Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Comfort + Bliss = Oblivious Ignorance

I find that comfort in one’s ways to be arrogant to an extent! We are all comfortable with what we are taught as children and not too often do we venture off that path. Far too many will often continue on that path.

Talk to a randomly selected Catholic… Ask them how often they attend church, then ask them if they enjoy or get anything out of their times at mass… Most will say that they do not get anything out of it. A lot of them will tell you that they get time for a weekly nap. Then after those are answered you have a foundation to ask the most important question that holds the funniest yet surprising answers:

Q: If you get nothing of a spiritual feeling or contentment from attending, why do you continue?
A: I just always have, kind of like tradition, started when I was a kid and kept going.

These are things I have asked everyday real people and the above is true! I am using this as a building block for what I am to discuss in this entry.

What is harder to change, a belief or an idea? Think about that for a second. Beliefs are ideas at one time. Then as time passes and others buy in to this idea more do not see this idea as such, they take it for belief. We have thousands of years of examples. I will not bore you with all of them of course! I just find how ignorance being so blissful and also accepting that is why people find it so easy to believe!

I have a grandmother as most do or did in their lives. My Grandmother up until the last number of years I saw her to be a beacon of knowledge, I saw her to be a walking, breathing, old set of encyclopedias… If I had a question I could ask her. With the time she has lived and the things she has seen over the years, I felt confident in her ability to know volumes more than I could. As time has passed and the things she holds true are being proven wrong, yet she stands firm in her position and refuses to reconsider and or accept any other facts that show her that there is more to the picture and or grand architecture than she ever knew! Still, she stands firmly secure cemented in her “beliefs”…

I then opened up a conversation with her one day and I told her that it is easier to change an idea due to that idea having not become a belief. She told me that I was wrong. I asked her how so? I told her that religion is a belief. It is believed to be true by millions and millions of people worldwide. I then told her that I know her habits that she and my Grandfather go to Sunday services every week. This is how it has been for many years. I told her that in services they refer to the bible, in the bible and the news we see every day there are people all over killing one another over a BELIEF! Not an idea, an idea can be altered, changed, disproven, and just left to the wayside.

However, a belief on the other hand is so difficult to change, alter or otherwise… People have and will die for a belief! People the world over have killed for a belief! Then the even more frightening thing is that these people that come up with the ideas that then fester into a belief gather people in masses and then they accept an idea as much, much more! To the followers of the idea, the idea is not to be questioned, bent, or manipulated. This is not an idea, this is now a belief.

All through history, every single thing we know was at one time an idea. Everything we know fundamentally was an idea. Then as time went on and ideas were researched, turned to belief. Ideas created science, we are now able to test an idea, or theory and say Yes or No! Example: I believe I can jump off the roof of a high rise, and walk away unscathed. Oh wait, NO I cannot! We have proven with science and many suicides and murders that you take a live being, human or other and you toss them to the ground from any significant height they will not be too happy with the results! This is now not an idea, this is fact.

If you told someone in early 1800’s that someday we will fly higher than the birds, and further than any ship could sail, good luck at not being locked up! You would have been committed! If you would have told that same IDEA to someone say in the 1600’s, you would not be committed, you would be beaten, tried, beaten, and then tortured beyond any measurable amount of pain. All over an idea that went against others beliefs… That same statement made in the early 1400’s before Columbus set sail, people did not question that the Earth was flat! He did! He had an idea and he revolutionized what was not only thought but their reality! Astronomers in history had ideas that the Earth was NOT the center of the Universe. To them, it was! In man’s arrogance and self-serving nature, we are the top of the food chain! Nothing is more superior to US! I do believe that! With a side note, there is nothing on Earth that is more sophisticated then the creations of man. Again, I repeat on Earth!

Now, continuing on with the example of flight… The Wright Brothers were the first men to have flown a manned machine. Leonardo Da Vinci, a man who lived hundreds of years prior designed a helicopter. He designed an idea. Then others saw his idea and then ran with it! Then as their additions to his idea were put to the test, an idea became a belief that you and I today accept without question. Can we fly? Yes, there is not one person alive today that does not accept the fact that flight is possible.

I just find it so funny how people will get angry, frustrated, and even turn violent against another person all in the efforts to defend something that they hold true as a belief. The human mind is a remarkable and to every extent capable of unimaginable feats. However before you can do anything, you must first have the idea that it is possible! Then when YOU believe, if you truly believe it is possible no one on Earth can prevent you from achieving this idea and making it a belief that is someday to be accepted as a reality! 

So, like the title says: Comfort + Bliss = Oblivious Ignorance

Am I wrong? 

If so, tell me how you believe differently and I will continue to hear you out, and then we can discuss ideas versus beliefs...

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