Friday, April 22, 2011

U.S. missiles kill 25... They act like it is a bad thing...

Todays first blog entry is regarding the news about 25 people killed by U.S. Drone bombs... I find my self asking: So? I posted the comment below and within seconds of posting, I had positive feedback! I do not know if it is due to the desensitizing of the general American public or if it is lack of sympathy for the people that help and aid terror groups.

I do understand their position to an extent, if they do not help the radicals, they themselves will be killed. Not much choice there right? Well, that sounds an awful lot like another group of radicals! The Nazi Party forced people to help them and if they refused... They in turn were killed along with their families. Funny how we learn so much from history! What amuses me further is that I remember a certain person from my past would say that the men and women who aided the Nazi's did have a choice! They could have said NO! The men in the Nazi Party should have known what they were doing is wrong and take a stand!

If they did, they were then killed too. However what most people do not take into consideration is the amount of propaganda that these cultures force on their people at an early age and everything that happens is not their fault, but that of the opposing sides! Going back to my Nazi comparison... WW1 Germany lost. The National Socialist party spread the news that the German downfall was to be blamed on the Jewish people. That did nothing but add massive amounts of fuel to an already burning fire!

These people in the lands abroad only know what they are told and they are cur off from anything else! They are taught to NOT question, only do as instructed. Again, this sounds really familiar! When you are robbed of the human right to think for yourself, you will never will even if the freedom is handed back!

The article that I was reading you can find it here: 25 dead in Pakistan...
Truly pathetic how when the U.S. takes action against terror groups and people die. The U.S. dresses their soldiers and the military personnel in uniforms. The terror groups such as al-Qaida does not! These men and women that have taken it upon themselves to fight off the so called infidels of the U.S. and other countries. These Men and Women that have taken arms against the U.S. military have done all that they can to blend in with every day civilians over there and so who is who?

You have women now being recruited to be suicide bombers due to the fact that women are not frisked as often or as thoroughly as men are! Now, this general is griping at the U.S. for killing 25 people? So? Wartimes bring on harsh measures and people die.

When 9-11 happened 5K + people died in N.Y. city, did the Americans kick all the Muslims out? NO! Did we put them in P.O.W. camps? No! Did any Muslims here in America get randomly kidnapped, hurt, tortured, mutilated and or killed and then broadcast on TV and or the internet? NO! So, why is it that we stand idly by while they do this to OUR citizens and OUR troops?

The people that are reported dead, the 25 people who this general claims the bombs killed. How does he know that they were truly innocent? We are in a rerun of Vietnam! We are not wanted there, we have no business there, and we will never claim a victory there. The people are going to think of new ways to use scare tactics on the everyday citizens to help prevent being identified by the U.S. troops and with that action are they not just as guilty as the militants that the U.S. Troops are fighting against?

I am just saying that there are no innocent victims! If they take any role in the war by aiding the militants, or joining forces with them? The people that are harmed in the process put themselves in harms way! They cannot push the bill on the U.S. for keeping the best interest of our forces in mind. When they cry foul over 25 dead due to a missile strike? I scream foul at the 2 planes that killed 5K plus in N.Y. and also the many, many Americans that have been murdered while over seas and abroad! There is no comparison to be made here.

Just a follow up... I looked at the ratings I had after about 15 minutes and saw that I had 2+ and 4-, so I felt like nerd-raging a bit!

I wrote in response to my low rating:

Wow... 14 minutes since I posted and 2 up and 4 down so far... Got a lot of bleeding hearts reading today or the Militants are war-faring an internet connection in the caves! Sad to see when people are so blinded by the propaganda and more worried about the appearance of things rather than the pursuit of truth... I will always question things! I will always try to examine both sides. There are 2 sides to every story I do truly believe and understand that! However, when it comes to times of war against my fellow countrymen and women? I do say I am a bit bias! I have had friends and family serve and with that being said, I will happily shake the hands of any man or woman that serves in the armed forces defending the freedoms that WE are all exhibiting here! I can express my feelings, thoughts and even go as far to speak out against or to question authority without fear of some one kicking in my door and mercilessly murdering me and or my family! We have freedoms here that other people from other countries could not handle! I have seen it first hand!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maylasian Boot Camp for Feminine Boys...

