the treatment that he was being subjected to was so unfair. This inmate gave reasons and they were not even valid, point blank! Then the reporter asked him: "What did you do to be convicted?"

Sadly, I do not think that he was kidding! The inmate told him on camera that he was convicted of 6 counts of murder: 1... Now, my point is that there is NO REASON that the inmate I am discussing should live! He took it upon himself to murder at least 6 people! WHY, please tell me why he should live foot loose and fancy free on my tax dollars eating up appeals and resources?

If he is going to live on the state and federal money? He should do something to benefit others with a positive outcome!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bachmann: Idiot for Hire...

The actual Yahoo Article that caused this rant can be read here: Bachmann hasn't a CLUE!

“I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?' Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending.”

That is the statement from Presidential Candidate: Michelle Bachmann… In reply to her attempt at winning the older demographic over, she is using religion… It is not a joke when I say that older people are more religious than most young people! Older people know what mortality is, they know that they have a limited time left on this rock spinning out of control! In my honest opinion, it is simply a question of fear and not knowing what waits for us… 

Looking back when I was in school, I am talking about very early in my education we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before class started. The school system I attended had some public schools that were located close to churches that the students were required to walk over to, they were not forced to observe or participate in, but they had to go to the church for that allotted time slot. This way they got to do the school prayer and not be conflicting with state and federal laws. 

There is a lot of Separation of Church and State… If that is true WHY does the American currency say: “In God We Trust”? If there IS a separation of church and state, WHY when you are sworn in to testify in court of any level you have to raise you right hand and place your left hand on the bible? Is that NOT a violation of this separation of Church and State? 

I feel very lucky to have never had to be called into court to do this… I would refuse to accept that swearing in due to the fact that the practice as a whole is illegal by the laws that do separate those very two entities!

I find it funny how Michelle Bachmann and other politicians are scrutinized on their religious standings… I find that to be rather hypocritical and very stupid! This country way back when was inhabited by Native Americans. For those of you who do NOT know… They were Pagan. They believed in multiple gods. Then the White Man shows up and they brought all sorts of things, resulting in death, persecution, exploitation and all in the name of discovery and progress. 

As time went on, and more flooded this soon to be country, then they decided to play the role of the rebellious adolescent and tell the homeland to get bent, so to speak! Our forefathers founded a government on the purpose of supporting and creating an equal ground for “We the People”… Yeah, OK! The funny thing about that is that 8 of the elected Presidents in U. S. history were slave owners! Yes, that did include George Washington!

As far as this attempt at humor that Bachmann has made… It is NOT funny! Not in any reference! It is a month that has seen two natural disasters! Period! There is now billions of dollars of damage. There are a lot of people dead. Yes, this is a time to make fun of things that cost billions and kill people! Wait, no it isn’t! 

Now, in closing… I will say that there is a LOT of bible thumpers jumping on the Bible Beating Wagons with these natural disasters being signs of the end, the second coming of Christ, you get the point… Here is the way I see things. Not ONE person alive or dead KNOWS when the end of days is. Not even Christ knew. It says that in the bible! 

Matthew 24:36   "No one knows when that day or hour will come-not the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father”

That is pretty clear, even for a so called and self proclaimed heathen such as me. I am not preaching either way! Just saying that the nice thing about prophecy is you can take ANY event you want and interpret it to support ANY idea you want. 

God made the hurricane hit NYC because HE likes Chicago style pizza and is weighing in on the debate!

God made the hurricane hit NYC is because HE is a Colts Fan!

I hate politicians! I hate them worse than a ravenous case of explosive diarrhea! Now that I make that comparison, I don’t see much difference. Both make my stomach cramp up, both make me want to scream in agony, after having to deal with either of them, my ass hurts for days! HOW have I missed this uncanny resemblance!?

Wow… SOMEONE! Quick call Procter & Gamble! We need Metric-Shit-Tons of Pepto-Bismol shipped to and hosed all over Washington D.C. and the State Buildings nationwide! Maybe and I mean, MAYBE "We the People" still have a chance of ridding our country of these morons!

I know, it is not going to happen... Hope's spring is eternal, so I hear...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The MUZLEM Plague is Spreading...

There was a rather extensive article on how the NYPD is monitoring and infiltrating the MUZLEM community with the help of the CIA. GOOD! They are here, on our land and doing all that they can to take our country back several centuries... Sorry, NO DICE! 

I have read a lot of comments and I have to admit that I left a few comments here and there. There was ONE comment left by an individual who is either totally brain dead, or MUZLEM... I have not been able to figure out which just yet!

I am just saying that it is interesting how people are so blind and choose to be ignorant, whether it be out of defiance or laziness. Either way, it is annoying! 

