Monday, January 16, 2012

Vitamin D: The Natural Happy Pill

Another Yahoo! article that I felt compelled to talk about... Another article where they are acting as if they have no idea the reason or cause of an illness... Vitamin D elevates your mood, eases joint pains and many other useful things! The most natural source of this vitamin is the reaction your skin has when in contact with sun light... Now, I am one who does suffer from of number of "clinical diagnosis" and I am stuck living in a place for the time being that the sun is NOT a very heavy or abundant commodity! I have to say that this article is far fetched at best! 

This article is taking the approach that they are still unsure... REALLY!? How much more sure do you need to be!? 

I am convinced there is a cure for cancer! I am not going to be told or convinced that AIDS is not man made... Think about it though! Think hard! If they were  to announce the cure for cancer and or AIDS, the world economy would be totally FUCKED! End of story! Look at all of the research, fund raising, research, testing, all the jobs that would be lost! Millions of people out of work! TRILLIONS of dollars lost in the first month alone! 

Looking in to the medical field, the medicines I was once on are extremely expensive! One month of my medications with no insurance costs me $2200... Now, looking at the EXACT same medication and dose are being sold in China by OUR drug companies! The research we pay for is giving it away over seas! Even after the monetary conversion, my meds that catch $2200 from me a month, are sold in China for just about $19 American... LOVE IT! 

However, more to the point of this post! The article can be found here...

The article says that it is unclear what happens first, the depression or the deficiency... I will bet anything or any amount of money that it is the lack of vitamin D that is a very heavy contributing factor! They are putting it in this article along the lines of what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Here is my take on it... What happens first? Are you hungry, or do you eat? Most of us are going to eat cause our body is telling us we are hungry! (I am a heavy guy, so please do not think I am picking on or singling anyone out!) I am just saying it is as simple as cause and effect and these "researchers" are making a mountain out of a mole-hill!

If there is a lack of Vitamin D, depression is soon to follow! Looking at how your body processes Vitamin D, it is needed for mood stabilization in the brain to produce the chemicals to combat depression! Now, in almost any American especially today the average stress level coupled with that lack of Vitamin D is going to wreak havoc! What is so hard to understand!? 

This is a cut and dry case, that they need to continue to looking, and studying to get more funds! Why!? Problem solved! Do things to introduce MORE Vitamin D into their daily routines! There are supplements! There are full-spectrum bulbs available at most chain hardware stores and or online! For those who do not know what a Full Spectrum Bulb is, no worries, I had no idea till recently myself. They are a bulb that you use for light like any other... They actually produce light that is rich in Vitamin D. As if you were out in the sun on a shiny summer day! They are a bit pricey, but what is worse? $6-$10 a bulb? Or Shrinks, Meds, and torturing those around you?

Trust me, I speak from experience! I have suffered from severe depression and a few other very nasty diagnoses...

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