Monday, April 9, 2012

Thinking Hard, Pushing Harder...

I am known at work and various other places for some of my off the wall views and analogies… However, one that for years I heard just literally baffled me until recently. When I was younger, I heard people make jokes about going to the bathroom to relieve themselves. More directly, when they made reference to “Thinking Really Hard” or someone would say along the lines of “I’m going to my office, I need to think!”

I have a theory on this… I do not understand medical terminology. I do not understand legalities of things. Both of those fields are written with a mixture of different tones in different languages, thrown in to a blender so that the common day people are awe struck that someone understands that crap!

Back to what I am trying to discuss here… When I need a break and I set out to do that very same thing, I have been finding that lately my best thinking and problem solving does happen when I am in there, doing just that!

Think about it! You remove yourself from your work environment, good! You are now geographically and visually relieving yourself of the surroundings of which are stressing you. Now, you cannot drop off a payload when you are all tensed up! So, you calm yourself, and you use techniques to ensure a more Zen like state to accomplish the new task at hand.

Let us recap so far.. You have removed yourself from your stressors, you have geographically made a transition, now you are doing everything to relax and not force things along and possibly rupture a blood vessel. So, we now have 3 very good things that promote thought processing all going on at once.

OK, now it is “Go Time!” You are there, and biting your lip and pushing with all you got! You are pushing with your gut, and forcing massive amounts of blood to rush into different areas of your body. One destination is your brain. With that flushing of the blood, there is a ton of oxygen! If you do not get oxygen to your brain, you die. So, this new payload of fresh new air hits your thinker, and it is now in over drive!

Now, your gears are REALLY on high octane! You have an issue, you are stumped and you take a break from that issue. Recapping again, you have stepped away, you have gone elsewhere, and you are calm. That is all fine and dandy, but you have not yet solved your issue! It is lying dormant, like a lion stalking its prey, waiting for your return. Even with all these good things in your favor you have that issue pushed to the back of your mind. That is just it though, it is on the back of your mind!

With your brain kicked into overdrive it will tap that issue and say that this is another area that has not been ventured, or try this route, what about this plan of attack? Your brain is as sophisticated as anything on Earth and all this is happening even if you do not realize it.

Then, it happens! The culmination of ALL things happening! You feel a rush of great relief, you hear a splash, and the solution hits you, depending on the previous meal, some back splash may also! However, I understand now… I really do! I understand WHY it is that I and many others actually do think better when sitting on the toilet!

Now, if I could get one with the ergonomics and lumbar support of my office chair… I could solve world hunger, and resolve the conflicts abroad!

In closing… If only we could get those tight assed people to poop more… You know some of them! They are wound so tight, if you shoved a lump of coal in their ass, you'd have a diamond in a week! Yes, them! Just think, if this could be done the world would be a MUCH better place to live!

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