** The Idiots got OUT of their Cages **

islam is a religion of high morality,kindness and good behavior,and justice; one of the fundamental concepts that islam emphasizes on all occasions isthe concept of justice and law.also islam comes from the root ofsilm andsalam,meaning peace,sub-mission,purity and sincerity. tha what about of islam,there is nothing wrong about it.cia and nypd keep it up.

Mindful Lunatic:
have read the Holy Book of Islam... I would not even use it to wipe with! It is GARBAGE! That book teaches and preaches HATE and intolerance for ALL women and NON MUZLEMS! I have no use for one living or dead! Preferably the latter of the 2 but hey, whatever! You want to support their crap? Go over there in to their land and if you live long enough to take refuge in a cave, it is a matter of time till they take you out for being different... Funny how that works, huh?

Anthony J.:
Sharia law---- no democracy or rights there--- women are treated as cattle.

Yahoo User:
If you really believe all that, you've been sold a bill of goods. It's not the peace-loving religion you've been sold on.

You can NOT be serious, what a load of malarkey, anyway its permissible to lie to non-believers to further islom, geehad, shariah, and etc, ad nausium.

And what planet do you live on? Not this one, for sure!

Is this guy for real!?!?!

Put the crack pipe down!!! You must really b HIGH!!!!! Phuck Islam!!!!

Ibrahim has never been to pakistan or a muslim country

Islam is totalitarianism shrouded in religion. It is a sham, whose only goal is conquest.

Robert H:
islam IS all about law and justice. Trouble is, islamic "law" is a barbaric throwback to the ninth century, and islamic "justice" would be more accurately classified as crimes against humanity.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Robert H: I agree with you on your comment however you are a tad bit off... It is NOT the 9th century, it is actually the 7th Century that the "True Believers" live in... I have been studying Islam for many years! Not because I want to convert, I believe in understanding my enemy! I like to know who wants to see me, my family and my country dead. So, I have studied. I have to say that the more I study the less I understand. The more I comprehend, the more I want ALL of them GONE!

Mindful Lunatic:
As far as Muhammad being a god, no he was NOT! He is a self-proclaimed Prophet... Like That Old crusty dude in California that Campings guy, or another one: David Koresch, or the even more famous: Jim Jones. All of these people are SELF proclaimed prophets. Simple. He was nothing, then he convinced a lot of idiots looking for something and BAM! Now we have fanatical sand merchants everywhere!

Mindful Lunatic:
I have to apologize for all the comments I am leaving, just like to address one reply at a time instead of mixing them all into one and making little to no sense.

I find it funny how the MUZLEMS are seeing themselves are the way! The absolute way! I like how all others that are not MUZLEM are seen as the infidels and are to be put to death...

Maybe, just maybe Muhammad wanted to tap a Jewish girl and got rejected because he himself did not accept the Torah and or was not accepted by the Jewish faith?

Then he tried his moves on a Christian... Smacked down again! That would explain their chauvinistic views on women! That would explain why the MUZLEM Men use women ONLY for breeding and turn to other men for pleasure...

That would explain a lot actually!

Why does it always have to come down to sex with you guys? Is that all you have on your brain.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Idea: There are a lot of other issues with the Muzlem faith that bother me! I just find their deep rooted hatred and need to feel superior to Women very dumb. To sit here in the 2011, and tell me that you support their hatred, abuse, and the way that they mutilate female's genitalia for the simple belief that women are to receive NO pleasure during sex I find that to be disturbing at best! How anyone can justify this is beyond me!

If you are an adult and you want to have your lady parts removed and or altered, that is your deal! That is YOUR adult decision and I respect that! What about these little girls that they are mutilating? These children that are born into these ways and ideas are a clean slate! They know nothing else! They are brainwashed and taught that things that they are thrown into are the normal way of life!

The Middle East has their people SO CONFINED and controlled that they have no idea what the Holocaust is! So, when you tell me that it is always about sex? That is one of many, many examples as to WHY I cannot stand, tolerate or understand these moronic pieces of Dung! I hope that helps clarify things for you a bit!

** Same Article, Different Postings. Even more Idiots **

Mindful Lunatic:
Here is a thought... If you go to a land that is NOT your own? You do not like their ways and or laws? STAY OUT! DO not waste my time coming here! If they think that their rights are being taken away or imposed upon, what about the rights of the people that travel to their land? The people that they capture, kidnap, torture, and mutilate given any form of rights? NO! WHY SHOULD IT BE DIFFERENT HERE!? I would be perfectly happy and content knowing that ALL MUZLEMS were no longer sharing the oxygen that I breathe. Their existence bothers me! Not one alive is going to be of any use to me as an American citizen, born and raised! To those who do not realize, I know I spelled their word wrong... I do it for a reason! I want to #$%$ off all of them that I can! They want to come here and beat on their chest and try to intimidate me? It will take a lot more than they are capable of!

