Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Job Proposal Plan...

Nobama  has proposed a $450 Billion Economic Jump Start…

Wow, where do I even begin on this one!? Personally I think that this is all the proof that we need to "Randomly" select a Government Employee to a drug test! I am now, more than ever convinced that this man is on crack!

Let us take a stroll around the geography and look at other Countries that STAND ALONE! Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. Just to name a few that are doing just fine. Wonder why that is?

This Lunatic has some thoughts… I believe that if you watch the evening news and you see the people rising up against their regime and or dictator, you will NEVER SEE any of the named countries above standing up and shoving their fingers in to the mess like a deranged sex addict hopped up meth!

EVERY SINGLE time I see a skirmish break out, I look around and am asking: How long till we are sending people… It is usually a matter of days before there is a “Presidential Announcement” that America MUST step in, Must get involve, Must lay down the law!


We had a Civil War here, who got involved? We are NOT the World Police! We the People here in the United States are Sick, Tired, and Hungry! Yet, the idiots and crusty old farts up on Capitol Hill find it totally fine to send OUR tax money that we are gouged for to fund OTHER people’s wars. Then when the people cannot fight for themselves, they turn to OUR sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, Mothers and Fathers and send them to god awful conditions in countries across the world to die.


These people in Washington NEED a severe wakeup call! I do not understand WHY they can see what they are doing is kosher! Not in any realm is this acceptable! The people of the United States work, well, most of us anyhow. We have Local, State, and Federal Taxes raped out of our checks EVERY payday! Now, the taxes we pay are meant to fund the better of OUR lives! NOT THE WORLD!

What do I care about some cave dwelling soon to be car bomber? NOTHING! What makes these morons think it is OK to send my fellow countrymen and women that swore to defend OUR County overseas to die for someone else?

I do not see ANY Libyan Rebels coming to America to fight and die in efforts to clean up the streets in very rough urban areas! I do not see any Afghani’s coming here to the States in hopes of ending OUR Border issues! Why? THEY DON’T CARE!

Why is it that American Politicians find that we should govern the world? What in their DNA is there that mandates US paying and dying for their causes? Here is as thought! I would love to see our troops ripped out of these god forsaken shitholes and at break neck speeds! I want to see OUR tax money stop being wasted on third world countries that will NEVER be able to do anything in return to cover or equal the costs that WE endure!

I am sick and tired of the REGIME that has set up roost on OUR Capitol Hill. Who can I call to come here and intervene? NO ONE! NO ONE CARES! NOT ONE Person cares about We the People! Not even those who WE PUT into Power!

$ God Bless the Almighty Dollar $

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