Saturday, March 3, 2012

N. Korean Step Child...

The report that is posted on Yahoo! states that with N. Korea agreeing to halt nuclear enrichment, they will stop being as menacing and in return the U.S. will send them lots and lots of food...

GREAT! The Communist Country is going allegedly going to stop doing bad things. In return the U. S. is going to stick our asses in the air and let them ride bare back! We the People are ridden hard and long by those here let alone those who are wanting to overthrow us. Now, seeing how we are sending them aid and food... That must mean that we have NO ONE here that is hungry, homeless, sick, etc... Right?

The article is able to be seen here. This is the comment I posted on that article:

What the hell is this!? I know that my taxes go to helping AMERICANS in need! I know that the tax money helps fund welfare and other social agencies... At least a large percentage of the Welfare Recipients here are AMERICAN citizens! Those people I feel obligated to help! Not some slant eyed, dying regime who kicks, screams, and cries till they get their way!

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