Jim Platanus Racemosa:
So where will you be leaving to since obviously you hate our American freedoms.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Jim: If I go to their land, I have to adapt to their ways! If they come here, WHY should it be different? We have freedoms here! Yes, you are right sir! However NO ONE has the right to kill me, my family or country men and women... You must be one of the blind sheep that think Islam is peaceful! I hope you have insurance! You and all the rest of the blind sheep following the systematic processing need to have your head surgically removed from your backsides! The view is better and the air is so much more abundant!

** Here Come The Guards with Cattle Prods!I Don't Like the Look in their Eyes! **

 I have been prodded and maybe even branded, I am not sure... However before the meds kick in and I lose all continuousness, I will drop one more bit of wisdom on you...

When the Angel Gabriel supposedly revealed himself to Muhammad, in an early Islamic painting depicting this "meeting". The painting shows the angel with HOOVES for feet! 

I don't know what that means to the MUZLEMS, but the message portrayed is CLEAR! Muhammad does not tolerate non-muslims and advocates, condones, and rewards violence through Jihad! 

Looking through the Christian Bible, we have been warned about the trickery of the Devil presenting himself as part of or messenger from God.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Education today... Is Worthless!

There is a teacher who was complaining on her personal blog about how the kids were lazy and dim witted. Now, I do NOT condone her actions in these expressions, however she does have the right to say these things! The kids today are getting more and more dumb! The schools are getting to be so useless and it is just all around pointless! I felt the need to drop some thoughts on the matter... 

I have to say that I am AMAZED at the overwhelming response i have gotten! Just 15 minutes after having posted my comment I have 8+ and 0-... That never happens! I usually piss off someone! LOL!

The comment that was posted is as follows:

The problem with todays education is that there is NO discipline! None! When I went to school, if we acted out we were punished and that usually resulted in swats form the Principal, and then I got it again when I got home! Parents do NOT discipline at home and they have taken that ability away from the Teachers and faculty!

The students run the schools and the parents see the Public Schools as an almost free babysitter! There are kids today pushed through the system so fast and systematically that they get a High School Diploma for just showing up!

I have a sibling who has a High School diploma, he is illiterate! He cannot read above a 4th grade reading level. I dropped out, got a G.E.D. and I have a a college education and I am working as an IT Tech for a Airline.

It is proven fact, it is more difficult to get a G.E.D. than it is a diploma! You take the test for the G.E.D. and you need to know the answers! Like i said previously, to get the Diploma... Just show up...

Once a Terrorist, Never to be Trusted!

I noticed an article about the man that someone photographed, he was convicted for the Lockerbie flight that was responsible for the killing of 270 people in Scotland. The Libyan Rebels are being requested to release this man. 

** Doses of Sanity from Behind the Walls **

Funny how people scream that they want change!

Funnier yet is how the U.N. dragged the U.S. into this skirmish without KNOWING anything about the rebels. Now, we see that they are harboring and not giving up a known terrorist. This man killed innocent people! Yet, he is not only running free but looks as though he is doing quite well!

I don’t see how people can look at history and see that there is NO pattern forming here! These people have lived under a brutal and masochistic dictator for 42 years! That is over 4 decades! You really think that ANYONE there would know how to live with any forms of freedom? NO!

People in general fear change! They adapt to what is forced and they come to accept that as the norm. They will see freedom as a great idea at first but now that the structure that they have known for over 4 decades is gone. They will have no idea what to do! The streets will be filled with anarchy and chaos!

Out of the destruction and rubble there will be a NEW Regime that will inevitably rise to power. In that time, the person who rises to the occasion will most likely be even worse than the predecessor!

Going back to the mentioning of the man convicted in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi… The U.S. officials want him to be released! I will bet any amount of anything that they will not! Yet another shining example of how MUZLEMS reward those who attack and KILL all NON-Muzlems!

They are NOT a peaceful religion! They are not to be trusted not should they even be tolerated!

(As people do, I will post comments left by the idiots that find truth offensive!)

History + Ignorance = Repeat Business

Yesterday there was an article on how the workers at "Ground Zero" are still finding and identifying the remains from 9-11-01. The Twin Towers wreckage is still there and still getting cleaned up. Still they are finding more and more people to identify... This is truly messed up in my opinion! I commented:

Mindful Lunatic:
This is truly saddening! These people died for one reason. They were there! These people were victimized because they were HERE in the U.S.A.! Those who pulled off the attacks and the rest of their people danced and rejoiced in their lands burning our flags and reveling in the massacre of innocent American men, women, and children... Now, 10 years later they are flooding our streets, they are now the "Target Demographic" by American Companies like Wal-Mart, and McDonald's. They want nothing shy of total domination.

