Monday, September 5, 2011

Punishment vs. Abuse

I was raised in a time not too far off… I am in my mid 30’s and it is rather sad how things have become even in my lifetime. Sadly the digression in society is in the name of “Progress”… Yeah, right!

When I was growing up, I got in trouble in school I remember that the punishments were in line with the offense. I remember the teacher drawing a circle on the chalk board and I was to stand with my nose in the dead center of the circle. If I moved out of the circle, I was awarded an additional 10 minutes of standing. Yay me!

I remember another time I got 5 day in-school suspension only after getting 3 swats with a wooden paddle that I had to choose from. There was a small collection hanging on the wall in the principal’s office. Then the fun part was yet to come… I had to sit there while the Principal called my parents and told them of the issue I had been involved. Then he told them the punishment that I had endured. When I got home, I was then treated to more swats and loss of luxuries. Not like the kids today, when I was restricted to my room, I did not have an Xbox, Wii, and a DVD player in there.

I was not paid to do yard work, I was not monetarily compensated for the manual labor bestowed upon me. I was given enough paper over the course of my punishments over the years that could only be measured in reams, and I was required to write hundreds upon hundreds of sentences that was in relation to the trespass I committed.

Back in my days while living at home, I was not a “guest” I was a family member and to that end I had to live up to the things that were provided. Today’s parents spoil their kids with whatever they ask for in hopes of keeping them out of their hair. As children do, these kids get older and grow further out of control they are lavished with space, more money, and absolutely no rules or fear of consequence.

People never question these actions. Not at all… Not until it is TOO LATE! Kids today have NO IDEA what things are in real life… Not a clue!

With the way things are heading today, thanks to our law making monkeys being hell bent and leaving the hope for a stable future spiraling out of control as we crash into the bedrock of hell.

We the people have elected these liberal ass clowns to sit high and mighty in control of guess who… WE THE PEOPLE! We no longer have control on how we raise our own children, A.K.A.: OUR FUTURE… There is literally no hope is there!?

The law says that I am in charge of how my children act in public and interact with other kids and society in general. When a child acts out and is still a minor, we the parents are held responsible. So, why the hell is this acceptable!? We are required to teach them right from wrong. We are supposed to make sure that they are ready to merge into the mainstream that is REALITY…

Today people do not have the authority to correct their kids, and then the kids grow up, without rules, without laws, without fear of consequence.  

I understand that there is a difference between abuse and correction. I get that, I am in no way promoting the abuse of any child! I have extensive knowledge on the subject and I can talk quite well and verse on the subject.

I have to say that with the way things are and how they are looking… My hopes for the future are getting more and more dim by the minute… Thanks to all the abused and overly sensitive old crusty farts sitting on the elected seats that they warm with their calloused backsides.

I will be raising my children in the ways I see fit. They will know what respect and rules are. They will be corrected, and if need be I will use force when needed. My children will NEVER under any circumstance be abused! They have the rest of their lives to be beaten into a submission by the over bearing and hypocritical law makers in Washington and various other municipalities…

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