Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Those Viewing...

I would again like to thank all that are looking in on my words and thoughts! I find the growing numbers to be rather intriguing and very encouraging to say the least!

While I am not trying to send up any red flags or spike paranoia! I do have the ability to see what countries are viewing my blog, as well as other trivial statistics. I find it absolutely fascinating to see what countries are popping up! I did not think when I started this that it would be beneficial to any extent!

This blog serves as a medium to me that lets me stand in the middle of a filled room and scream as loud as I want and no one is forced to react. Not one person reading my "endless rants" is being held there at the PC at gunpoint! At least, I hope not!

I find the growing numbers of views therapeutic! I hope that if there are others out there like me, that they too see that they are NOT alone on this miserable mud ball!

I am far from alone! I have a very patient, enduring, and loving wife, and I am also the very proud father of a decent number of children. (I am not too much for sharing actual details!) Regardless of how much I ramble on, I am actually a very private person. I know, irony at it's best!

However, back to the "Being Alone" idea... There are a lot of people out there searching for others who do not buy into the political and or religious propaganda that is force fed, and injected from the point of birth! I question EVERYTHING! I have lost a lot of people who would have been or could have been a great ally in my life. However, my inability to accept drove them away! All due to my unwillingness to just fall in line.

To all those out there, if you do not understand something? For the love of anything or one you hold near and dear! QUESTION IT!

That said. If anyone is at all willing to share some feed back, I would graciously appreciate it! I want to know HOW you are finding me? Why you come back? I am very curious to know this!

I have seen over 15 different counties look at MY blog... WHY!? I don't get it! I talk about things here that I do not want to trouble others with! I find it easier to communicate here, rather than bore someone to death with my views and what 80% of the population is convinced to be madness... Funny how when I make a prediction on things, maybe a month, or a year later things start heading the way I saw... Then I am not the crazy one.

I am happy to admit that I find it comforting to know that I am labeled to be clinically insane! By all medical reasoning and psychiatric measures, I am mentally ill. However, it is even more mind blowing that more and more people see that my point of view is not only profound but on occasion dead on!

It has been said many times over the past 12 - 15 years that I have the guts to say what most want to but are too scared! I don't want to say I have nerves of steel and ice! I have the lack of fear for repercussion! I am very happy and privileged to live in a country where I am allowed to say what ever is going through the jello mold in my head.

I LIKE IT! I will continue to do so! With out thought we are nothing! With out expression, we have no point! With out a purpose, what is there to be? Nothing...

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