Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Snowden Did NO Wrong!

I have to say I am baffled at the hypocrisy of the AM3R!KAN government! I truly am! There are so many reasons I am stifled but today the mental jam is concerning Snowden...

Everyone knows of him! The guy that the NObama administration is saying committed espionage. The NObama administration is trying to force Russia to turn him over to face justice for his crimes. That my friends is what is confusing me! 

Snowden was an NSA Contractor. That means that he was paid to do things for the NSA. As a citizen of this country, he was required to do things for the NSA that he felt were not allowed or permitted by the constitution.

Correct me if I am wrong here... The Constitution of the United States of America is the single most important document in our failing country, is it not? The constitution is the foundation that was to govern a FREE nation. 

When the GOVERNMENT is doing things to their own people that is against what they are sworn to uphold, I am again asking the question: 


Let's be hypothetical for a moment, shall we? Say Snowden is for whatever reason tried on U.S. soil for what the NObama administration considers to be espionage. He would be tried in the American Court system.

When You go to court, whether you are the accused, the accuser, or a witness to the alleged crimes, you are required to take an oath. You are required to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god... 


Telling the truth is what got him in to a world of shit! Telling the truth is what got the panties of the NObama Administration twisted to so tight that they lost all the rest of the blood flow to their brains that are securely stored up their own asses... 

  I am again questioning:


He told the truth. That is what this country wants you to believe is right! The truth however is ever changing! The truth to one is a vicious and bitter lying attack to another.

Take a single die, or any other cube for that instance... You look at that cube, and you will see 6 sides of it right? That is the same with a truth.

Where Snowden sees the side of the die with the 1 dot... the government is twisting and manipulating that die to show you ever other side of that truth. The government a much longer standing institution will prevail unfortunately... They have a lot more practice at manipulation and accidental deaths than any one of us alive today could ever know about.

Personally, I applaud Snowden! I do, I truly appreciate his sacrifice. Sadly, in my lifetime I doubt I will see the full momentum of the wrecking ball of change he has started. I would love to see that one selfless act topple the self perpetuated Olympus that NObama has made for himself.

I do recognize that I have to not only pick on and exclude NObama! It has been ever president in modern years. There has NOT been ONE, not ONE president in office that was cut from the same cloth as the average American. There has not been one President that was from the people for the people.

I wish Snowden the best, and I can only stress that MORE need to follow in his footsteps! He started the ball swinging! It is up to us to give his actions meaning and momentum!

I am the Mindful Lunatic, and I approve this message!


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