Sunday, March 25, 2012

NObama has the Muzheds on Payroll!

I saw an article that is posted on Yahoo! and it says how the Government is paying the fucking MUZLEMS $50Keach for the killed Afghans from the "Alleged" Rampaging American Soldier... Oh, $11K to each of the wounded... 

My comment is simple! The comment below is what I posted on, unedited!

I am NOT paying ANY MORE F***lNG TAXES! The A*S Clowns in office are paying these turban tucking butt pluggers to kill us! They want us DEAD! Unless the televised beheadings and kidnapping of US and other country people are all a hoax! Their crappy excuse of a holy book says to SLAY ALL INFIDELS! Last time I checked not too many born Americans are MUZLEM! So... that makes the majority of us infidels! Now, we are PAYING these nut jobs?! I REFUSE to pay any more taxes! F*** THE IRS!

If you would like to see that article in its entirety, click here!

I HATE the Muzheded, Turban tucking, camel jockeying, butt pluggers! They can all fucking ROT!

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