Sadly, here we are... Letting them have their way! Good to know that tolerance like ignorance is bliss!

**  I was treated to other people's idiocy!  **

Who is "they"? This is very non-specific. Are you referring to Saudis? All those of the Islamic faith? Children? The Chinese? Democrats? Wal-Mart shoppers?

You're right, its all turning backwards. Thing is that the violence won't end us, but the quiet overflow of immigrants and ways of life will gradually disappear. The Fall of Rome !

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Sean: First of all, the reference I am making with the word: THEM... Is all the oppressing MUZLEMS! I hate ALL OF THEM! I have not found ONE good Muzlem yet! NOT ONE! I live in America! I have read the Quran. They hate me even more than I can ever hope to hate them! Yes I said THEM! Guess what Sean... I HATE THEM MORE every day when I look further into their religion! They are here in OUR country and they are nothing shy of a plague on our soil! They HATE US! Yet they are FLOODING our land. Now that makes me wonder WHY! THEY are setting up the pawns from within. PEOPLE LIKE YOU SEAN are too blind and YOU will be LIKE THEM! So, good luck in your blind ignorance! THEY will be sure to kill you quick, I would hope.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A 3rd World Country in Turmoil? How can you Tell?

I have been watching the Libya situation unfold. I have been screaming about my discontent for a VERY long time! These people danced in the streets at the news of the dead Americans from 9-11-01. I guess I am one of the few who remember that day. 
These people are the VERY same people who rejoice in OUR misery! These mongrels are the same groups that danced on the burning flags of the American people. These monstrous pieces of garbage scream about how we do not belong there! THEY ARE RIGHT!

Now, they have taken on the task of overthrowing a political party and leader that they could not on their own. Who did they call? NOT the Ghostbusters! They called the U.N. and the U.S.! 

Forgive me if i am wrong... You spit in my face, you burn my flag, you rejoice at the death of thousands of INNOCENT men, women and children... Now you need our help, we are your best friends? 

Go yank on a camel!

Below, you see a link to the actual article that my comment is in reference to. I have provided the link and I will update this as often as possible with any and all feedback given!

Yay, the rebels are winning...

Now, shall we start a countdown till these people carry out another terrorist plot against the U.S.? We helped the Afghan army way back when. Our Government TRAINED the Afghan Army. Guess who was among them, none other than bin Laden... Now, look what happened. He cost us trillions of dollars!

Whether you believe the media and it was his masterminding or you believe the conspiracy theories and buy into the thought that it was an inside job. Whatever you you want to believe, you are entitled to your opinion.

What I believe is simple! History repeats itself! Always has, and most likely will! This is just the staging of yet another if not more devastating attack. This time, I fear that the body count and disruption would be a lot worse! These people will stop at nothing! They see the U.S. and all other NON-Muzlems as the enemy. We need to get realistic and wake up now before they sound the alarms too late and we are left trying to shield our eyes from the flash and hold our breath long enough not to breathe in the mushroom cloud...

Please do something for yourselves! Educate yourself on what these people are doing, look at their history! You will be appalled! They are doing exactly as they are taught and instructed! They are infiltrating the enemy and deceiving the enemy only to strike us down from within. When the poop hits the fan, don't say I did not warn you!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bible Beaters UNITE... Somewhere else!

Today there was an article... About the 3 men accused of killing three 8 year cub scouts. There has been a lot of publicity over this all day! Interesting... 

I felt the need to get my 2 cents in there and try to be a bit funny! Notice that NO ONE mentions how I wish the families of the boys well, and that I show remorse to them! I could NOT imagine losing a child to anyone! These families have suffered and I offer them my thoughts and tell them that I am sorry... NOT ONE comment about that. 

However, the "Cyber Bully, and Mob Mentality" came out in FULL force... Please read the comment I left and that of others... 

OK, I was pasting all the comments in here... In my teachings in public school, I was taught that to feel remorse is to accept the fact that you feel bad for something or for someone else. I truly feel sorry for the families of these kids! I again state that being a father of 3 children, I cannot imagine the pain and torture it would be to watch one of my children be laid to rest. 

I will say one last thing before I post this... I was in 10th grade and I was in a High School where English had actual concentrations. The first semester I was in Journalism class. I had just lost my Grandmother and that was not a happy time. I was in class about a week after the funeral and the assignment given was to interview someone in a profession we had interest in. 

I took full advantage of this! I went to a fellow student athlete who's Dad, Uncles, and Grandfather ran a local funeral home chain. I asked him if he could talk to them and see if I could interview any of them. I got to interview the owner, his Grandfather. I had a slew of questions and I remember 2 of them...

