Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grab KY! It is Tax Season...

Dear IRS:

I would like to cancel my subscription! Please remove my name and address from your mailing lists! Thank you for your cooperation and attention in this matter!


The American Tax Payer...

I do not remember agreeing to send Americans to die in other countries fighting wars that are not ours. I do not remember authorizing the spending of $14 trillion dollars into the negative! My bank cuts me off after $300 in to the negative, how is it that your account is that well vested?

I do not understand how it is that we owe China money! I am trying to do my best at raising my children and I teach them about freedoms, and how America is the greatest country in the world! What kind of hypocrite am I when I say this and we owe billions to a communist country?

At no point did I agree to fund moozlum militants!

At no junction in time did I sign a contract allowing you to take away the freedoms that American men and women are sent to die for... I understand that song, freedom is not free... However, if you are planning on continuing to bend me over every 2 weeks when I get my disappointment, I mean paycheck... I would LIKE very much so, to have some say in where all the money I pay in is going! If this cannot be arranged, I see no reason to continue to support you either!

I love my country, I fear my government, and I hate those who cannot understand what a negative balance is! Especially a $14 trillion dollar negative balance!

Nothing will change... I only see it getting further and further into the bad... Then at the point of no return, everyone will stand up and say: "W-T-F happened?! How did we let it get this way!?"

The blind sheep will see that lack of actions now, have doomed us later!

Night-Night! Sleep tight, don't let the suicide bombers bite...

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