Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Illegal Kindergarten Show and Tell...

This rant comes to you with a couple of feeds and a lot of comments!

There was an article on Yahoo how a Kindergarten student brought a crack pipe, and a bag of meth to school for the show and tell... It is in a white and rural town in Missouri. The comments get out of control, and quick!

However, I will start off saying: I may be insane, but I am far from stupid! I was not committed for being stupid! I cannot see how the general public CHOOSES to be so blatantly ignorant! I understand the phrase: Ignorance is Bliss...

I get that, I really do! However, when you compare the amount of people on medication that are out in the real world and living "normal" lives... Then you look at how many people out there in society are so damn stupid, it begs the question WHY are drug companies making so much money!

I say this because the way I see things... There is a solid 75% - 80% of the general population is blatantly ignorant that medication should be considered OVER KILL!

The sate of ignorance today is so overwhelming that I am seriously scared for the future of my children and those after them. It would seem that the hopes for anything but a dim and dreary is so far beyond any hopes of obtaining.

I sit here and hope that one day my medication will wear off, they loosen the straps that bind me, I will wake from this nightmare, and only to see that what I have come to accept as reality was nothing but the side effects of a drug induced coma... Hope's spring is eternal...

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My first comment on this article: Currently, my rating is 5+ and 10-

Mindful Lunatic:
I know that Police, and many other people in authority positions need to go through extensive training in what these things are, look like and consistency. My question is: How does a Kindergarten Teacher know these things? How would a teacher in the back woods po-dunk towns know what that stuff was unless, they were users as well?

Really dumb comment..................and really unfair...............

Ever hear of the show "Breaking Bad"? Don't impugn the teacher - typical liberal reaction, don't blame the mother, or the kid's behavior, blame the alert teacher who acted to uphold the law and protect the student body! This is why black communities will NEVER GET BETTER.

UMMM Alec, sorry to inform you this was a white mother!

Mindful Lunatic:
I find my rating on this comment rather funny! Seriously! I grew up in a town that had more cows than people at any given time! I like the small towns! I do! Then I moved to the city and I found that no one knows me, no one recognizes me every time I go somewhere! I like that about the city! However, when I make an obvious statement that is in my opinion VERY true, I get slammed? How? Why?

Like that one user: Stephen... How is my comment dumb? Please enlighten me! If you disagree with me? I am happy to hear your argument! However TOO MANY people today are too damned ignorant to support a logical thought, too many people take the easy route and rather slam something that is either true, or they just don't grasp!

I give thumbs down all the time to people, I am entitled to my opinion! However, when I do, I am happy to tell them WHY I think differently or I simply explain how they make no valid points, or they are just downright stupid... Too many people today are in serious need of an education and even more so in need of a reality check!

First off, you don't need that much training to recognize a crack pipe. You know those "cool" glass pipes they sell at some shady booths at the county fair? That's a crack pipe. If a kid brings a crack pipe, and a small bag of some white substance to school, then I'd hope the teacher had enough common sense to put two and two together. The teacher probably didn't ID the drug as crystal meth, even though the poorly written article makes it look like they did.

But, perhaps, the teacher took a class in college that dealt with drug abuse. You know, to make them more educated on an issue that has been running rampant in classrooms for decades (the issue is drugs; you know, since you don't know what a crack pipe looks like, I figured I'd spell it out for you). I'd have to dig through my old textbook, but I'm pretty sure it dealt with identifying common drugs.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ PSUSteeler:

Thank you for your abrupt and condescending rant! I lived in a few very nasty areas in my life! I lived on a street in one city that had several crack houses, and a couple "Cat Houses" as well. I never visited either of those types of places.

I have seen a lot of things in my life, but seeing how drugs were never something that I wanted to do or learn about, I never took the time or effort to learn what things looked like nor did I ever learn that in school! I am 35 years old, OK! Things may have been different in your schools where they are teaching you these things, my schools never did!

I have to say that your comment about the glass pipes being sold at county fairs... That is interesting, while I have not been to a county or state fir in almost 20 years, this does nothing but confirm the fact that I am NOT missing anything!

Now, in closing in my reply to you... Keep swinging at me verbally! I will not argue with an idiot! I refuse to be brought to your level where you will beat the hell out of me with experience!

Have a wonderful day!

Mindful Lunatic:
I have to admit that I keep checking back out of sheer morbid curiosity! The ratings I am getting are nothing shy of hilarious to me! The abundance of ignorance you you morons are showing is absolutely absurd! LOL!

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This is a comment from another user, for the record, I did NOT change ANY of the spellings, I did nothing to help these morons look any more ignorant than they are. I really don't think that they need help looking stupid! 

I replied below! 

hillbillies use meth, hillbillies are racsist, hillbillies vote republican,so quit saying the mom votes obama, if she did it would have been pot, or cocaine.

Mindful Lunatic:
Not really sure where to begin to reply to your comment! You are QUITE judgmental and seems to be overly opinionated on "Hillbillies". Which makes me wonder if you are one or escaped a life as one and was able to find a fresh start!?

Not all people that you would classify as a hillbilly are stupid, ignorant, racist, backwoods, in-breeders...

Your rant lacks in just about every way shape and form! You are nothing more than a shining example of how the ignorance factor is growing among the American public and at an alarming rate!

Please, unplug your computer from the internet so you can help stop the spread of your ignorance! Thank you!

Have a great day!  =D

I am a hillbilly. I don't do meth or coke. Moved to the hills to get away from prejudiced, ignorant, #$%$ like you; city slickers who approve of gang banging and dis respecting their elders.

And this has what to do with politics?

You're an idiot that obviously doesn't have a clue about how meth crosses all demographics. For you to make one blanket accusation about one segment of our population to defend another one about your own only goes to show your ignorance.

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