Below, I have linked the article that I went Nerd-Raging on! I am not gay, nor have I ever been with another man! However, I do not condone it, I do not practice it, and quite frankly I am not a supporter! I just truly believe that people are FREE to choose who they want to be with! If two people find comfort in one another, who am I to say that they are wrong? NO ONE! The article says that homosexuality is punishable by law. It is against the law in Texas here in the United States also, but I am sure that there are plenty of inmates who either enjoy the benefit. However, on the flip side of that coin... There has to be others that were wishing that it was more strictly enforced! Oh well... Just sayin'...

The Teachings of Allah... Totally inhumane!

If I may be so bold to ask a question which I am sure will draw a lot of fire and ratings... If they are condemning the "Masculine Boot Camp" why has nothing been done for the women in a lot of the Muslim countries where the women are required and forced to have female circumcisions? For those who do not know what i am talking about... Most Muslim countries that I have read about in the news or in my own research, the women are force to have a part of their anatomy removed, the part that I am referring to is their clitoris. The female circumcision requires and mandates that the women are not to receive pleasure during sex! There is much more to that, just do a little reading up in the subject! Any one not of that faith, is usually mortified and appalled at this action!

I just cannot believe that there are people that think that these "Boys" were homosexual just because they were not bullying another kid, or they were not gang raping the girls at recess... So what!? Maybe the boys in question are being raised primarily by women... Ever think of that? Maybe they picked up on these gestures or these traits due to the lack of male influence? I will go even further... I wonder, maybe the boys in question have no male role models due to the rise in suicide bombing around the world... Again, just my opinion!

Columbine... Not forgotten, almost relived!

I am always talking about the decline of mentality of man as a whole... I saw this and was just ripped to my core as to how people are just literally living out of their brains any more! People are out in full force plotting and thinking of new and more outrageous ways of disrupting or destroying live of innocent people. Why? What did anyone in that mall do to provoke such an act? At what time could some one have crossed this man to the point where he felt it necessary to hurt, scare, or God forbid kill people?

Below, you see a link to the article and the comments that I left on the article. In case you do not feel like going or following the link? Let me sum up for you... There is a man that is seen on multiple videos walking into a stairwell where this make-shift bomb was found after someone had lit a fire. The alarms were signaled, the firefighters extinguished the fire and then found the bomb. The bomb was a pipe bomb rigged to 2 tanks of propane. Had it been able to detonate, it would have done some damage!
Bomb Placed in Colorado Mall...

I have commented on many articles that I have seen on Yahoo. In a lot of them I mention how the world as whole is in a severe decline in many ways! That guy is nothing more than another statistic to reinforce my opinion! It is beyond horrific knowing that people not only think of hurting others that are totally innocent, then this guy is among those who act upon this instinct! What is it in people today that make them do this? If some one wronged him in his life, what caused him to act out and try to cause problems that could have hurt many, many more!? Murders, Terrorists, Rapists, you know who I am referring to, the "Model Citizens" running loose on our streets... Personally, I am in favor of capital punishment and for this very reason! It is a contradiction in itself to think this way but, I do not want to see any one hurt! Not anyone! No man, woman or child! However when some one takes it upon themselves to do just that to random innocents? They should reap what they sew! Strap that contraption to him, lock him in very tight quarters and then... ignite! I do not agree with the judicial system! I do not understand why we the people are stuck paying for criminals that murder multiple people and are living free of charge on death row for decades due to the slow appeal process. So, I have to pay for thousands of people to live free while I have done nothing wrong... Something is REALLY messed up there! I will GIVE you the money to buy the ammunition to split the inmate's dome! The judicial system is even more corrupt than those it tries! Personally, I think that we should bring back public execution and punishment! You will see your crime rate drop over night! Put it on Pay-Per-View! Imagine the money to be made off of that! I know a lot of people are going to Nerd-Rage or give me a poor rating on this one, but... The mentality of the human race is getting worse and worse the longer we are all here. It is never going to get any better with out serious measures being taken and enforced!

