Friday, September 9, 2011

The NFL needs an Elepahnt Sized ENEMA!

There are some players in the NFL that will be playing this weekend and this upcoming weekend is the 10th anniversary of "The Day the World Stood Still!"

Roger Goodell the NFL Commissioner has said that the fines for wearing the 9-11 apparel will be:

$5K per player for Gloves 
$8 - $10K per player for Shoes

The pictures that you have seen are the pictures that Players have taken of the gear that they fully intend on wearing this coming Sunday's Game Day! I saw this and was utterly disgusted and I felt compelled to comment! 

I have a lot more to say on this, but I do not have several hours to rip Goodell and the NFL any new ones! Not that they would ever care, but still! Keep reading if you want to see what i posted on Yahoo News:

The Actual Article is here: Players to Be FINED for 9-11 Tribute Gear

**Now the Current Lunatic and Former Fan Speaks Up ** 

Here is just a thought form someone who USED to watch the NFL!

To my understanding the NFL stood for: National Football League. Am I wrong? I I don’t think that I am… Now, to my knowledge, the NFL is based in, functions IN, and exists ONLY IN AMERICA! I know that they have affiliates and other ownerships in other places and what not but the NFL is HERE, in America!

September 9, 2001, A.K.A. “The Day the World Stood Still”, that happened HERE, In America where the NFL is running. The people in America whether they lost someone personally or not, they see this as a tragic day and memorable at that! These men that want to SUPPORT the troops, and give others that DID lose someone that day a “Thank You” kind of message and letting these people know that they and their sacrifice is NOT a total loss. THEY should be allowed!

These men are NOT wearing a anything OUT of uniform! They are wearing gear and apparel that is colored differently! It is a message, a symbolism, it is an expression! Last time I looked I thought that Americans has the freedoms to express themselves! I thought that we were allowed to tell someone else that we care about them! We were allowed to show others that they are not suffering alone!

However I do understand that they NFL has a dress code! Most employers do! That being said, how are these men deviating? They are wearing gloves that have a logo on them… They are wearing shoes that have logos on them… Show me 2 items for sportswear that are not smeared with logos and endorsements! YOU CAN’T! These men are not running out there in sandals and Speedos! They are in full dress, gloves and cleats! DEAL WITH IT!

These men want to send a message! They are saying that they are proud Americans ad that they are also showing their support!

One thing that I will be showing the NFL, and I know for a fact that they will not care but I will never show them support, not ever again! I will never attend another football game, I will never watch another football game, and I refuse to purchase ANY apparel ever again! I am only 1 person! I understand that they will never see the reflection of my personal boycotting! However, I am one person! These men are one person! Look at the attention one person can cause!

I applaud the players that will spit in the faces of the NFL! I applaud them! I graciously applaud the men and women fighting and defending my rights and freedoms as well as their dedication to allow the NFL to pay players. Not too sure why or how the NFL can actually stand against people saying thank you!

Money is all they care about! The NFL can choke, I personally hope they do! I cannot stand to see how greedy these people are! They are doing nothing but stealing from those in their organization to generate a bigger bottom line! Another reason, I will no longer support the NFL and or those against Americans showing thanks to one another!

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