Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black Crimes Taught in Public School!

 Funny how when you look at statistic of criminals, they are from all walks of life, nationality and gender... However, more and more minorities seem to fulfill the quota much quicker and with much more ease!

I am sick and tired of seeing how these people are taught from a young age that violence and hate are GOOD! Not only GOOD, but in this case, rewarded! Funny how kids look to adults for instruction. Then the kids do as they are taught, only to find out that what they were taught is wrong, illegal, and totally unethical...

I played football for almost 9 years. In that time, we were taught to seek and destroy! However, above ALL things we were taught respect! Yes, we wanted to beat the other teams! We wanted to demolish them! We would strive to be better! We did NOT EVER intentionally hurt another player for any reason! Anyone that is up here saying that this guy is awesome, that is their kind of coach...

WHAT IF... What if your kid was the star player going against that coach? Would you still be singing his praises?

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