1. Sir, you make a living from death of others, death for most is the hardest part of life. Is there a part of your job that actually bothers you? 

Yes! There is. I have seen people of every race, creed, nationality, and age. If some one comes thru and they have had children, grandchildren, and so on. I look at them and hope that they had a good life. They had their chance and I hope they did well! When I see someone come to the parlor that has not hit 40, it rips me apart! I have caught myself crying at the mere sight! (At this point he was noticeably shaken, and begun to tear up.) Now in the rare even that I have to tend to a child, I cannot do it all like an older person, it is too difficult to accept that this person did not get a chance to do anything! They did not see ANYTHING!

2. Sir, do you believe in Heaven? 

I will not divulge what I believe personally. I like to think that people go where they believed that they would go in the after life. I am here to help give the families closure. Bye the time that I get to see them, they are where they were going.

Now, back to the discussion... Granted it has been almost 20 years since that interview. I remember those 2 questions VERY clearly and distinctively! Anyone that wants to store and follow a different path or opinion... You are right to do so! 


** The Chapel within the Asylum is Open for Business **

Mindful Lunatic:
Regardless of guilt or innocence there are 3 young children that were shoveled from the mortal coil! To their families I am truly remorseful and my thoughts go out to them!

However, reading the comments from other users, they are in a lot of cases doing exactly what they are NOT supposed to do being that they themselves are human! These people are casting judgment and ill will at another person! Not one person on Earth has the right to spiritually judge another...

I see a lot of comments talking about Jesus this and Jesus that... I am left asking: If Jesus is coming, does that mean I should look busy? I have not found Jesus yet... Simply due to the fact that I was not informed that I was supposed to look for him!

He is a very difficult person to find! Did you know he has been the Hide and Seek champion for 2K years?

'shuffled off this mortal coil'

Marty Marsh:
Your wrong, he is easy to find, when you really need him.

Thank you, Philip. And "remorse" is an expression of PERSONAL guilt. Did you do it, Lunatic?

Read the next verse, Lunatic. "For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you." Matthew 7:2

The only exhortation there was to mindful of our own hypocrisy. Seeing as how I've never murdered anyone....
J. :
To the Mindful Lunatic: Yes, I have found him. But there's a catch:
"You will find me when you seek me WITH ALL YOUR HEART"...

That last part gets people. THEY want to be the LORD/MASTER of their own lives.

Jesus bids us "come and die... that you may find life in me."

The simple truth is, people want control of their own lives. And you, and everyone, are free to have it.

However, you get to live with the consequences of your choice.

Most live in denial.

Let me ask, "Can you see tomorrow? Did you determine where you would be born? Do you know on what day you will die?"

It takes humility to follow Christ. Most people just can't /won't humble themselves.

Sure, there are LOTS of hypocrites out there... that makes me so sad...

But what are you going to say, "Look God! I didn't follow you because THAT PERSON over there is such a hypocrite!!!" ????

That does not excuse us. If you REALLY want to KNOW if Jesus is there,

why not read what HE said and try it??

Just askin'

I hope you are sincere in your search.

YOU are remorseful, only if YOU did it....do you get that??

Mindful Lunatic:
I have been reading these comments through out the night. I have to admit that yet again my public school education has failed me! I do not know why I said remorse, I should have used another term or phrase entirely! I should have said something more along the lines of how the families of the 3 young victims have my deepest SYMPATHIES! Not one of the comments left actually acknowledge that I was showing signs of compassion to the families that have lost. Not one... Yet I misuse a word and I got people 6ft in my kool-aid!? How is that right? You want to get on me about my improper use of a word? OK, why do we tolerate urban area people? I cannot find too many if any one in an urban setting REGARDLESS of color that speaks intelligently! I remember when they tried to pass Ebonics as a language to be taught... It is looking as though the government rejected the schools to teach it, but that is the only lesson being taught at home!

Mindful Lunatic:
@ all the Self Righteous Holy-Rolling Butt-Puppets!

Yahoo User: J. YOU are NOT in that category!

I am entitled to MY opinion! GET IT!? GOOD! I have suffered more SHlT than any of you could EVER imagine or understand! So, IF I go and make a couple of jokes? Piss off if you do NOT like it! NO ONE held a gun to your fucking heads and made you read my comment! OK!?

I was young and I went to Church 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. I went to Summer Bible schools and Camps as much as I could. I have searched and I used to pray harder and more true than ANY of you judgmental pricks can event comprehend!

When I was being abused by my Parent's Partners... I prayed for an exit... I did not get one! I begged for HELP! I GOT NONE! Then as I got older and the beatings got increasingly worse and severe... I begged while I prayed that I would be accepted home... I cried myself to sleep MANY nights asking to die! When you are 11 years old and you ask God to take your life? Something is totally BOTCHED!