After I had posted what you just read I checked to see if any one had replied to my pearls of wisdom... There was one thumbs up and one down, and this reply was left by another Yahoo user... 

 I am not defending this idiot in any way shape or form. But aren't you or the police curious for the reason--no matter how bizarre--behind the motives. A successful explosion would have the police hunting the person down with extreme prejudice. But are they asking the questions which may prevent future catastrophes. Some people have a story to tell. They spill the beans once caught.

I read what that user had to say and still felt compelled to reply...

I am truly curious actually! I am! I would hope that my rant in its entirety would show that I too am CONCERNED and would love to prevent this... However going with your thoughts on interrogating this guy, I would not use the candy lane way... NO! I would really like to see them enforce water boarding! Then he will truly rattle off what was going thru his mind! That I promise you! Too many people nowadays are too concerned with others! Let me explain? You see on the news all the time now where a convicted murderer is sentenced to death. Then the date of execution comes and there are inevitably protesters for and against the punishment! Now, both sides are presenting their case... One side against the punishment is wielding signs usually saying things like: Thou shall not kill, John 3:16, and various other biblical quotes... Well about that, Thou shall not kill? If that is the case THEY should be supporting the execution! Why do you think this person is being put to death? Let's go one step further? The people against the punishment, usually are NOT the ones that were victimized, or related to the victims in any way. So, do I even need to voice my opinion on those supporting capital punishment? If people want to get biblical, fine! DO! But do not stand there and pick and choose on what parts of the bible you want to listen to and practice! The bible clearly states: Thou shall not kill. Yes, however later on it says: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You kill, you die!

This article was reporting a man that thought how to, them acted upon his premeditation of this act, built the malfunctioning would be bomb, and then placed it in a place that may or may not have hurt any one but would still have scared a LOT of people! Causing mass panic in any form is very illegal! I hope that he is found, prosecuted, and then punished very harshly! When he is punished I hope that he gets to bunk with a couple nice guys... Some one like Ben Dover, or Dickie Hurts... Just saying!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Most Stressful Jobs 2011... People are insane!

Yes me again... I got in today and saw an article that peaked my interest... The article was on Yahoo! where they are talking about the most stressful jobs vs the pay... Yeah OK!

The first on the list was a Commercial Airline Pilot, which the average salary for a 9 hour day is $117K...

Second on the list was Public  Relations Executive, again a 9 hour day average salary is around $102K...

Third came out as Senior Corporate Executive which has a reported average salary of $167K...

Fourth place was listed as Photojournalist, that one I can see! They are going into places worse than Detroit, all the while risking their lives and all that for an average salary of $47K

Fifth and last in this article was a Newscaster rounding out with a salary of $43K...

What in the hell can a Newscaster have to worry about? Seriously!? All the news casters I have ever seen on TV were either overdosed on Prozac, or they were totally with out expression and or emotion... I do not see how a newscaster can even remotely say that they have a "STRESSFUL Job"!Just once, I would like to see a newscaster show some actual human emotion! Turn on the news and see a news reporter in the field standing in front of a horrific scene and they look right into the camera and start to address the masses... I can see it now! " This is Don Joe reporting to you live from outside this house on the 900 block of 8 Mile, where 19 bodies were uncovered and 4 more strategically placed in the fridge prepped for consumption. Authorities have no motive at this time, however let me say that this guy is TOTALLY F'd up! Back to you in the Studio guys!"

I would have to admit that there are jobs out there that are extremely stressful! However the ones listed above in the article that I am referring to in my opinion are far from it! Here are some jobs I have in mind that I think are far more stressful on people!

