Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am just wondering... WTF is wrong with PPL!

I am sinking at warp speed into an all too familiar depth of depression. I have asked many times over the year or so that this blog has bee active for feedback, comments of any kind. I have watched my stats and saw that my words are read in about 28 countries! Some, sadly I admit I never even heard of! Gotta love the American public education system!

I am tired of seeing things as they are! I love how people say that if you want to change things you need to vote. You need to contact your congressman! You need to... Here is a does of reality for you!

If you want to change something... GIVE UP! Nothing is changing anytime soon for the better! Those in control have it. Those in control will kill to keep it! If you think I am kidding, look at the news! Dictators are slaughtering thousands of people every day, and merely to prove a point!

I see no fucking point in voting here in U.S.! It is a fucking false sense of stupidity! The fucking meat puppets and ass clowns in the government at any level think that they are the supreme fucking order makers...


All those old crusty fucking ass faced hypocrites and lick the sweat off my American ass!

I am sick and tired of how things are! If I actually did make a motion or a movement... I would be hung and crucified by the media and I would be the enemy! TOO many blind and mindless sheep are too quick to judge off a headline instead of reading the facts! In this fucked up, soon to be communist country... I would be dealt with QUICK!

To all the ignorant, kool-aid drinking morons...  


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