Now, I have a question for you bible beating blind sheep! Your God, he made man in his image, yes?

If that is TRUE, why do CHILDREN suffer? WHY do adults maim, rape, murder if not do worse things to CHILDREN!? I will tell you the answer... God in his "Infinite Wisdom" gave MANKIND free will. We choose to accept him or his ways. What I may joke about outwardly may very well be different than what I believe!

ALL YOU people flocking to your places of worship on Sundays getting your holy on? You go, You sing and give whatever you feel you have left over... Me? My thoughts, my relationship and ultimately MY ACCEPTANCE OR LACK OF GOD is not you problem! GET OVER YOURSELVES!

In closing please give your fists and the bibles a break. NONE of you will EVER burn for me, NONE of you will ever know me. NOT ONE among you will EVER take the time to give a rat’s backside about me in real life. All you know is that I made some off color jokes about a book and deity that may or may not exist. Know this as well… Your faith that you spend so much energy on is based on SOMEONE ELSE’s interpretation of a DEAD LANGUAGE!

If you think that I am going to let any of you sit there and pass any form or sort of crappy judgment on me? Look in the mirror and ask who REALLY needs to be judged!  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Government Budget Cuts....

There is an article on how Pakistan Government officials allowed China to look at the downed chopper again the U. S. requests and instructions NOT TO! Then the article stated that the U. S. is cutting off 1/3 of their funding... OMFG!? REALLY!?

1/3 of their funding? How the hell is that going to hurt them? They have been bleeding us dry since the very early 80's and 1/3 of their current funding is being "cut off"... That is like giving a disobedient child a time out after he killed another classmate for stealing his chocolate milk!

However, I did comment on Yahoo about this... I typed it in Word like always and when I put it into the comment window in Yahoo, it looked FINE! Then I hit the submit button and all my formatting went out the window... Someone pointed out that they would only read my rant if I have it broken up into paragraphs.

That being said...
** Here is the comment broken down into paragraphs for the reading and imagination impaired!**

Funny how the Pakistan Government does as they damn well please. We have been funding them and their country since 1982. Then after 9-11-01, they swore to the U.S. electoral puppets in Washington that they would do all possible to close down and thwart all terror camps and groups. With that pledge in place, the Government of our once great nation saw fit to fund them even FURTHER!

Simple Math question for any one out there…

                    Q: Where does the “Government” get their funding?
                    A: We the People and OUR Tax Dollars.

That being the case, I don’t see why they can continue to tax me! I do not approve of their funding KNOWN terrorists! I do NOT condone the continued support to another country that houses people that want to se ME, my family and my countrymen and women dead, if not worse!

I want my portion of the tax money that I have paid since 1991. That is when I started paying taxes with an actual job! That is after 1982! That mans that for over 20 years of my gainfully employed life, I have helped fund these cave dwelling firecrackers!

I see how the politicians put on their Sunday Best, then parade around like some form of mating ritual in hopes to out show or out do another candidate! I am sick of it!

Bring OUR Men and Women HOME! Stop letting them come here!

Let OUR service people defend our country on our lands, not theirs! Stop funding them! They are more heavily armed than our forces! The sad thing is that, On December 22 both houses of the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bill authorizing $725 billion for next year's Defense Department budget.


For those that think that they know that number looks like, here you go:



I am sick and tired of watching the Puppets in Washington D.C. line their pockets with dollar bills that have been stained by the blood of innocent Americans! Sick and Tired! I do not understand how these people even sleep at night!

$725 Billion… Funny, I cannot look at the news over the span of more than a week with out seeing articles of teachers and civil workers losing funding and job cuts… This is just a thought…

We allow the government to spend MORE and MORE on Defense, and less and less here at home. We are pushing the youth of today through our over populated schools at an alarming rates and speed! I have seen kids PUSHED so fast that it is scary! There is a person in my immediate family who was treated exactly as I am talking! He was pushed so fast and so hard, he has a High School Diploma. He cannot read above a 4th grade reading level…

The point I am making is simple! They are making our children more and more stupid! They are not teaching them properly, and then when they hit the “Real World” not too much to offer! There are very few who will excel! The rest will become a blind number and a statistic! There will be a very large majority that will turn to illegitimate means, and guess what… With all the funding cuts to the police and fire stations… Who is going to be there to stop them? No one…

This is the thing that they want! They want a country full of idiots that they can blindly lead! They want to have no questions asked and all the authority to do as they see fit for us!

I hope at least one person sees the point I am trying to make! Do not follow with out knowing! Question things and look for yourselves! Those puppets will do all they can to keep every one they can under control!

