Monday, March 26, 2012

Walt Disney's Loyalty Revealed

I have studied animation for many, many years. I have studied a lot of things over the years that I found interesting that either influenced animations or things in life that were inspired by other forms of art. So, in short, I have looked into a lot of things over the years!

I remember seeing Fox and the Hound by Disney when I was a kid... I was not quite 5 yet and I remember that trip to the movies VERY vividly! That is when my obsession with Disney films began. I watched everything Disney!

As time went on and life happened as it tends to do, I was thrown to the wolves of reality and I got wrapped up into another morbid interest that I have discovered due to History in school. We started learning about World War II. I was so shocked, mortified, and intrigued by the power of the Third Reich. Then my interest turned into obsession! I was reading the National Socialist Party, Nazi's for short. I knew more about Hitler and Germany then I did about our own President at that time. That was by the age of 16.

I have studied the Nazi rise and fall over the past several years. While having the interests I do and the thirst for knowledge I have for WWII, I still do all I can to learn what I can about animation and the new methods of things. While I was in college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I was rejected by Disney when I applied to be an animator for them. They rejected me with extreme prejudice! I was crushed!

Now, to any one reading this you are probably wondering why I am talking about the Nazi Party and Disney in the same rant... Well, it was a well known fact way back when that Walt Disney was a supporter of the Nazi Party! That is a fact that has in recent years been swept under the rug, hidden and the propaganda thta the Disney Amusement Parks are the happiest place on Earth... Yeah, OK...

I was told that Walt Disney was a supporter of the Nazi party. So, I ended up reading all I could the other night on this accusation in total disbelief! Some dismiss this accusation saying that when WWII started there were a LOT of Americans that backed the Nazi Party due to them fighting Communism.Our lack of information as to what was actually happening allowed for a lot of Americans to climb on board.

Disney however went a little further! Not only did he support the Nazi Party, he did movies for Nazi Propaganda! No, I am not kidding! There are several animations that he did and you can find the links to them below. The videos are posted and readily available to view on YouTube.

When I first started watching the first of MANY, I was thinking this is nothing more than some woe with a video editor and too much time on their hands. The animation then showed Donald Duck getting forced out of bed after having smashed his alarm clock that had no numbers, instead it has several swastikas on the face of the clock. Then Donald goes behind a dressing screen that is again covered in a swastika. Then after he's  dressed he salutes a picture of Hitler, and his 2 highest ranked officers.  It went on from there...

Hitler's Duck...

The next one I watched was another Disney movie done in Technicolor... It was titled: Hitler's Children: Education for Death.

Hitler's Children: Education for Death

That one was the most disturbing of all! I was so taken back at this that I was sitting there in sheer amazement as to how anything of this magnitude could have been released!

I have been to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., I have watched almost every single movie and or documentary on WWII. I have a lot of opinions and thoughts about the things I have seen and the thoughts that have been influenced by this self induced education.

I will hold my opinions, and thoughts within, for now any how... However i just find it so funny and yet at the same time very disturbing that Disney took part in something of that nature at any point in time or to any degree...

I work with a guy that LOVES Disney and a certain character in particular. The character that he is obsessed with is not Donald, it is another from a more recent era. However this man I am referring to is Jewish. While I was still in shock from all that i had learned over the past 48 hours, he came up tome and we were talking about animations and Disney of all things. I tried to drop my new found knowledge on him and he totally denied and rejected what I was telling him! He walked away from me in total disgust!

There are so MANY THINGS in life and history that people refuse to look at, acknowledge or to even consider! They are so wrapped up in what they hold true.

I have never, and I will never be happy being blindly led to the slaughter, I will never sit back and drink the kool-aid that is handed to me by society and the government especially!

If ANY ONE reads this... All I can say is: Please, if you have a question! READ! There is so much propaganda in the news, the media, and in life in general! Our short time here on Earth is over way too quick to sit back and just swallow the lies and custom made jargon that we are force fed! QUESTION everything! If you have doubts, I promise you that you are not the only one and you will not be the las tone to harbor those thoughts!

Question everything, research anything you find interesting! Look into things you have thought about! Education is so viral and so important! But what do I know? I am a high school drop out with no degrees, or certifications...

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