Friday, September 2, 2011

Monkey Pile! KILL WHITEY!

View the video here, then read the comment I left:

Whitey is DOWN! Jump on HIM like he gots a RIB!

Pathetic, no other words can come close to describing this… These people were upset with a call… WOW! A white man makes a judgment call on a football game! That is what he is paid to do! Then these Mob Mentality, low-life sacs of monkey dung do what they do best! Resort to nothing but primitive behavior! You saw how they all piled on AFTER the white guy was down and totally defenseless! Did you see how he kept walking away to AVOID the issue!?

THIS IS OK!? He was walking away, trying to be the bigger person! He got taken down like he was carrying off their ribs and welfare checks! This is totally stupid!

I admit that I am white! I shave my head! WOW! Automatically I am a skinhead? NO! I am going bald, but I refuse to sport that comb-over or rock the Cul-de-sac. Taking that in to count, IF I look at a black person weird, I am racist! I am beaten, I am probably getting shot! These ignorant self serving, jungle drum beating, nincompoops think that this behavior is OK and acceptable!

The WHITE REF was TACKLED! Then MORE of them surrounded him and jumped on board and started kicking and beating him! This is NOT a racial debate, this is ACTUAL FOOTAGE! You want to see racist? I suggest WATCHING the tape again! Just like cockroaches! They will NEVER do anything on their own! They need to outnumber their victims at least 5 to 1!

I see stuff like this and I just cringe at how a dumb, chest beating ape can take a group and beat a WHITE MAN in to a pulp, but OMG if a white guy does ANYTHING that someone deems unnecessary or excessive to ANY BLACK, there is a parade, followed by all the annoying self centered and self promoting idiots screaming how they deserve to be monetarily compensated! Rev. Al Sharpton can sit this one out! What I mean is simple! These people are spending MORE time TRYING to find racial issues, they waste time looking for reasons and causes to BLAME ALL the other people in society for their discontentment for their own lives!

These people really need to look at how ignorant they are! However that will not happen! Due to the white man holding them back and keeping the down from what I hear them screaming all too often! The sad part of that is, NO ONE is holding black people ANYWHERE! No one… Yes, I am serious that Old Honkey McGee is not keeping the black man out of anything! The BLACKS have more advantages and more helping programs available to them then I will ever see as a White man, regardless of how many people are in my family!

If you cannot BE civilized in society, GO BACK to Africa and there you can chuck spears at monkeys and each other ALL DAY! I would not miss too many of you!

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