I refuse to fall in line! I refuse to be a statistic!

Stupidity has NO Bounds and Knows NO Color...

In the event that any one does NOT want to read the entire article, there is this "Rapper" who calls himself the Game... He tweeted in Compton, CA. that if someone wanted an internship that they needed to call a certain number. They did. 580K+ calls locked up the Emergency lines for a couple of hours. Several calls that did not get through to the lines were people that were being beaten, robbed and various other good deeds towards our fellow man...

Then the douche goes and says that his Twitter account was hacked. A statement or 2 later, he says that it was an accident? After all of that, he then tweets and I quote:

"Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders!" the tweet said. "Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job !!!!"

Wow... Thank God for public education...

** The Lunatic HAD to chime in! **

Mindful Lunatic:
I find this to be absolutely hysterical! I do! Any time that someone points out the obvious idiocy of a a black person, regardless how STUPID it is... It is RACIST! Wow... That case... I have a proposition for ALL o the people who think that my comment that follows is racist or racial propaganda...

When I went to school, I was 1 of 8 white kids in my school that housed over 600 students. I was beaten daily. I was taken out of school on a stretcher once due to the fact that I actually took down 3 of the guys that assaulted me. There were 2 paramedics that were hauling me out, and both of them were also black. However, since they were helping a white guy, they too were assaulted!

While attending that public school system, it was REQUIRED that I take African-American History. I asked WHY!? I am not black, I am not going to travel to Africa at any point in my life and I have no interest on that subject. I was forced due to it being the curriculum. In my studies, I found that the slave trade did start long before the ancestors of those here were brought here!

When one tribe in Africa overcame another tribe, the losers were enslaved by the victorious tribe. As time went on, and the traders and explorers landed in Africa and saw this, they started buying and trading with the victorious tribes…

Funny, how black people never see that aspect!

I have family that died in the Civil War fighting for the North. They died for freedom and the belief that men are equal. I pity the black men and women that have fought and died for the right and equal treatment of their people in America! Why? Look at what these mongrels have done with the freedom those before them fought for and in some cases DIED for… You are spitting on their achievements and memories!

Also, to clarify one other thing… I will NEVER refer to any black person as an African-American! Let me tell you why… I have followed my genealogy all the way back to Sweden. My family landed here in the tail end of the 1700’s. They came here in the pursuit of religious freedoms. Then as time went on and they spread out and they met others and had families, other nationalities were added to my DNA pool. When someone asks my Nationality, I say: AMERICAN! I do not and will not say: Swed-German-Euro-Native-American… I was BORN here! I have lived here all my LIFE! I will die here…

If a black person here wants to go to Africa and gain citizenship? I will at that time call the African American. Till that happens, YOU ARE AMERICAN! Get over yourself!

Alice Corver:
No you damn IDIOT. It isent about him being black or doing wrong. Its about you CRACKERS calling him a Monkey and Ni**** on every other comment. Your STUPID. Go play in traffic.

Mindful Lunatic:
Sorry, I forgot to add my proposition... It is simple! If you can find actual reason behind the celebrated stupidity that you people breed? You tell me a reason or real explanation as to why you embrace ignorance? I will happily provide you with the travel arrangements back to your "Native Lands"! There you can jump from tree to tree and chuck spears at monkeys and each other till your little hearts are content!

I have the PERFECT example... I asked a VERY good friend of mine as to WHY it is OK for him and his friends and family to drop the "N-Bomb" on each other, but if I do it... I will be sporting so toe-bling!

I will never forget his answer!

Friend: You say it as a white man, you say it with an ER, we say it and drop the ER and add an A at the end... So, we took something that was bad and spun it to have a positive meaning.

Mindful Lunatic: HOW!? So, it is OK if I call other whites: Cracka, or a Jewish person: KIKA? I will try it and write again with my findings...

@ The Mindful Lunatic. I read your story and I agree with you completely. I feels sorry that you went to that horrible school. For a wonder they taught that slavery started in Africa. I would've thought these blacks would purposely ignore that to further their agenda. Do not worry about Alice. She is stupid and uneducated. Look at the way she writes. Ebonics all the way.

Mindful Lunatic:
Alice Corver... You are a stupid POS! I have read A LOT of your posts today! I have to say that NOT ONE of them was intelligent in any way shape or form! Also, ALL of your attempts at flaming other Yahoo Users ALL involved: Go Play In Traffic! You Alice Corver are the shining Poster Child for contraceptives!

Mindful Lunatic:
Oh, one other thing Alice... I will bet you any amount of Grape Soda or Red Kool-Aid and pork rinds, that you did not even read my entire comment! ANY amount you want! If you can count past 10, without taking off your shoes you stooge!

