Thursday, September 1, 2011

Urban Name Game...

This started off due to the blatant ignorance of some of the NFL Players. It has turned into considerably more! LOL!

This string of posts has been up for 50 minutes so far. I have 10+ and 0-, that is FUNNY to me!

Mindful Lunatic:

I hate these players today! I cant stand how they are overpaid and godly worshiped by people! They are HUMAN! They are in most cases very ignorant and uneducated! The majority of these people will never understand reality! This man is beyond ignorant!

The names of these people today? Really? I dont get it! Is there some kind of hidden competition among welfare recipients and crack heads to make the most outlandish names?

Again, I cant stand this guy and that Chad 88 Nimrod! Both are starved for attention! Nothing more! I think that they were neglected as children and now that they are on a national stage, they feel it necessary to gain as much attention as humanly possible!

There are a lot more examples that I could reference, however unlike these wastes of space I have to get to work! I have a job that requires thought and actual work in order to hope to cover my bills! Sadly, I have a job that actually helps people in a positive manner and I make less in a year than what these fools pay in taxes per game... Disgusting!

Sounds like you are envious, jealous, and ignorant. The tri-fecta

You're just jealous; shut your @#$% face.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Blake & Byron: Oh, I am jealous of the money, yes! I have a job that requires actual intellect! Not physical endurance! That does bother me! I have a family of 4 and I have to work 2 and sometimes 3 jobs while I am finishing up school. I cannot figure out HOW and or WHY these people are over glorified!

As far as the name thing? No... I am VERY happy with the fact that it does not take an Urban Lack of education and abundance of ignorance to pronounce my name!

Wow, a black man that can run REALLY fast! Paint the balls green and that will eliminate the fumbles in the NFL! When was the last time you saw a black man drop a watermelon?

Lunatic, do you need a hug?

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Ezri: Yes... Would be rather difficult tho! I am allowed only 1 hour of PC time and 4 hours or rec time a week... The hug would be one sided on account of the strait-jacket. Appreciated, but still one sided...

One day. I will give you one day in the NFL. If could honestly tell me you didn't use any of your brains then I'd say you are somewhat correct. At the end of that one day you will find out your comment is very stupid though. These guys have to make decisions in seconds, or less than. There is a reason these guys are fast and big.... You have to be.

So do us all a favor and take yourself to an NFL practice for one day. I'm guessing we won't have to read anymore idiotic posts from you. Good luck surviving said day.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Nathan... You know nothing about me! I played football for 8 almost 9 years! I suffered multiple injuries from sprains, and turf toe - concisions and broken bones, and guess what... I still played even injured!

So, your challenge, I could and would EASILY live up to! You wanna talk smack? I may be a desk jockey now, something tells me that if you and I met in an alley, I would still be the one walking out...

Have a good day! =D

** I may be Insane, but These People are Just Stupid! **

What is with these names? For example, I have done some digging and found the first names of known or up and coming athletes here in America. Tell me that I am wrong! You can’t! Truth is stranger than fiction!

The comment I made about these people making it a competition is NOT a joke! Look at the first names of REAL people in sports: 

Nu’Keese, Barkevious, Vontaze, DeQuinta, Washuan, Rantavious, Jamontay, Tyrik, Uzoma, JerQuari, DeAntre, Radermon, Tavoris, Nesly, Shavod, Lemonjello. Orangejello, Antavian, Bunduka, Jeffvon, Dijon, Dontrayevous, Shaquelle, Oshae, Quron, DeAntwan, Ka’Lial, Kyrhi, Jacquain, Kayvon, Kamran, Adaris, Quartez, Lavasier, Diante, Izaan, Dezmen, Joelil, Duwyce, Ja’Gared, Keivon, Yahshua, Shenard, Stavion, Tahj, Lamin, Carneal, Zaccheus, Je-Mes, Kevious, Chaun.

Oh! Almost forgot the twins Le'mond Gelo and Oran'Gelo they break the mold, the jell-o mold!

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