Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quran + Fire = Toasty Marshmallows

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of camel jockey rag-heads got all kinds of pissed off about the U.S. burning some 70+ QOORANTS! GOOD! I find it very entertaining to piss off these fucking hadji's! I really do! I have no interest in anything those ass pounders have to offer! 

The article explained how they were so pissed off and outraged... 

That is when I made this comment and I will also post those that followed. 

Let me get this straight... These brainwashed, turban-tucking, militant morons can burn our flags, they can totally ignore the rules of engagement, and they kidnap our people and behead them on their TV and internet sites, that is OK! However if someone disposes of their book which is worthless to anyone NOT MUZLEM... Then they rally and blame that action for provocation to bring more violence... Ahh, I forgot that they themselves are a peaceful nation and religion... Yeah, and Capt. Kangaroo, and Col. Mustard were great Military leaders...

That entire faith can fall into oblivion! I am happy they are burning the COORANT! Very happy about it! Personally, if I had the resources, I would take every single MUZLEM, shove one of their books up their back crack and then light that thing ablaze! I hope that every page gives a nice paper cut going in! Then the accelerant I chose for a lubricant would add a nice tingly feeling!

I once felt sorry for them due to the treatment that they got here on U.S. soil... Now, I am a lot more educated in their ways and having read that piece of SH-lT that they call a holy book? They are the most diluted bunch I have ever seen! Holy book huh? No, holy SH-lT is more like it! MUZLEMS can burn with their books in hand! I would be happy to provide the gasoline and lighter fluid!

Eric => Kabul, Afghanistan
Dude you're an idiot who would also allow the sacrifices of innocent American Soldiers to save your own #$%$ If we were to intentionally insult them and their culture we would be no better than they are.. What kind of example is that setting for the rest of the world? That we are hypocritical? You need to shut your mouth and let Obummer take away your rights individually and detain you indefinitely without a lawyer. Soon our country will become Socialist America and it's ignorant people like you who need to get a brain who are driving this Big Government Choo Choo Train. Just hold out your hands like the rest of the Mindful idiots who think the government needs to take care of them.

Eric => Kabul, Afghanistan
RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Eric... I happily insult them! WE DO NOT BELONG THERE! They do NOT belong HERE! When I see how Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and many other AMERICAN Companies are catering to them now? NO! PLEASE you want to fling mud and call names!? I have read their holy SH-lT book! OK!? I know what they are doing! I UNDERSTAND why they are here! It is stupid kool-aid drinking morons like you that know squat! You hurl insults and what no thinking you know something! Their COORANT says to deceive, and infiltrate to make it easier to conquer their enemies... OK!? You want an education on them? Fine, I will be happy to give you one! Write me again and I will post some VERY interesting passages that I have kept for morons LIKE YOU!

Another thing Eric... You have NO fucking clue who I am, what I stand for... I want ever single one of them turban tucking pieces of SHIT our of America, off of U.S. soil! I want OUR troops brought home! They swore an oath to defend OUR country! Not spill their blood on foreign soil fighting for the 1% to get fatter and more wealthy! You want to call me an idiot and you sit there and tell me how I am driving the Government train?! DUDE, YOU ARE A fucking knob!

Islam is truely sick. I don't uderstand how when given freedo,, like living in the US. They still follow that 6th century crap. The christians at least don't kill anyone for heresy anymore, they did big time at one point in history.

Did you get it all out, or do you need an additional block? We are in their Country, got it??? This is hopeless, gotta go... Hate is a constant in America, hell you hate your fellow citizens just as much... God Bless You All...

@ Marvin: Not ONE Nation, Religion, or Race has a monopoly on hate! OK!? Now, you are right at a couple tings... I hate a lot of Americans also! However, I live and go about my daily practices alongside other Americans. When there are these brain washing morons pushing this crap and trying to make the entire world live in a 7th century life style? Oh hell no! They want to live like that? Great! Let them go live in caves raping goats! I will stay here and do what I can to better my life and the lives of my family. No one here in America loves everyone. If there were any like that, someone would surely rob, rape, and kill that person! Isn't America GREAT!?

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