Saturday, January 28, 2012

NObama Unifies Dems? Huh?

There was an article on how NObama is bringing Democrats together... and your point would be?

I will admit that I did not read the entire article! At this point NObama's very existence bothers me! So, I wrote this in reply to the article, I was seriously surprised at the 16 thumbs up I got! LOL!

STOP the companies outsourcing of OUR jobs! Stop exporting resources we use and need here! STOP BORROWING FROM CHINA!

NObama has done nothing to better our lives as Americans! He has done leaps and bounds for his Muzlem Brothers! Not too much for anyone else! I am saddened that he will still be remembered as the first Black President! Regardless of the crap he has done, and lack of change he has brought!

I am happy knowing that he will soon be ending his 1 term presidency!

Ron Paul 2012!

I was treated to a discussion that I plan on continuing, the user: GP started to comment...

Libertarians believe in open borders and free trade... I think you have your candidates mixed up!

@ GP: I am not a political person. I am for the American people! I am an American! I was born and raised here on American soil! I personally do not care what side does what, I am concerned with the fact that the government as a whole, not either side is to blame! The entire collection of the politicians in my opinion have, are, and will continue to fail us! They are doing what is best for them and their bottom lines! They could not care less about us! My posting is not about Libs, Dems, Reps, it is about all of them as a collective! I love my country! I live in fear of the government! I DESPISE those who run the show!

You don't have to live in fear of the government. That's populist nonsense. The government is plagued with apathy, inefficiency and bloat just like the private sector. It is too big, yes but inertia is a strong force. The real problem is that very same inertia. None of the candidates have a real plan to reign in the size of government on any level. This notion of the private sector being the answer to everything is folly because they are 1/3 of the problem. We the People are another third...

@ GP: First I want you to know I did not give the thumbs down. I see your point and while I see where you angle is, I still harbor a different opinion. I will elaborate on my thoughts later when I have more time. I am enjoying this! A conversation with points discussed and no nerd raging! I LIKE THAT!

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