Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I wrote to the West Boro Baptist Church...

I wish the title were a joke! It is not... I actually wrote them.

Their website has a lot of useless information on it about self perpetuating bullshit that no one with more than 3 brain cells would buy into...

My letter to them wrote:

I find it so funny how you god loving bible thumpers are so righteous. I am nothing in the way of religion. I am nothing in the way of politics.
On the flip side of that coin however, I can honestly say that your political religion is an abomination to any form of organizational orders...

How do you closed minded in-breeders recruit? How is it that you people are able to get more into your ranks?
You hate America? The get out! Plenty of people would rejoice at your departure! How no one has attempted to rid the Earth of you is amazing to me.
You claim to be so righteous and yet, you hate more than the Nazi's. Your hatred for ALL who do not share your DNA strand is actually rather self serving.
According to that book you people allegedly follow, you are not to preach as you do. You are NOT allowed or have the right to judge another person.
I do not believe in a god, not do I believe in a hell. Thinking of low lifes like yourselves, I would like to pretend I did! I would like to think that when you self promoting ignorant feltch monkeys make that final transition, that Christ himself would be there at the gates laughing his robe covered ass off in your faces!
Then I would like to see Satan himself dress Fred Phelps up like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction.
You people claim to be a church? No. Nazi's were not even that degrading! You morons really need to leave America! You do not like it here? We would be happy to boot you the hell out! You honestly think there is ANY OTHER country that would even remotely tolerate your stupidity? Answer is: No, not one.
Either shut up, and deal with the fact that no one else outside your walls is as stupid as you... or go elsewhere!

Not too difficult to figure out...

If there is a god, he may hate fags, lesbians, and all the rest like you too... If there was a god who was as selective as you... there would be no heaven, there would be nothing.


No deity can honestly be as self serving and ignorant as you.




The Mindful Lunatic...

 Now... I have to say that I cannot stand these fucktarded ass clowned feltch monkeys!

The more I see them, the more I think that they should be considered a domestic terror group, then I think about the oath our service men and women are to uphold...

To protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Why is it that the Pink Mafia and the Military cannot team up and storm their pinnacle of hatred?

Their website alone is proof of their blatant ignorance! Look at the glory hounding that they do in the media!

In this sick fucking country, how is it that these fucking morons are still on this side of the dirt? Seriously!

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