Wave Rider:
so its ok to call someone a cracker and not be racist...but its not ok to call someone a n..gger because that would be racist......well at least i know who my parents are and who raised me to get a job and be a parent.

Mindful Closing on this Lunacy...

In closing, I thank all those who replied! To Alice Corver, if your prying eyes ever managed to find this post? I really do feel sorry for those around you! I do! Also, you should not be insulting the general public! Thanks to us, you have a roof and food! Have a GREAT day! 

** Update from the Asylum **

I am about to be strapped in for the night, but wanted to drop a dose of reality for some... I was curious if my voices had been heard and so I looked at the postings I did earlier concerning this moron... I was treated to a jolt of joy, no not the therapeutic kind!

The Tally reads:

Mindful Lunatic: 20+ and 5-

Alice Corver: 0+ and 8-


I will add this ONE last dose of reality before they call Lights Out. I admit that I poked fun at Alice for being a product of the system and public schools... Here is a rather ironic truth... So am I. 

Before I moved off to college, I was met with a lot of resistance from a lot of people. That is the first time I ever said anything that made me feel confident in myself, ironically it was also one of the last...

Before you can succeed, you must first take the chance to fail. 

I said that in 1997. I have tried to live by that and when I fail at something, yes it hurts! The more you fail it hurts just as bad... But when you actually reach the goal you are after... WOW! The feeling is beyond compare and description!

I have been very fortunate to be able to attend college, I did NOT graduate High School. I dropped out in 12th grade and got my G.E.D. = Good Enough Diploma. Then after taking a year off, I went to college. It truly saddens me that so many people, NOT just blacks and other minorities, but PEOPLE are so happy to settle for the EASY things that come to them! For God sakes, get off your ass and put some effort into your life! For most people these days, there is only UP from where they are.

I am still in the hunt for a degree, however I refuse to settle! I refuse to sit back and let everyone worry about me! Finally, I REFUSE to be a statistic! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reality TV... That is an Oxymoron!

Kate Gosselin, Kim Kardashian, then all the stupid shows that follow... 

Toddlers in Tiaras, Little People Big World, Too Damn Many Kids I lost Count, L.A. Ink, Miami Ink, NY Ink, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Man vs. Food, Dinners & Dives, oh… Almost forgot the advertisement I heard about… Redneck Hand Fishing… WTF!? 

I remember being a kid when Mtv started... I thought that was pretty cool! Videos ALL the time... I blame Mtv for starting this CRAP! Mtv started with the genre of shows of this caliber… I blame the morons that wanted to make money off of nothing! Great… 

I don't watch TV! Have not watched TV in a few years! I cannot tolerate the absolute piles of shit that they are broadcasting these days! Seriously!

There are a few that I CANNOT even fathom how people DO these things let alone condone the actions! Point of reference: Toddlers in Tiaras... I want to personally go to each of the parents and have their genitals mutilated beyond ALL hopes of ever being used again! EVER! These people should not be allowed to reproduce! To make these kids have a reality based on looks and their alleged talents? What happened to being a KID for crying out loud!? 

I cannot stand all the “reality shows” anymore… I cannot stand watching a sitcom either! Their portrayal of life is never even close to accurate! 30 minutes and then every one learns a valuable lesson… Awwww. 


The most realistic shows I have ever had the privilege to watch: Titus, and the George Carlin Show… Both did not last long! 

These “Reality Show” casts… They over dramatize the most mundane and trivial of things. The one show that my wife likes to watch, what the hell is it called? Storage Wars? These people bid on storage lockers that have been repo’d or abandoned and then they show the most common of people and then they have the good guys, the people that you “love to hate” and then every once in a while you get some one that is just obnoxious… To me, they are all stupid! POINT BLANK! 

I hate how these people are striving to make bank off of nothing! What about this? A reality show of a single mom that supports 4 kids off of one job, she makes too much for government assistance, but still manages to feed her kids even though the Dad that is a deadbeat has run off and does all that he can to dodge child support! THAT is a reality show! THAT is today’s reality! 

I hate people in general! I do! I cannot stand the decline in society that I am seeing every day… You want a reality show… I am happy to do one for you! I will not waste your time with commercials and advertisements! 

Let me take a video crew and I will sit there on the toilet and pinch off a loaf! Then you can watch me strain and push myself to the point of an embolism and then flush… That is what I think of the programming offered today! THAT IS what I think of society… Today… 

Guess what else… It is not going to get any better! No one wants to change! No one wants to do anything about it… 

So, next time you want to sit down? Think about that turtle head poking out, then as you get all emotional trying to hold it back long enough to make it to the bathroom, hand the remote to someone else so that they can change the channel to hopefully something a bit more realistic and entertaining!