Friday, March 2, 2012

Proof... Of What? Proof of... Who?

The yahoo headline reads:

Investigators may have discovered earliest 

evidence of Christian iconography in Jerusalem

Now... I will fully admit that I am not in the "right" frame of mind most days, if any at all... I saw this article, I read this article and I had to have my fun! Yes, I had to! I was feeling exceptionally frisky that day and I was actually in a happy, laughing mood but still was looking for a war of words! I looked, and I found! LOL!

Comment # 1: 


Comment # 2: 

Personally, I think that Jesus needed to gem and stack haste! The bible itself said that it took him 3 days to rez! 

Comment #3:

2000+ years people have been looking for Jesus! Gimme a Thumbs UP if you also feel it is time that we crown him as the hide and seek champion!

Ironically I have to say I am amazed, surprised and just in awe that my first 3 comments got no replies! A lot of thumbs up... Finally the public is starting to grasp my morbid sense of humor!

Then I continued on my path looking for a a war... I found my opponent and it was ON! 

Watchman on the Wall:
All you from the "dark side". You read the title of the story, and yet you read it anyhow. If you are so sure of it's "unauthenticated" status, why do you hang around? What exactly is your purpose here? I understand you. I know. Every time a Christian or Jewish article is published, Satan your father shoves you. It's your mission to insult and discredit and carry out the devil's work. Fools. Having said that, better get to work, your time is quickly ticking away. Tick, tick, tick.

Join the Dark Side! We have cookies!

Another comment...

clue you are a fool. You will surely go to hell in a HAND BASKET. Hand Delivered

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone… Sound familiar?

Another comment...

My Grandmother (an evil, evil woman) claimed to be a so called "Christian". God was always going to get someone for something. When Kennedy was shot it was a sign the end is near, if man landed on the moon God would destroy the world, we will never see the year 2,000 because the Bible talks about a thousand years not thousands - I could go on and on, I'm still waiting, so far no end.

VERY well put! Sadly the list goes on and on!

That is a very unintelligent comment. Have you ever read even part of the Bible?

Jane is a prisoner of here grandmothers mind and cant think for herself!

Have I read the Bible!!!! I use to stand on the street corner and preach the word until the day I snapped out of my brainwashed state and put two and two together. It's all a scam.

Religion is the 2nd largest money maker in the world! Yes, I did say second! The #1 spot goes to the Adult Entertainment Industry! Seeing how I have internet that I pay for, there is plenty of free stuff that I do not support that #1 industry.

Another Comment... 

Watchman on the Wall:
Unbelievers have hope. They hope they're right and everyone else is wrong.

I'm not hoping about anything. I just know you stopped thinking a long time ago.

Watchman on the Wall:
You're partially right. I stopped thinking about losers like you.

Really? Funny how EVERY single religion on the face of this floating rock thinks that their religion is "THE ONE"! Who is right? Who is wrong? The answer to both questions is... You all are...

Watchman... I have been watching your posts. Seeing how you have the Star of David as your avatar, I am going to go out on a limb and assume you are a Muslim? Nah, I am kidding! I wanted to get your attention! Now that you are probably pretty riled up, I want to ask you a question... OK? You ready for this? WHY, why is it that all you fanatics of any religion are so damn judgmental? If I am not mistaken, it says in Matthew 7: Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged...

Another Comment...

Watchman on the Wall:
I can give you from the "dark side" an infinite number of reasons to believe Christ was crucified, buried and resurrected for you. You, on the other hand, cannot give me ONE good reason why I should accompany you on your one way trip to hell. Not one. Not a single one.

Better MUSIC! Better food! MORE COMPANY! There are 3 right off the rip! I know I can come up with more!

Watchman on the Wall:

Mindful ... that's just to tease you to get you there. You really think that's going to continue afterwards. Boy are you in for a BIG disappointment. The plug's already been pulled Bubba.


Hey Watchman... Sorry for the delay in replying. I was busy organizing my satanic paraphernalia for the short and direct trip to the deep south. So, to answer your mudslinging... You religious A8S Clowns are all alike! You take the loving words of your god and you cast them on us so called heathens! Your words are not kind! They are not wise! They are hurled and used as daggers! So, I have 2 lines of scripture that I KNOW you know...

1. Judge not, lest ye be judged
2. He who is without sin may cast the first stone.

You fanatics are so wound up in the evil that WE do, that you are so oblivious to the very same evil doings of your own kind and self... In short and closing, this heathen would like to invite you to go ahead and screw yourself! Have a great rapture you narrow minded jaggoff!  

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