Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Senator Portman...

Today, I was once again treated to another soliciting email from a senator. I hate the majority of people, I am able to say that with extreme ease. Too often today no matter who they are, gender, race, religion, etc. people in general are fucking morons!

The people I hate more than anyone alive or dead are politicians! The human race by nature is a self serving species! Take care of #1! You hear that a lot! I follow that advice all the time! My #1 is my family however. They come first and foremost in my life. So, when it comes to their needs and if applicable wants, they are met before my own or anyone else's!

Serving oneself and or one's family is a natural thing, natural idea! There are the majority today where they serve themselves first and foremost and they are not afraid to use their family to get it! Too many people today see a fatter check for popping out more babies! Some people suffer from Munchhausen Disease, that is using your kids or family to the sickest degree! 

Getting back on track and to my point, politicians of any level and or degree are self serving to a new level! They will sleep sound every night knowing that the bottom lines of their bank statements keep on growing and growing. These men and women support the causes that will better their own platform! I get sick and tired of watching these people with no reservations on sending trillions of OUR dollars paid in taxes to other countries!

They spent $1.2 trillion trying to fight a war that did not exist! We were watching 9/11 on TV and on 9/12 they were dancing in the streets and burning our flags! Then years later they needed our help and who do they call collect? Yes, called us for help and made us pay for the phone call!

The government sends our men and women to die on foreign soil in wars that we fund and are NOT OURS! These politicians again sleep peacefully knowing that the wars being waged are miles and miles away and they lay there in their comfort lining their pockets with money soaked in blood of American Soldiers!

So, with this being an election year, I am already sick and tired of the shit-slinging that is sure to ensue! When I got the soliciting email from Senator Portman, I again unsubscribed! Yes, I said AGAIN! I have unregistered my main email account 3 times! However, I unsubscribed again and it took me to his page. There, I saw a "Contact" link... I did! I wrote the good old senator and I gave him some insight to an average American tax payer's mind!

Dear Sen. Portman:

I am a proud American! I am very grateful for my freedoms that the Government is sworn to protect and uphold. Those very same freedoms that people like yourself are now taking from me and the rest of us!

I get sick and tired of getting political solicitation in my email, mailbox, and seeing it plastered all over every sign I pass!

I hate the politics here! How are we supposed to defend capitalism when we owe China the largest communist country in the world, $1.2 billion?

I laugh at the political campaigns you people have! I think it is absolutely absurd! It is not a race of what you are planning to do! It is a dig fest! You and your supporters stand there on a platform being holier than thou and showing how you would NEVER do the things your opponent has done or supports!

I LOVE my country! I thank every single military man and woman when I see them in public! I refuse to vote! I refuse to support ANY of you crooks! Why should I pay you to do nothing!? I am supporting millions of welfare recipients as it is! Even more depressing is that needing assistance myself I am entitled to NOTHING!

So to you and all your other friends and foes... I hate American Politicians! I hate the whole lot of them! You people have no clue how to do anything right! Anything that makes sense or would help We the People is an idea that seems to be punishable by death!

I will support my fellow Americans! I refuse to cross the street to help a politician stand up after getting hit by a falling piano...

You politicians spend trillions of tax dollars over seas helping these foreigners who want us dead. You send aid and rebuild their houses and building only for them to destroy them again! BUILD HERE! Keep our MEDICINES HERE! I have not been to a doctor in over 2 years due to lack of insurance! My medications are $2200 a month without insurance... In China, $13 American AFTER conversion!

Sorry to say this... However that is bullshit! I am AMERICAN by birth and choice! So are the majority of the people in office! ACT LIKE IT!

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