Full Time Mom's have a full time job which they actually receive NO compensation and NO breaks and they also are on call every day of the year with very, very little chance of time to themselves! A stay home mom, or a housewife today that takes care of the family is seriously overlooked! These women are raising children in today's society with is in a severe decline, however they usually do more than that! They will tidy up all day after the kids, cook and clean and then there is the never ending task of dishes and laundry... I am SURE that a stay home or full time Mom would GLADLY change diapers, wash dishes and get the skid marks out of your shorts for $167K a year! Oh, wait... That is right full time Mom's GET NO Compensation! And to boot, very little if any recognition!

There was a post by a pharmacist. He explained his day in a brief synopsis I truly believe that this article does not take into consideration that while those jobs are stressful, there are FAR MORE stressing occupations out there!

Here is a thought! Try not having a job due to outsourcing to other countries, or being unable to get a job due to demographics, or lack of education... It is not possible for every one to get the high paying jobs that ARE according to this article stressful!

It is possible for the common day person to be even more stressed out due to their every day grind in just trying to get by! Try feeding a family of 4 with an income under $30K a year when your rent keeps going up, the utilities show no sign of decreasing, and then groceries are getting to be outrageous. That is the great threshold in my opinion! That is the amount where you do not make enough to cover your expenses let alone enough to have a little break, but yet you make too much to get any form of assistance!

Oh, and did I mention that some people still do not have insurance? If I were a pilot, and making $117K a year or dare I dream the Corporate Executive salary of $167K, I would gladly take that stress for that amount of money any day of the week! IF I were able to have that kind of position, I would be at a company that offers insurance, and afford the bills I have. However being a common day person in a crumbling nation, with an economy that is imploding within itself... The people in this article have NO ROOM to cry foul!

I am NOT ever going to be rich in the financial aspect of life... I will never see an income in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollar range. I would love nothing more than to have a position where I had enough money to cover my expenses and then be able to go to the store and buy things that most take for granted... New shoes on occasion. New clothes for my wife and or kids... I would LOVE to be able to have the luxury of taking my family to a decent sit down restaurant and not have the anxiety eating at me about how much it is going to cost... These are freedoms and abilities that some, not many but some people have. I do NOT want to be rich! I want to be comfortable...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

5 Dead in Ohio... Why?

Yahoo Article of this horror!

A northern Ohio man shot to death his wife and three children before calling a police emergency operator early Saturday and killing himself, police said.

Alan Atwater, 31, of Oak Harbor called a 911-operator at 12:11 a.m. Saturday and told the communications deputy "there has been a terrible accident at my house, my wife and three children are dead," the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office said.
Asked what happened, Atwater told the dispatcher "gunshot wound" and then "I'm getting ready to kill myself right now," the sheriff's office said.

The dispatcher then asked Atwater "did you kill them?" and he said "yes." The dispatcher asked "what went on," and Atwater ended the call, the office said.

Police said they found five bodies upstairs at the family's two-story farmhouse about 30 miles east of Toledo including Atwater; his wife Dawn, 30; daughter Ashley, 4; and sons Isaac and Brady, ages 2 and 1 respectively.
Atwater had no criminal record other than non-drug or alcohol-related traffic violations and was employed in the maintenance department at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, the sheriff's office said. Detectives were continuing an investigation.

Not only did I feel the need to blog about this, I have pasted the comment I left on that article on Yahoo...

I cannot believe the state of things in today's world. I have been a lot of place and witnessed a lot of things in my travels. I have never found anything that could possibly justify harming a woman or child! I cannot grasp how some one could hurt or even go as far as taking the lives of women and or children... Then this man went even further and did these unspeakable acts to HIS OWN family! I am not saying it is justified to act upon these impulses on others, I am just in sheer terror how some one can take on a life with some one and then create a family, then goes so far to take them out of this life. I cannot figure that out! If he wanted to kill himself, whatever... Those kids and that woman could not possibly have done anything to warrant that punishment that he felt necessary... That family will be in my thoughts for quite some time! May the woman and the children rest in peace... Him? I hope he has plenty of marshmallows, hoping he ends up somewhere VERY warm!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royal Flush... the toilet!

