Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Kool-Aid! Just Follow, Don't Ask!

As I have mentioned, I am trying to write again! It is a very slow process! I am torn between work, my family, my game and trying to be creative! I have to again applaud my English teacher from last Semester! He referred to himself as: Dawson, and that is all the more I will describe him as... however, he said that writing in journals, diaries, or even blogging is not gay, not stupid, and by no means is it pointless! 

I explained to him how I had fallen under ridicule of some of my friends and peers for my new found creative outlet... That is when he said the most awesome thing to me! He said: "Dude, you have to let the poison out sometime!"

I have not found too many other sites that I can read and comment on articles and reply to other people's thinking and challenge them and in turn be challenged! This and the other 63 posts I have done is me letting out the poison and to be quite frank, I am challenging everyone that reads my posts! 

The challenges are a 2 way street if not more than! If you agree with me? Please tell me why! No one on Earth falls inline with my thinking and or mental instabilities! If you do, wow... Sorry bout your luck! 

This is another bloodletting of another Yahoo! article... The article is

Below are the comments I made that started a few thrashings at me!

(Original Comment): 

YAY! More kool-aid! Where do I get in line? The crap that they spoon feed the blindly following sheep! Most of the people reading this probably believe we landed on the moon... Good luck with that!

Little Red Ridinghood:
You have no mind. How can you be mindful. The lunatic part you have right. But the rest shows how smart you really are. Dumb #$%$
@ Lil Red: I am not a dumb a*s... Just to clarify. I have an I.Q. that has been tested 4 times in my life. The most recent was when I was 32 years old. I am now 35... So, looking at that most recent testing, I scored 129 points, just so you are aware, 140 is genius. I think I am doing really well! I have taught myself how to write 5 scripting languages and I am working on 6 and 7 now. I am currently working as an I.T. / Networking Technician for a very well known airline. Again in reply to your accusation, no I am not.

If you would pull your head out of your rectum and look at the evidence that is staggering and overwhelming in every degree that they have debunking the theory we visited the moon, you would have a better view of things, and not to mention your breath would greatly improve!

Now, here is something you may also not be aware of... I will not bow to you and or anyone else's way of thinking! I fit into no molds or line... I am an individual who thinks for myself and will always seek reason not faith! OK? So, when I say what I did, I stand by it!

The facts of this story are beyond comprehension! There were other stories a few months ago about how a Telescope housed on Earth can see 13 Billion light years away! You have any idea how many miles that is? Light years is NOT TIME! It is a measure of DISTANCE!

Here is the math on that since you are probably too stupid or lazy to do it yourself!

Speed of Light = 186,000 miles per second

60 seconds per minute

60 minutes per hour

24 hours a day

365.25 days per year

1 Light year =  5,869,713,600,000

Now, multiply that by 13 Billion =  76,306,276,800,000,000,000,000

That is how far they claim that they can see into space… I refuse to believe that! You are probably laughing at me for the 365.25 days in the calendar year right? An Earth day is actually 23 hours and 56 minutes! Early on in time they decided 24 hours was easier to track and maintain… That is why we have lead year once every 4 years! There is an additional .25 or ¼ of a day at the end of a year… 4 years x .25 = 1 whole day… And you are calling me the dumb ass? Really?

do you believe in god? if so you are the true sheep.

@Melisa: I believe what I find comfort in. I do NOT believe in any one religion! I believe in a lot of things and when I start to tell people what I do believe, I have actually had people get up and walk away and I have the more extreme where some have actually assaulted me! I do not get into my thoughts on the public stage any more. Too many idiots!

The funny thing is, after I posted these comments I still got thumbs up and a few more down... NO more comments. Funny how people will swing at and attack those who they feel will not fight back... You swing at me, you will get a shot or three in...Swing enough times, you will pull back a bloody stump! 

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