Kate's pic in a Jelly Belly...

Above this edition of mindless rambling is a link as I am sure you see... The link will take you to a a Yahoo! story on how a couple found a jelly bean that has a triking resemblance to Kate Middleton or what ever her name is...

I do for some reason seem to be drawn to the news and current events in these modern times and I have no clue why but I am finding comfort in being as educated as I can while pushing the American paranoia and Government propaganda aside.

In my continued thirst of knowledge I see a lot of articles that do not even spark the slightest amount of interest in my mind. This rant is a contradiction in itself! The article I linked above is regarding the soon to be newly weds in the Royal Family.

In NO way shape or form do either of them have any bearing on me, my life, or impact anything I do since I was BORN here in a America! Why the American people and or media find this wedding and or anything to do with the Royal Family so damned interesting is beyond me!

On an average week day, Yahoo will have anywhere from 45-70 headlines and then there are sub-categories below it as well! For the last several weeks, or even months, I have lost count. Anyhow... I am so sick and overly tired of seeing stories about these kids getting married!

Wow, they were chummy in college, then she wore a lace skirt over her underwear to one of his classes and she had a body on her that made him pitch a royal tent! WOW! Riveting!

Every day I sort through the news articles to see what is going on in the world and even locally and I cannot go one day with out seeing at least 3 different articles about The Royal Wedding, who is invited, who got fake invites... OMG! Really? Where the hell does it end?

Oh wait, it doesn't! Now there is a jelly bean that has a STRIKING resemblance to her... That Jelly Belly looks like any woman with semi wavy hair! It is beyond the point of stupidity that theses kids are getting!

When I go to the grocery store, I am stuck waiting in line and what is on 1/3 of the magazine covers that I am surrounded by? That horse faced prince! Evey time I see Prince William, I swear he is the stunt double for Mr. Ed!

Seriously, I cannot wait for the day when this hype calms down! I am so sick of seeing them in the media! We have people HERE in America that are starving to death, we have people who cannot feed their families, and yet there are tons and tons of articles and websites and all sorts of other facets of coverage for this wedding that is costing the English people millions upon millions for a wedding! What the hell!? If I were living in England and saw the cost of this wedding, I would seriously consider starting a revolt!

Today I have seen 4 stories about the royal family. One I actually found amusing tho... The Queen is a part time gamer! She owns and plays a Nintendo Wii! That I found funny! However in what realm does any one really care this much about these kids? I doubt their own parents care this much?

Is it our years of neglect or the fantasy of the people to be one of the Royals? I don't get the attraction! I never will! Seriously!

While I was in college, I worked at the Andy Warhol Museum. While there I learned the origin of the phrase: "15 minutes of fame" Warhol said it and either did or tried to copyright the phrase in its entirety...

"In the future, every one will be famous for 15 minutes."

They have had months and months, and will be in the public eye for the rest of their lives... PLEASE for the love of God, put the spot light on some one else for 15 minutes! No, not me! I do not want to be in the spot light! I have a good life! I have a job, a wonderful wife and kids who I do adore! I do not need nor do I want fame to feel needed! Riches, that I would gladly take! However, the media needs to find more news worthy things to report!

I am all for the lighthearted message this jelly bean thing represents... It is a lighter side of life... Granted, the world is in a disturbing state of affairs, but please... PLEASE stop reporting on the royals for one day!? That would make me so much happier having been able to go 24 hours without seeing the redundant and mundane. The Monarchy is not something I care to read about, know about or see anything of...

The United States has enough problems that deserve and should get more coverage than a couple spoiled brats that will never know what it is to work a day in their lives! Again, we have OUR troops spread all over the world dying to protect our ways of life. We have entire families here that are homeless! Do we see people dropping millions of dollars at a time for that? Oh good lord no! Why not? Oh, I forgot it is not as important as following when the Royal Family members fart and sneeze...

I will never understand a lot of things, I am aware of that! The American Media will always remain one of those things!